Best Dating Apps for 30s

Based on the advertisements you see on social media and late-night television, there is some wild misconception that online dating is for people in their 20’s or people in their 70’s and no in-between.

Well, we are here to tell you that is total nonsense. We know our way around dating sites, target age groups, and who is finding success dating online. The truth is, there are dating apps out there for singles of every age!

If you are in your 30s and looking to start dating online, save yourself some time and take a look at our list of the best dating apps for 30s.

  1. eHarmony – Best for Long-Term Relationships and Successful Marriages
  2. Zoosk – Best for 30 Somethings Looking for Casual or Serious Dating
  3. Elite Singles – Best for Professionals and Career Focused Singles
  4. Christian Mingle – Best for Finding Singles That Share Your Religious Beliefs
  5. The League – Best for Exclusive Dating and High Quality

1. eHarmony – Best for Long-Term Relationships and Successful Marriages

If you have ever considered online dating, you’ve likely heard of eHarmony. It is one of the biggest names in the industry for a reason. They report more marriages as a result of their matching system than any other app. This is likely thanks to their matching algorithm that is based off their intricate personality assessment.

They have extremely low premium costs (as low as $10/month), and a free trial to help you get a feel for all they have to offer. Their platform’s customer service is considered some of the best in the industry and they pride themselves on protecting you from fraudulent accounts. If you want to feel secure in online dating, eHarmony is a great choice.

eHarmony dating app logo
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2. Zoosk – Best for 30 Somethings Looking for Casual or Serious Dating

It might have one of the more confusing names in the dating market, but that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the top dating apps for singles in their 30s. Zoosk (which is actually a German name) can be summed up in one word—options.

As of our last check, Zoosk has over 40 million accounts! Now, certainly not all of these accounts are active, but if even a fraction of them are—that’s huge. And just to speak to how many are active, on average, over 3 million messages are sent on a daily basis.

If you’re in your 30s and you want to have the most options to search through when finding the one for you, Zoosk needs to be on your list of sites to check out.

Zoosk Logo
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3. Elite Singles – Best for Professionals and Career Focused Singles

Elite Singles is well-regarded in the digital dating world thanks to their focus on matching professional singles based on personality and compatibility. Over 80% of the members on Elite Singles are college educated and their members consistently report finding deep connections and lasting romance.

Premium memberships start as low as $31.95/month and you can enjoy a free trial by following our link! An average of 340,000 members join each month, which means you will never be lacking in matches. Elite Singles is at the top of our list of the best dating apps for 30s because they tick all the boxes in what you could want in a dating app.

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4. Christian Mingle – Best for Finding Singles That Share Your Religious Beliefs

Is your spirituality important to you and shape your relationships? Christian Mingle is a fantastic dating app to help you cater to those needs. Whether you are Christian or a number of other religions, Christian Mingle lets you sort your matches by faith, which can save you a lot of disappointment down the road.

The user base is filled with singles seeking long-term commitments and even marriage. If you are looking for one-night hookups, you’ll want to try another app. Christian Mingle users are in it for the long haul and looking for true love. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, check out the free trial link below!

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5. The League – Best for Exclusive Dating and High Quality

Are you time-strapped and looking for quality over quantity? Are you tired of sifting through “catalogs” of singles? Okay, we know we sound like an infomercial, but we wanted to get your attention. The League is a relatively new online dating app that aims to cut down on the time waste and focus on exclusive, high-quality dating.

What do we mean? Here are the highlights. First, there’s a waiting list to get in, and you have to be voted in to make sure the membership base is of the highest quality. Second, you only get five matches a day instead of the barrage of matches you get elsewhere. Third, it’s more expensive.

All of these may sound like negatives, but if you think about it, they help to increase the quality of the members, cut out the riff raff, and save you time finding what you’re looking for.

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4 Reasons We Love These Apps for Singles in Their 30s

  1. They’ve been around for years and shown great results
  2. Dedicated mod teams help keep you safe and happy
  3. Huge selection of singles to increase your chances at love
  4. Great matching algorithms and useful search features

Is dating harder in your 30s?

Dating in your 30s is as easy as you make it. If you stick to the same routines as your early 20s, you’ll likely find it pretty tough! The key to successful dating is finding the right pool of singles who are looking for the same things in a relationship.

Digital dating can provide the functionality you need. Any of the apps listed on our best dating apps for 30s can offer you a great selection of singles. Couple that with the ability to weed out matches based on your search criteria and dating just got a whole lot simpler!

Can you still find love in your 30s?

Of course, you can! People of all ages are finding true love through online dating. Don’t let outdated misconceptions about “the right way to date” scare you off. Studies and polls estimate that 40% of modern relationship begin online.

Many singles find their perfect matches in their 30s thanks to the increase in maturity levels among the dating pool. 30+-year-olds don’t have time for the games and subtle manipulative flirting styles seen in the younger scene. This cuts through all the nonsense and helps you find someone who is a genuinely good match, and a good match can mean the fast track to love.

What Makes Dating Harder in Your 30s

  • Some singles seem to have a timeclock clicking that may encourage them to move faster in the relationship than is healthy.
  • While more people are looking for serious relationships, not everyone has the same goals. You may still run into people who want to casually date, which can be frustrating if that’s not what you’re looking for.
  • Your family and friends may be putting pressure on you to meet their time standards.
  • All the “good ones” may seem like they’re taken. (Don’t worry; they’re not).
  • You may have limited free time. As you become more established in life, your available free time that you can spend on things like dating becomes limited.

Benefits of Dating in Your 30s

  • You’re most likely more established, both financially and in your life path. This can make the process of dating a lot easier.
  • You’ve developed into you. One of the biggest challenges of dating when you’re younger is that you might not know what’s important to you or the kind of person you want to be. As you get into your 30s, though, you (and the people you’re dating) are generally further along that path.
  • You have resources that can help. The best dating apps for 30-somethings are ready to help assist you in finding that special someone. No matter what you’re looking for or where you’re at in life, these online dating apps have your back.

Are Online Dating Sites for 30-Somethings a Good Idea?

As mentioned, your free time may become limited as you get into your 30s. Additionally, the outside pressures (and pressure from yourself) may be growing. These two things together mean that it’s imperative you find the most efficient and effective way of finding what you’re looking for possible.

The answer? Technology. The best dating apps for 30 year olds (and singles in their 30s) leverage technology and efficiency to help you find what you’re looking for without the need to waste time. If you’re tired of trolling bars or constantly getting set up by your friends and family, it might be worth it to let dating apps for your 30s do what they do best.

Should 30-Somethings Date Younger People?

Anyone that tells you a definitive yes or no to this question has no idea what they’re talking about. That being said, we can offer some insight that can help you to answer this question for yourself.

First, whether or not 30-somethings should date younger people is a personal choice. There are no hard and fast rules about whether it’s “allowed” or not. However, there are some certain situations where it might be more or less advised than others.

The first thing you need to look at is how much younger the guy or girl you’re looking to date is. If you’re in your early 30s and they’re in their late 20s, you’re basically the same age for all intents and purposes. However, if you’re in your late 30s and they’re in their early 20s, the question becomes more important to look at.

Ideally, what it comes down to is maturity and what your relationship goals are. Often, singles in their 30s are more interested in serious relationships. When it comes to singles in their 20s, it’s a mixed bag. If you’re talking to someone who is younger than you, you’ll want to have an honest conversation about what each of you is looking for. If it matches up, go for it. If it’s different, save yourself the heartache.

How do singles meet in your 30s?

Singles in their 30s are busy. You might work, have kids, take care of family, enjoy multiple hobbies, the list is endless. You are established in your life and feel like you either need to find your soul mate at one of the places you go every day, otherwise you are out of luck.

Now some people do find love at work or during book club, but that isn’t always so easy.

If you aren’t having any luck finding love in your day-to-day life, you should consider the other place singles in their 30s are finding love – online.

Digital dating is the easiest way to match with singles in your area or anywhere in the world that fit your criteria and complement your personality.

Is Online Dating Safe for Singles in Their 30s?

Online dating can be very safe. The moderators of reputable dating sites (you know, like the ones on our list of the best dating apps for 30s) spend their time searching for fraudulent accounts and scammers to keep them from ending up in your search results.

No matter how great the mod team is, you still need to work to keep yourself safe. That is pretty simple as long as you follow a few important guidelines.

  • Never reveal your full identity on your profile.
  • Don’t link to your social media accounts in your bio.
  • Avoid photos that show too much information.
  • Report unsavory characters to customer service.
  • Never share financial information with your matches.
  • Never send money to your matches.

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