Best Dating Apps for You (Updated 2020)

Technology has revolutionized the way we find love. You don’t have to set foot within 100 miles of a bar these days to find what you’re looking for. The best dating apps connect like-minded singles from all over the country and the globe together with the swipe of a finger or the touch of a button!

There are dating apps for relationships, marriage, hooking up, friends first, straight, gay, lesbian, transgender, Black, Latino, Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim—it’s an endless list of options. So, how do you know what are the best dating apps? That’s where we come in. Our team has cultivated a list of the absolute best apps for dating out there. We’re here to help you avoid the duds, find the studs, and get closer to what you’re looking for.

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Best Dating Apps by Category

Our findings for the best dating apps try to span the entire gamut of what people are looking for. But if you’re looking for something a little more specific (and want more options in the area), we’ve got you covered. In the sections below, we’ve linked out to some dedicated resource pages for singles looking for something in particular.

Most of the #1 apps for dating from each list are included in this guide already, but there are more options if you want to diversify out a little!

The Top 11 Dating Apps

1. eHarmony – Best for Relationships

eHarmony Homepage

eHarmony Highlights

  • Singles find love on this dating app every 14 minutes
  • Over 2 million singles have found love through eHarmony
  • Known for the highest quality of serious singles
eharmony App download page
Grid view of matches on eHarmony
compatibility quiz on app

There’s a reason that so many people call eHarmony the best dating app across the board—because it works. To date, over 2 million people have found love through the app, which works out to a new couple about every 14 minutes! By the time you get done reading this article, another couple will have found love. Maybe you’re next?

What we love about the eHarmony dating app is that it focuses heavily on creating real relationships. If you’re in the market for a hookup or something casual, this is certainly not the best dating app for you. But if you’re looking for a meaningful relationship and possibly something that could turn into marriage, eHarmony is a must.

Compared to the rest of the industry, eHarmony is a bit more expensive than other dating apps. But—expect to get a ton of features that make it worth every penny. You’ll get access to the guided communication, compatibility matching algorithm, video dating feature, and the ability to message the singles you match best with. Over 2.3 million messages are sent weekly, so you know that there is action across the board.


  • Best dating app for serious relationships
  • Incredible track record of matchmaking success
  • Extremely high quality pool of singles


  • Memberships more expensive than some sites
  • Not good for casual dating or hookups

Who is the eHarmony dating app best for?

Ideally, eHarmony is best for anyone in their mid 20’s up to mid-to-late 60s. You will find singles on the app outside of this bracket, but that’s where most of the activity is. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, value real conversation, and are tired of flaky daters—eHarmony should be at the top of the best dating apps list for you.

How much does eHarmony cost?

Prices accurate as of Oct. 18, 2020
Membership TypeMembership LengthMembership Cost
Premium Light6 Months$65.90 per month
Premium Plus12 Months$45.90 per month
Premium Extra24 Months$35.90 per month

The Bottom Line – eHarmony is easily at the top of the best dating apps list for this year. With the number of singles, the quality of the product, and the proven track record—this one’s worth every penny.

2. Elite Singles – Best for Professionals

Elite Singles homepage

Elite Singles Highlights

  • An impressive 381,000+ new members monthly on average
  • Profiles checked daily to remove spam or fake profiles
  • Over 90% of singles on the app have an above-average education
Screenshot of women on Elite Singles
Woman's dating profile
Screenshot of profiles in Elite Singles app

If you’re searching for singles that are educated, high-quality, and active in the dating process, Elite Singles should be your go-to best dating app. Let’s talk about why. First, you have almost 400,000 new members joining every month (based on a recent data study). That means all over the world you’re going to see a TON of singles ready to meet. And the fact that Elite Singles works to remove any spam or fake profiles, truly makes this one of the best dating apps on the market.

The dating app is free to download and get set up. Additionally, the app syncs perfectly with the desktop website version, in case you ever want to send a message or search for singles from your desktop. As a member of the Spark Network, you can expect several things from this dating app, including a slick interface, quality singles, and an affordable pricing structure. Putting Elite Singles on our list of the best dating apps was a no-brainer. You’re going to love it!


  • 381,000+ new members per month
  • Good for serious dating, but still casual
  • Fake profiles removed immediately


  • Not ideal for finding hookups
  • Only good for singles from 30-50 years old

Who is the Elite Singles app best for?

The ideal customer for this dating app is between the ages of 30 and 50, has an above-average education or training, and is looking for something either casual or serious. If you’re outside of this age bracket or just looking for random hookups, this isn’t the best dating app for you.

How Much Does Elite Single Cost?

Elite Singles Membership Cost

Prices accurate as of Oct. 18,, 2020
Membership TypeLengthMonthly CostSavings %Total Cost
Premium Classic1 month$59.9550%$59.95
Premium Light3 months$57.9551%$173.85 total
Premium Comfort6 months$44.9562%$269.70 total

The Bottom Line – Elite Singles is one of the best dating apps for young professionals, business owners, and people who like to date other educated singles. Over 90% of the members are 30+ and hold an above-average education.

3. Christian Mingle – Best for Christian Singles

Christian Mingle homepage

Christian Mingle Highlights

  • Community of 15 million + Christian singles
  • #1 Christian dating app out there
  • Focused on faith-driven relationships
Christian couple kissing
Christian Mingle home screen
Couple matching online

No matter what denomination you are or how seriously you take your faith, you’re going to LOVE the Christian Mingle dating app. Unlike many of the other best dating apps on our list, this one focuses 100% on faith-based relationships. And with a community of 15 million + strong, you know you’re in good company with a lot of great singles.

What we really like about the Christian Mingle dating app is that it works for Christians at any point of their walk. If you’re a “Church five days a week” guy or gal or you’re a “just get there on the major holidays” type of person, you’ll find people to match with. Christian dating apps sometimes get a bad rap that they are nothing but people who are pastors or live at the church 24/7.

While there’s nothing wrong with being all-in for Jesus, it’s not where everyone is in their life. Thankfully, the Christian Mingle dating app gets this, and has plenty of quality singles all over the spectrum.


  • Best Christian-focused dating site
  • Very affordable membership plans
  • Free trial available (linked below)


  • Only good for Christian singles
  • Not great for super-casual dating

Who is the Christian Mingle app best for?

The Christian Mingle dating app is ideal for singles of any age looking for a faith-focused relationship. There are Christian singles of all denominations, which makes this app pretty perfect for anyone that wants a Christ-centered relationship.

How Much Does Christian Mingle Cost?

Prices accurate as of Oct. 18,, 2020
Membership TypeLengthCost
Premium 3 months$24.99 per month
Premium 6 months$22.99 per month
Premium 12 months$12.99 per month

The Bottom Line – Christian Mingle is hands-down one of the best dating apps and is the best dating app for Christian singles. If your faith (any denomination) is important in your relationship, you’ll love this app.

4. Pink Cupid – Best for Lesbian Singles

Pink Cupid homepage

Pink Cupid Highlights

  • #1 dating app for lesbian singles
  • Part of the powerful Cupid Media network
  • Matching lesbian singles since 2006
screenshot of phone showing girls on pink cupid app
Girl on dating app
Two women matching
Two women messaging

If you’re a lesbian single looking for love, dating, or casual fun—you have got to check out Pink Cupid. While the app is only available for Android, the site is 100% mobile-friendly and works great from any device. So, instead of needing to download and constantly update an app, you just have to go over to your web browser and you’re all set. We anticipate most dating apps to move in this direction in the future!

So, let’s talk about why Pink Cupid made our list of the best dating apps. First, the app has been around for almost 15 years and has a proven track record of helping people find what they’re looking for. Second, the site is extremely user-friendly, which means you can focus on what is important—meeting other lesbian singles!


  • Best lesbian dating app for almost 15 years
  • Available in four languages
  • Easy to use interface


  • Only good for lesbians
  • Best for ages 18-45

Who is the Pink Cupid app best for?

Pink Cupid is best for single lesbians between the ages of 18 and the mid-40s. You may have some luck if you’re older, but most of the activity is in this age bracket. What’s flexible about this app is you do have people looking for marriage, dating, and casual fun.

How much does the Pink Cupid cost?

Membership TypeMembership LengthMembership Cost
Gold Membership12 Months$8.33 per month
Gold Membership3 Months$16.66 per month
Gold Membership1 Month$24.98 total
Platinum Membership12 Months$10.00 per month
Platinum Membership3 Months$20.00 per month
Platinum Membership1 Month$29.98 total

The Bottom Line – This is another easy pick for the best dating apps, especially for lesbian singles. If you’re looking for love or casual fun with some beautiful women in your area—Pink Cupid is for you.

5. Hinge – Best for Swipe Style Dating

Hinge homepage

Hinge Highlights

  • Started in 2012
  • Designed for younger singles
  • Simple set-up process
Hinge iOS
Guy on Hinge
Girl on Hinge

Hinge, one of the newer dating apps on the scene, has still been around now for almost a decade. The app has a very Tinder-like feel where you like other people and the app lets you know if you have a mutual like in your area. Regarding the types of relationships people are looking for on here—it’s all over the place.

It seems like on one end you’ve got people looking for random hookups and on the other end you’ve got people looking for serious relationships. It would be nice to see the ability to differentiate, but we can’t have everything we want 🙂 Overall, though, this is definitely one of the best new dating systems, especially for younger singles.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Focused on helping you find a relationship
  • Best for younger singles


  • No desktop version
  • Can’t search outside of your area

Who is the Hinge app best for?

Hinge gets on our list as the best dating app for people in their 20’s. While you can probably have some luck in your 30s and maybe your 40s, the ideal setup seems to favor younger singles.

How much does the Hinge cost?

Membership TypeMembership LengthMonthly CostTotal Cost
Premium Membership1 Month$19.99 total$19.99 total
Premium Membership3 Month$13.33 per month$39.99 total
Premium Membership6 Month$9.99 per month$59.99 total

The Bottom Line – Hinge is one of the best dating apps for singles in their 20s. People in their 30s could have some good luck, but we think it’s a better fit for younger singles.

6. – Best for Hooking Up

Passion homepage Highlights

  • #1 dating app for casual dating
  • Tons of high-quality, attractive singles
  • Dating forums and live chat functions
Passion sign in screen
Passion Android app profile
Passion list of local singles
Search functions on Passion

Generally, we only deal with dating apps and websites that are more “traditional.” You’re not really going to see anything on the “adult-side” of things with us. However, this is really one exception that gets close to that. The reason we’re okay with Passion on our list of the best dating apps is that a lot of adult singles use the app to find relationships.

Sure, the main focus of the app is casual fun. However, there are a lot of single women and men that are more “adult” in nature looking for love. So, for that reason, we included Passion on our best apps list.

Fair warning, this is not your grandma’s dating site. But if you’re looking for a different type of experience than the other apps on this list, give Passion a try. We do recommend taking advantage of the free trial linked below to check things out before you upgrade to a paid membership.


  • Sign up in under 2 minutes
  • Free trial available (link below)
  • Great for casual dating or random fun


  • Not best for finding a serious relationship
  • No filters for nudity (you will see naked people)

Who is the Passion app best for?

If you’re looking for marriage or a serious relationship (at least right off the bat), Passion is not going to be one of the best dating apps for you. But if you’re looking for casual dating, random fun, or a unique style of dating—at least give the Passion free trial a shot.

How much does the Passion cost?

Passion Membership Cost

Prices accurate as of Oct. 18,, 2020
Membership TypeMembership LengthMembership Cost
Gold 1 month$27.95 total
Gold 3 months$19.95 per month
Gold 12 months$14.95 per month

The Bottom Line – Passion is ideal for adults looking for casual dating, random fun, and a dating experience that’s not like any other you’ve probably seen before. Consider it rated TV-MA, though (as a heads up).

7. Silver Singles – Best for Over 55 Singles

Silver Singles homepage

Silver Singles Highlights

  • #1 dating app for singles over 50
  • Available in 29 countries and 15 languages
  • Easy to use, even if you’re not great with technology
Screenshot of Silver Singles login screen
Silver Singles profile of a woman
Silver Singles messaging platform

The list of the best apps for dating would not be complete without one of the powerhouses of the industry. Silver Singles specializes in matching singles over the age of 50 for love, dating, and good conversation. What’s really great about this app is the company works hard to keep anyone not in this age bracket out. So, you don’t have to worry about people that don’t understand you or with ulterior motives getting in the way.

Since many seniors are new to technology, it’s important for a senior dating app to be easy to use. Thankfully, Silver Singles gets the gold star for being easy to sign up with, easy to make a profile, and simple to find high-quality matches. If you’re over the age of 50 and are looking for the best dating app for you—you don’t have to look any further.

Additionally, we have a really great free trial link below that will help get you set up with an account to try things out before you think about upgrading.


  • Best dating app and website for seniors
  • Exclusive to the 50+ community
  • Great customer support to help with anything


  • Doesn’t allow singles under 50

Who is the Silver Singles app best for?

Silver Singles is 100% best for singles over the age of 50. While you can have success at this age at some other dating apps (like eHarmony, #1 on this list), this is the best option if you want a 100% senior-dedicated dating community.

How much does the Silver Singles cost?

Membership TypeMembership LengthMonthlyOne-Time Payment
Premium Lite Plan3 months$17.95$53.85
Premium Classic Plan6 months$9.95$59.70
Premium Comfort Plan12 months$8.95$107.40

The Bottom Line – If you’re a single over the age of 50, Silver Singles is at least worth checking out the free trial. We actually think it’s worth a lot more than that, but we want you to see for yourself.

8. International Cupid – Best for International Love

Screenshot of International Cupid app homepage

International Cupid Highlights

  • #1 best dating app for international singles
  • Made famous by the show 90 Day Fiancee
  • Over 4 million members from all over the world
Girl on International Cupid dating app
Girl on International Cupid
Couple matching on International Cupid
Messages on International Cupid

Hola! Bon jour! Zdravstvuyte! One of the most exciting ways that online dating has changed thanks to technology and apps is connecting singles from all over the world. In the past, you were only able to meet people that lived in your city or places you traveled. Today, thanks to the best international dating apps, you can find people from different cultures and get to know them without hopping on an airplane.

Here’s why we love International Cupid. It works no matter what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for the best dating app for meeting people that currently live in other countries, you’re all set. Or, if you’re looking for local singles from different backgrounds, it can help with that too!

If you know the exact country or background of singles you want to meet, you may want to check out our full guide on dating apps for international dating. If you’re looking for all kinds of singles (and want access to over 4 million people!), then International Cupid is probably one of the best apps for dating for you.


  • Over 4 million high-quality singles
  • Great for international singles local and abroad
  • App works in 30 different languages


  • Better for meeting singles abroad, not as much locally

Who is the International Cupid app best for?

There are three different groups of singles that International Cupid is going to be the best dating app for. First, if you’re an international single looking for other people of your ethnicity, it’s a good fit. Second, if you’re an American single looking to meet people around the globe, it’s awesome! And lastly, if you’re a single looking for international men and women that live in your area, International Cupid is right for you.

How much does the International Cupid cost?

Membership TypeLength of PlanMonthly CostOne-Time Payment
Gold12 months$10.67$127.98
Gold3 months$21.33$63.99
Gold1 month$31.98$31.98
Platinum12 months$12.50$149.99
Platinum3 months$24.66$73.98
Platinum1 month$36.99$36.99

The Bottom Line – International Cupid is easily the leading best dating app for international dating. If meeting someone from a different culture (or from the same ethnicity) is important, check this app out now.

9. Happn – Best for Chance Encounters

Screenshot of Happn homepage

Happn Highlights

  • Created in 2014
  • Focuses on showing you profiles of singles you may have walked by
  • Available on iOS or Google Play
Messages on Happn iOS dating app
Profile on Happn app
Matching on Happn

To be completely transparent, we mainly included Happn on our list of the best dating apps because it’s a fairly unique concept. That being said, unique concepts tend to only work for some people and not everyone. Let’s talk about the app to get you a little more acquainted.

Happn is like the old missed connections section of the classified where people would write about meeting someone or passing by someone in person and trying to see if they had that same “love at first sight” feel. Happn takes this to a new level by showing you profiles of people that you were physically close to throughout the day. If you both select that you like each other, it will register a match. You can also send a “Hello” to someone that you liked that maybe hasn’t voted on you yet.

The results from the dating community on this app have been somewhat mixed. Some people think it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread and have it as number 1 on their best dating apps list. Others find it a little invasive and possibly a little creepy at times.

Is this the best dating app for you? That’s completely up to you and what you’re comfortable with.


  • Meet people geographically close to you
  • Take advantage of “love at first sight”
  • Good for shy people


  • May feel a little invasive
  • Can’t search singles

Who is the Happn app best for?

Happn is going to be the best dating app for a small, unique group of people. If you are okay with “putting it out there” to other random people you walk by, then this could be a good fit.

How much does the Happn cost?

Membership TypeMembership LengthMonthly CostTotal Cost
Premium Membership1 Month$24.00 total$24.99 total
Premium Membership6 Month$14.99 per month$89.99 total
Premium Membership12 Month$9.99 per month$119.99 total

The Bottom Line – Happn made the best dating apps primarily out of uniqueness, but it still could be a great dating platform for some people.

10. Seeking Arrangement – Best for Sugar Daddies

Screenshot of Seeking Arrangement homepage

Seeking Arrangement Highlights

  • #1 best sugar daddy dating app
  • 4/5 stars in the Google Play store
  • 4 to 1 girl to guy ratio
Profile on Seeking Arrangement
Matching on a dating app
Profile on Seeking Arrangement
Search results on Android

Our findings for the best apps for dating aims to look beyond the confines of traditional dating to offer a little something for everyone. A growing trend in the world of dating is something called sugar dating. If it’s a new concept for you, be aware it is nothing like traditional dating. Generally, the sugar daddy is someone looking for a girl to date that likes to be pampered, spoiled and taken care of.

When it comes to the world of sugar dating, Seeking Arrangement is streets ahead of the rest of the industry. Where some other sugar dating apps brand themselves that way but don’t offer any features to help, Seeking Arrangement was built from the ground up for this. The app helps to define expectations through profiles, help to facilitate the relationship through technology, and goes above and beyond to connect the right men with the right women.

Again, if sugar dating is not what you’re looking for, this app won’t be a great fit. But if you’re looking for a sugar daddy or a sugar baby—you’ve got to at least give the free trial linked below a test drive.


  • Best dating app for sugar dating
  • Featured on Forbes, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal
  • Platform helps to define relationship types easily (expectations upfront)


  • Not ideal for traditional relationships
  • Better guy to girl ratio for men (4 to 1)

Who is the Seeking Arrangement app best for?

Seeking Arrangement is not going to the best dating app for everybody. If you are looking for the sugar dating lifestyle, though, it’s the #1 option out there. This goes for both sugar daddies and sugar babies.

How much does the Seeking Arrangement cost?

Prices accurate as of Oct. 18,, 2020
Membership TypeLengthCost
Premium - Subscription30 days$89.95 monthly
Premium - Subscription90 days$79.95 monthly
Diamond - Subscription30 days$249.95 monthly
Sugar BabiesUnlimitedFree

The Bottom Line – While not a traditional dating app, Seeking Arrangement is the #1 dating app for the sugar dating lifestyle. If you’re considering spoiling or getting spoiled, we recommend at least dabbling with the free trial to see what it’s all about.

11. JDate – Best for Jewish Singles

Screenshot of Jdate homepage

JDate Highlights

  • #1 dating site for Jewish singles
  • Very easy to use app and mobile-friendly website
  • Matching Jewish singles for over two decades (launched 1997)
Jdate profile search in the app
List of messages from singles in Jdate dating app
Two singles matching on the Jdate app

JDate is an app built for one purpose and one purpose only—to help match Jewish singles all over the world. The app, part of the powerful Spark Network, has been around for over two decades and has built an incredible reputation within the religious dating app community.

The review and bottom line for this app is super simple. If you’re a Jewish single who’s faith is important when it comes to who you’re going to date, this will be one of the best dating apps for you. If you’re not Jewish or you’re not concerned with dating in or out of the faith, you’ll probably have better luck with a more mainstream dating app like eHarmony or Elite Singles.

What we really love about the JDate dating app is how easy it is to get signed up and how easy it is to use. Not only has the company been around for over two decades, but they’ve listened to users. Over the past 20+ years, the app has grown into one of the most user-friendly products on the market.


  • Fast signup process
  • Easy to use apps and desktop versions
  • Best Jewish dating app out there


  • Only good for Jewish singles
  • Not great for casual dating

Who is the JDate app best for?

Two words—Jewish singles. if you’re a Jewish single who wants to date within the faith, this should be the dating app you choose.

How much does the JDate cost?

Prices accurate as of Oct. 18,, 2020
Membership TypeLengthCost
Premium 6 months$29.99 per month
Premium 3 months$44.99 per month
Premium 1 month$59.99 per month

The Bottom Line – If you’re a Jewish single, no need to look any further. This is the #1 dating app for Jewish singles by a landslide.

A Recap of the 11 Best Dating Apps of 2020

RankSiteFree Trial Link 
#1eHarmonyFree Trial
#2Elite SinglesFree Trial
#3Christian MingleFree Trial
#4Pink CupidFree Trial
#5HingeFree Trial
#6PassionFree Trial
#7Silver SinglesFree Trial
#8International CupidFree Trial
#9HappnFree Trial
#10Seeking ArrangementFree Trial
#11JdateFree Trial

More Information About Online Dating Apps

Table of Contents

How Do Dating Apps Work?

Chances are that part of the reason you’re here is to find the best dating apps for you, but also to figure out how these things work! How exactly do dating apps help to link singles and create relationships?

The premise is simple. Different dating apps set out to serve different needs. Each app advertises this in order to attract like-minded singles. For example, it’s no secret that eHarmony is designed to attract people looking for serious relationships or marriage. Or, International Singles is designed to connect singles that want to date across international boundaries.

What happens then is that singles looking for the same thing flock to the same sites. Each person creates a profile and answers questions about themselves, what they like, what they’re looking for, and their ideal man or woman.

From there, the matchmaking happens in one of two main ways—app driven or driven by you.

With the app driven ways, the company’s use complex algorithms to match you with other singles that they think you’ll match best with. This done by looking at your profile and your answer to questions. For example, if you have kids, the best dating apps are going to match you with singles that have kids or are okay dating someone with kids. Or if you put that you don’t like people that smoke, you’re not going to get singles sent to you that are smokers.

All of that happens without you having to do anything but fill out your profile, which is extremely convenient!

Jdate screenshot of girls profile

But if you want to take things into your own hands, many of the best dating apps let you search on your own. You might find swipe-style dating options (kind of like tinder), the ability to set search parameters and search on your own, or anyone of many other creative avenues dating apps have in store for you.

Christian Mingle homepage matches

These two methods help to connect you with other like-minded singles. From there, you start messaging back and forth with your matches. If you find one that you really like, you can look into talking on the phone, setting up a video date, or even moving the process offline and meeting up in person! It’s all up to you and what you’re comfortable with.

Online dating apps are awesome about streamlining the process to help give you the best chances of finding that special someone.

Tips for Success with Online Dating Apps

Finding the best apps for dating for you is only the first step of the process. It’s like the cliche phrase says—”You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” In this section, we’re going to give you some of our best tips to get the most out of these top dating apps.

Man pulling horse to water bucket
  • Know What You Want
  • Take Full Advantage of Free Trials
  • Consider Longer-Term Paid Account
  • Be Honest and Open With Your Profile
  • Schedule Your Time Realistically

Know What You Want

It is nearly impossible to get somewhere if you don’t know where you’re going. While that might sound like common sense, you need to consider how it plays into the world of online dating.

The best way to get the most out of the best dating apps is to start by figuring out what you’re looking for. When you know that, you can figure out things like what app(s) to join, how to shape your profile, and how to set your search and match parameters.

You don’t need to know exactly what you’re looking for, but the more you know, the better. Here are a few questions to ask yourself that might help.

  • Am I looking for a long-term relationship, casual dating, or somewhere in the middle?
  • Is there a particular type of person that I am looking for?
  • Do I have any dealbreakers? (Smoking, drinking, kids, religion, etc.)
  • How quickly am I looking to meet someone?

Take Full Advantage of Free Trials

If you haven’t caught on already, picking out the best dating app for you is critical to your success. That’s the main reason we made this guide! The reality, though, is that the only way you’re truly going to know which dating app is best for you is to try each out.

That’s why we’ve included the free trial links all throughout the guide. Apps will give you time to poke around, search through singles, and see if things are a good fit or not. We highly recommend doing this before you commit to paying for an upgraded membership. That way, you set yourself up with a better chance of finding the right app out of the gate.

Consider Longer-Term Paid Account

When you do decide on a dating app that you want to pay for, think about how long you want to sign up for. Generally, the longer you sign up for, the less expensive each month gets.

What we find is a lot of people start by paying for one month, only to realize that finding someone special can take a bit longer. Realistically, we think 3 months to a year is the ideal length to sign up for. If you aren’t having good success by then, you’ll want the freedom to go somewhere else.

Be Honest and Open With Your Profile

Your profile is the second biggest key to your success after picking out the perfect dating app for what you’re looking for. Take the time to write your dating profile in a way that showcases you and also shows what you’re looking for. The guide we linked to in the last sentence is incredible (and has example profiles) to really help you out.  

Schedule Your Time Realistically

It is EASY to get overwhelmed with online dating and let it take over your life. For many, it’s so exciting to see that many single people in your area that you can talk to.

Yes, this is amazing. But! Take your time. Don’t let your life outside of online dating apps suffer because you’re too into dating online. Put in some effort and commit some time. However, don’t let it go overboard. You’ll thank us later, and we promise you can still have results without spending 24/7 on dating apps.

What Makes These the Best Apps for Dating?

  • High Quality Active Singles Networks – Each of these dating apps has tons of singles who are active and looking to meet like-minded people.
  • The Best Technology in the Industry – The idea with online dating apps is to make things easier on you. The best dating apps are the ones that know how to leverage technology in the right way to make your life and your search for love easier.
  • Affordable Pricing – It would be cool if everything if the best dating apps were all free, but the companies have to pay to keep the lights on and deliver a superior product. But that doesn’t mean you should have to overpay! The best dating apps are affordably priced and deliver adequate value for what you’re paying for a membership
  • Easy Sign Up Processes – It shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to get signed up for an online dating app. Our favorite options get you into the mix within minutes. Sure, you may spend longer getting your profile perfect, but you should be able to check things out before having to do all of that jazz.
  • Proven Track Record of Success – We only recommend dating apps that have a proven track record of helping link singles together successfully. We all live busy lives and if we don’t have time to waste on unproven options.

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