The Guide to Dating Tall Women

So you’re doing your daily afternoon scroll through tinder, swiping right like a mad man when suddenly match with a cutie. You look on her profile to find that she’s of the lengthy variety. Not only that, but she’s taller than you.

Intrigue ensues…

In these times of Megan Thee Stallion fueled addiction to tall women, it’s natural to want to know what that “WAP” is all about. So strap on your floaties and your thick-soled boots because we’re diving in.

Tall girls playing volleyball

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Benefits of Dating Taller Women

  • It’s A Power Move – Handled correctly, walking into a room with the tallest woman for miles places you at a high level of perceived confidence and interest among the crowd. Is she a model? Is he a baller? Everyone will want to know your story.
  • Nobody Wants To Fight Her – You won’t have to protect your girl from drunk women just because she accidentally shoulder bumped one of them. Smaller women tend to be more forgiving when towered over by someone that looks like an Amazonian warrior.
  • Clothes – She will still “borrow” your clothes, but at least she won’t be swimming in your hoodies at home and tossing them aside as soon as she leaves the house. Depending on her size, you might also get a chance to swipe a couple of hers. Don’t sleep on the power of the double wardrobe.
  • Good Posture – Even the most confident men have to admit that you tend to stand up a little more straight around her when your girlfriend is taller.
  • Legs For Days – If you’re a legs guy, then those model thighs will drive you crazy. Not to mention the cuddles are better as well. You two will be wrapped around each other snug as a bug in a rug.
  • No Reaching – The short girlfriend struggle is real. Anyone who has dated a smaller woman knows at least 20% of your job is reaching things that she can’t.

Challenges That Come With Dating a Woman Taller Than You

  • The Anti-Power Move – Handled incorrectly, a taller woman can be your worst nightmare. If you let yourself feel belittled by her height, it’s a constant emasculation that will never go away; and yes, it will be used against you in arguments.
  • Her Insecurities – Obviously, there is a bit of a stigma around dating a man shorter than you. You could very well be her first. If this is the case, then it’s an obstacle that you might have to overcome.
  • Dancing – Don’t think that you’ll just be able to start booty poppin’ on the dance floor. You two will have to figure out a sweet spot. Until you get a feel for the right stances to put yourselves in, you’re going to find yourself in awkward positions that leave you suffocating with your face buried in her clavicle.
  • Spooning – I’m not going to lie to you; the symmetry is all off when it comes to this. It’s just something you’re going to have to deal with until you get comfortable with it. Maybe you should try being the little spoon for a while.

Tips for Dating a Taller Woman

Be Confident

You need to be completely secure in your manhood to pull this relationship off. People WILL talk and stare. You might have to stand on your tippy-toes a little to kiss, but that’s fine. There will be times when she’ll want to wear heels to look cute for you, ultimately dooming you to an evening of even more stares. Deal with it and embrace it; it’s about you two and no one else.

There’s No Real Difference

The best mindset for you to have is that she’s no different than any other girl you’ve dated, because it’s true. Just because she could ride the adult rides at Disney World a little sooner than you could doesn’t make her any more or less of a normal female. The problems come when you treat her height like it’s a big deal.

Compliment Her Height

Some women feel empowered by their stature, but it can also be a point of insecurity. Growing up taller than everyone can be awkward, especially in middle school. Be sure to remind her that you like it every once in a while. It’ll score you major points.


Do guys care if a girl is taller?

Yes, many guys do. Some men simply prefer the tiny figure of a person smaller than them. Others tend to be intimidated by someone towering over them. In either case, a secure man wouldn’t let something like that discourage him. If she’s attractive and has a great personality, there should be no problem.

 Do men like tall girls?

Yes, some men prefer it. The tall women fetish is alive and well on the hub. However, not all men are so open to it. It’s something that takes getting used to, but you know what they say; once you go tall, you might as well ball.

What is considered very tall for a woman?

Around the 5’9″ mark is where you’d generally start to be considered “Tall” as a woman. That may vary depending on the height of the guy.

 Is it okay to date a taller woman?

It’s great! I encourage it. Tall women bring a different dimension into the dating life that you don’t get with other girls, especially if she’s taller than you. Every outing, date, and interaction is more interesting because of the model sized beauty beside you.

Where can I find a taller woman to date?

Athletic women in basketball, volleyball, tennis, and other sports tend to be taller. Online dating sites like Elite Singles will pair you with other athletic types. If you’re not into sports yourself, then sometimes there is a filter on dating sites that will allow you to single out the women who consider themselves athletes.