The Guide to Dating an Athlete

There are certain types of people that you’ll date who will change your life entirely. Athletes absolutely fall in that category.

The game of love can be a tricky one. You have to do what’s best for your team. Whether you already boo’d up or looking to get drafted, we’re here to help you call the right plays.

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The Best Dating Sites for Athletes

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Benefits of Dating an Athlete

  • Athletes love active and high-energy dates. – If you fancy yourself as somewhat of a thrill-seeker, then you’re in luck. You may find yourself rock climbing, swimming, or playing tennis on your first date.
  • The Sex – We were all thinking it. In addition to usually having totally ripped bods, there is a degree of intensity with athletes. All of those cardio sessions aren’t for nothing.
  • Trips/Tix – When things get serious between you two, it usually comes with perks. Having free tickets to games and traveling around the country is definitely a plus. Being bae is a luxury after all.
  • Instafame – Depending on the popularity of your athlete, you might start to become well known. The entirety of social media will want to know who the person is that’s always in their pictures.
  • Motivation – Naturally, when you see your boyfriend/girlfriend working hard every day to stay fit and achieve their goals, it rubs off on you. You’ll start to encourage each other. Keep it up, and you’ll be well on your way to being a power couple.
  • Seeing Them Win – No matter what sport the person you’re dating is competing in, it’s always a rush to see them win. Somehow you feel like you’re apart of it, and you get to share that victory as a couple. It’s a feeling that never gets old.

Challenges That Come With Dating an Athlete

  • Your guy or gal may have a very demanding training schedule. – When it comes to games and workouts, you might find that you tend to play second fiddle. At times you’ll have to get used to having long periods without seeing your partner.
  • They May Be Tired Often– All of that physical activity adds up after a while. Don’t be surprised if your mate seems low energy at times.
  • Only Talks About Sport – You might want to brush up on your tennis lingo because they will want to talk about it A LOT. It’s their passion; they can’t help it.
  • Diet – You two might not always be able to eat the same things or go out drinking as much as you’d like. Athletes tend to be on strict diets that keep them at a certain weight.
  • Competition – Unfortunately, everyone loves an athlete. When people start to see what you have, no matter how popular an athlete they are, the groupies will swarm.
  • Dirty Laundry – If you’ve ever dated an athlete, you know that somewhere in their house is piles upon piles of stinky/sweaty clothes. They may not always be visible to the naked eye, but they are there. You might have the responsibility of dealing with yourself one day. It comes with the territory, sorry.

Tips for Dating an Athlete

Ensure You’re Not Going to Be a Bad Influence on Their Goals

Remember that being an athlete is not just a hobby/job for your partner; it’s a lifestyle commitment. It’s easy to say, “skip your workout and go to the movies with me,” or “let’s just do pizza tonight.” That’s not being a team player. Do your best to encourage them to stay on the right path.

Stress = Bad Performance

Arguments and misunderstandings happen, but they have entirely different consequences for athletes. Going into a game or match with baggage will get a boxer laid on his back and a basketball player put on the bench. It’s better to be the one that relieves them of stress and not the cause. So if you’ve got beef, try to work it out.

Be A Part of The Team

A little goes a long way with athletes. Subtle niceties like massages, warm baths, or preparing and an ice pack will score you major points. Show that you are invested in their success as well.

Off-Season Isn’t What You Think

A lot of sports are typically centered around a specific time of year. Don’t assume that means loads of downtime that’ll be spent with you. While that may be true in a way, it’s not necessarily the case. It’s best to treat the offseason not like a break but more like a lighter version of the same routine.

Dealing With Losses  

Nobody hates to lose more than an athlete. If they lose the big game, you’re going to have a real somber evening. Right now is your time to shine and show them why you’re the real MVP. A partner that builds you back up after a crushing defeat is an athlete’s best companion.

Dating a Professional Athlete vs. a Fitness Fanatic

On the surface, it seems like there wouldn’t be much difference between the two, but that’s not true. The mindset is entirely different. Sure, you’ll still have the high energy dates, great sex, and motivation, but they have two separate goals. A fitness fanatic will have more free time but be more strict with their meals, downtime, and sleep schedule. Although, at the end of the day, a great partner is excellent no matter what.

How to Find an Athlete to Date

The easiest way to find your athlete is to look online. There are plenty of dating apps that will point you in the right direction. Also, you can tell by a person’s pictures if they are an athlete. They’re usually pretty open about it.

If that doesn’t work, try getting into sports and fitness yourself. Like-minded individuals have a way of finding each other. Gyms, games, sports leagues, and championship afterparties are all great places to find someone. Alternatively, the Meetup app will allow you to join in on circles of people that already gather for sports, fitness, or any other kind of activity that you prefer.

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