Best Online Dating Sites By Category

While a lot of online dating sites will be good for everyone, you may be looking for a special kind of person. You may have a special type of person in mind, looking by location, race or sexual orientation. Regardless, there are some great online dating sites that target specific niches and categories. Below you’ll find the top sites broken down by category to help you find the best site for you.

Best Dating Sites Overall

A Few Other Sites to Consider

Niche (Specialty) Online Dating Sites

A niche online dating site is one that is created to cater to a specific group of people. This has proven to be pretty effective in creating quality matches because it groups like-minded people who are in similar situations with each other. For example, if you’re a senior, what good is an online dating site that only has teenagers on it? The answer is not that helpful unless you’re looking for a young buck 😉

These specialty sites have grown in popularity over the past few years and now cater to all walks of life and all lifestyles. You’ll find sites catering to specific religions, specific age groups, specific lifestyles, and specific sexual preferences. Wherever you find yourself in the world, there is probably an online dating site built specifically for people like you.

The categories offered seem to vary pretty widely. Probably the most popular that you’ll see are sites based on religious preferences. We see a ton of Catholic, Christian, and Jewish sites as well as many other religious-affiliated sites. We also see sites that are split off based on demographics including race, age, and sexual preference. The smallest sect of specialty online dating sites are ones that cater to specific interest groups.

Specialty or Mainstream?

A big decision that you may be weighing is whether or not you should join a mainstream online dating site or one of these specialty niche sites. The answer is that it depends. If whatever puts you in your niche is extremely important to you (like deal breaker level), then you may want to consider avoiding some of the mainstream sites.

For example, if you’re Catholic and that is an extremely important part of your life, you’ll probably have a lot better success at a specific Catholic dedicated dating site. Not only will everyone on this site be a Catholic, but they will typically be people that are much more dedicated to that religion and lifestyle. People who are casual about something are most likely going to join a mainstream site and not a specialty site dedicated to something.

What if you are someone who is casual about something that would put you into a niche? Well, you could go either way. You’re definitely going to find some likeminded people on the specialty dating sites, but you’re also going to find some of those people on the mainstream sites. Our advice is to peek around each site for a bit (starting with the niche site) and see what the matches look like.

Read their answers to their profile questions and see if they sound like someone that you’re looking for. If you don’t feel right there, it’s really no problem. Just float back over to one of the mainstream sites and look for people a bit more aligned with what you’re looking for.

It also matters how special or different the niche is. Let’s say you’re looking for people born on Thursdays who love cheese graters and only eat green foods. Well, you’re probably going to want to look for a niche site if that is something that is important to you. Something that specialized will be better received and catered to with a specialty site.

Are these all the categories?

The categories we have listed are all of the ones that we have found online dating sites for. This certainly does not mean that we have found every little nook and cranny of the internet out there and found every site type there is. The good news is that we are always searching. We’re always looking for specialty dating sites that are catering to special people. As we find more, we are always adding them here.

Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible and be a one-stop shop for you to find the best dating home for you.