Online Dating Sites Costs and Pricing

If you’re looking for up to date and accurate pricing for all paid online dating memberships, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find links to full breakdowns of every site and what it costs to be a member. Within each page, we also talk about any free trials available, add-ons available, as well as all the features you do and do not get with each membership type. On top of all that, we link you to our full review of each dating site and let you know if we think it’s worth the money or not.

If you’d like to see all of the costs listed together, you can check out our quick reference complete online dating site cost list. The individual pages below go into a lot more detail about features, but the master list is nice if you’re looking to compare based solely on price.

Dating App Price Guides

Things to Consider with Pricing

It’s almost scary how many people immediately want to find the cheapest or free option when it comes to online dating. We’d like to encourage you to take a step back and see what you’re actually doing here. You’re not shopping for a new pair of shoes. You aren’t looking for a new shirt you’re going to wear for a year. You’re looking for someone that you may very well end up spending the rest of your life with!

Choosing a mate is a bigger decision than even buying a car or a house. You’re looking to find someone that you will be happy with for the rest of your life. Now, we’re not trying to make you nervous or scare you away. We just want to make sure that you realize that online dating can lead to something that very well may stick with you forever.

You’re Making an Important Investment

Because of that, it shouldn’t be something that you are looking for the cheapest option available. You should be looking for the site that offers the best matches and the best chance for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Invest the money, and you will reap the rewards you are looking for. While we still advise finding the site where the cost gives you the best bang for your buck, it should not be the deciding factor.

Longer Terms Can Save You Money

One thing that is true about the costs of most online dating sites is that you can get things a lot cheaper if you sign up for a longer term. Typically, you can save over 50% off the monthly fee by signing up for more months. Now, this does mean that you’re going to be paying more money up front, but if you can swing it, you might as well save the cash.

For example, Catholic Match is just under $30 if you purchase one month only. But if you purchase a 6-month plan, you’re only paying $12.49 per month. AND if you buy their 6-month plan, they will give you an additional 6 months for free if you don’t find someone special in the first 6 months. That means that you’re actually only going to be paying about $6.24 per month. $6.24 is A LOT less than $30 a month.

We’re not saying that you have to take the longest plan right off the bat, but it may be smart if you are seriously committed to finding love.

Be Careful of Auto Renewals

One thing to be aware of is that a lot of online dating sites are set up to renew automatically. This means that if you don’t set it to cancel, you will automatically be charged again for the term you signed up for. This might be ok with you, or you might not be ready to commit to a longer term. The good news is setting your account to cancel and not auto-renew is easy and just takes a few settings in your member area.

While it is easy to fix, it still requires you actually to do it. We’ve had too many daters tell us they forgot to cancel and end up getting charged again. A lot of these daters had already found love and had absolutely no need for the membership anymore. You can usually cancel your online dating account right after you join if you want to be sure. It won’t cancel immediately but will set to cancel at the end of the term you selected. Then if you want to extend, you can always go back in and set that up. They will happily take your money again 🙂

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