Review – An Honest Look at Everything is a dating site that has been in operation globally for over two decades, but does that mean it’s good? Our team conducted a thorough review of and we’re not so sure… but we’ll give you the facts and let you be the judge.

Stick around for the full scoop on everything Cupid has to offer users in 2023. We’ve looked at everything from the brand’s reputation, to user ratings and reviews, to hands-on testing features, and guarantee you we will leave no stone unturned.

Is Worth Trying? – The Bottom Line Up Front has been around since 2002, so the dating site has longevity. In this instance, longevity doesn’t mean quality, though. To get straight to the point – isn’t worth your time or money. After testing the site for our review, we think it’s more of a cash-grabbing scam than a digital pathway to love. I mean there has to be a reason they still don’t have an app for iOS or Android after over 20 years right? We SRONGLY recommend looking into more reliable dating apps. Homepage Screenshot
Let’s start with the worst part of – the scammers.

Seven messages hit our inbox the moment we signed up for, and that number grew to 21 before we even added a profile photo. The messages were hidden behind a paywall, so we signed up for a premium account to read and respond to them.

Nearly half the members ghosted us when we responded to messages they’d sent only a few minutes prior. We’ve heard other members complain about this, with many of them saying that sends fake messages to get people to sign up. We definitely understand how they came to that conclusion.

And as for the rest of the messages? None of the senders wanted genuine connections.

Instead, they wanted us to sign up for cam sites or send them money. We did end up speaking to one real person eventually, but that member was so tired of that the connection faded immediately.

When researching our review, we stumbled across another major problem. This dating site has no direction. It’s for mature singles, married people, young folks, and everyone in between. When you pair that with the lack of search filters, it’s really hard to find what you want here.

It’s important to choose a dating site that matches your relationship style and goals (and isn’t it).

A Alternative to Save You Some Trouble – Zoosk

If you’ve gotten to this point in our review you’re probably not all that interested in trying out the site. But, now what do you do? What sites are worth trying? Our recommendation would be trying a free Zoosk account.

It’s a similar dating service in the sense that it’s very easy to sign up for and caters to a wide array of relationship goals:

Zoosk Relationship Settings Screenshot - "What are you looking for?"

But, it has a lot larger user base (3 million+ daily messages sent!), higher success rate, and better industry reputation. Zoosk is also more affordable than with yearly premium membership plans starting at $12.50 per month. Oh, and Zoosk is also a lot more convenient to use since it offers native mobile apps for all the major platforms.

If this quick blurb has caught your attention then we would strongly recommend reading our full Zoosk review to see all the details on what makes it a better online dating service than (and many other low quality dating apps on the market).

Overall Rating

Starting Cost$21.84 a month
Online Since2002
Active UsersApprox. 350K
App Store RatingN/A
Google Play RatingN/A
Our Review Score3.4/10.0 logo


Pros and Cons of the Dating App


  • Basic accounts include five free chats.
  • The website has been updated over time to look clean and modern.
  • LGBT friendly (including search for bisexual members)
  • Anti-scam verification weeds out some (but far from all) of the fake accounts.


  • Scammers are more active than real people.
  • Messages are hidden behind a paywall.
  • Website only – no apps for any devices.
  • Some members have still gotten charged after canceling.
  • Most user reviews of are overwhelmingly negative. Features Overview

As we’ve stated to this point in our review, we don’t care for this dating site. Even so, we want to cover some of the features we encountered when evaluating it. All of these features come with free accounts, so you can use them right after signing up. Take a look and get our thoughts on them.   

Safe Mode

As we mentioned earlier in our review of, scammers are an issue here. However, the site has a feature to combat the problem – Safe Mode. Basic Safe Mode blocks messages from suspicious members, while Full Safe Mode only allows messages from verified members to hit your inbox. Safe Mode Screenshot

We recommend using Full Safe Mode if you try to find matches on Still, Full Safe Mode isn’t a complete fix. There are rumors that is behind a lot of the fake messages, and from our evaluation, that checks out. That means that even if you block the scammers, will probably still let its messages through.

With that in mind, isn’t safe, even with Safe Mode. Check out some tips for finding a safe dating site so you can avoid the issues you’ll find on

Flirtcast has a lot of members (if you include the fake accounts), and it lets people reach lots of them at once by sending a Flirtcast. You can select a pre-set message to go out to potential matches in the hopes of getting a response. Safe Flirtcast Feature Screenshot

We tried this feature, and it was a dud. No one responded to our Flirtcasts, and considering all the spam in people’s inboxes, we understand why. People spend so much time on here dodging generic and shady messages that they aren’t likely to pay attention to Flirtcasts. Skip this feature if you decide to use the site after reading our review.

Like Gallery

You can use the Like Gallery to like or pass on profiles. If you end up with a mutual like, you’ll have a match and can reach out. This sounds cool, but we had the same problem here as elsewhere on the site.

Our first “match” was from a scammer. Fortunately, was taking action against this profile. The site notified us that the member was under anti-scam verification, so we moved to the next match. Unfortunately, the same thing happened with our second and third matches. Safe Antiscam Verification Screenshot

So, our fourth match didn’t come with an anti-scam warning, so we sent a message. You can probably guess by now, but that person ended up being a scammer.

After a handful of additional messages, we found a legit person on the dating site. We weren’t able to make a connection, though. The person was just checking it out and was already pretty sick of

Activity Page Safe Activity Bar Screenshot’s Activity Page lets members see likes, views, favorites, and their common activity history. The concept is on point, but we didn’t get any interesting info when clicking on the page Instead, we encountered one fake account after the next.

Similar Users

If you have a certain type, makes it easy to find members that fit into that category. When you click on a profile, scroll down to view “Similar Users.” Then, you can find similar people who are online right now.

So, we did find a few legit people with this feature, but they were few and far between. We recommend passing on this feature as well.  

Report a Member

If you decide to use, you’ll want to get acquainted with this feature. offers a robust blocking system that allows members to choose the reason for blocking the member. You’ll probably click on “Scammer” most of the time based on what we found when preparing our review. Safe Member Report Feature Screenshot

It’s important to use this feature so can review the member’s profile. However, is basically playing whack-a-mole with scammers. When they get rid of one scammer, two more pop up to fill its place.

The Quality of Singles at

While there are a fair amount of accounts on (some say as many as 8 million), this pool of singles is not without its downsides. The biggest has to be the lack of stringent verification. To put it plainly, there are fake accounts on the site and a lot of them.

If you decide you want to try, we would encourage you to be well versed in the signs of a scammer/catfish:

  • Photos appear fake or can be reverse searched to other sites.
  • Their stories are too good to be true.
  • They bring up money in conversation (and ask you for it).
  • They ask consistently ask for help with financial issues.
  • They ask for private details (financial or otherwise).
  • They won’t talk on the phone or over video.
  • They dodge in-person meetings (always have excuses).

Claim Free Trial – (How to Sign Up)

If you’re going to try we would suggest doing so on a free trial basis (just to make sure you’re interested in what they have to offer.) The good news for those of you looking to give it a go is that has one of the simplest sign up processes of any dating site we’ve reviewed. Signup starts with…

  • selecting your gender and sexual orientation.
  • Then you will input your age, location, and email.
  • Select a password, and you are ready to start!

You will need to verify your email, so make sure you use an address you have access to.

With your email confirmed, you’re ready to take advantage of the free trial. You will be able to upload photos and add personal details to your account, but you are not required to do so immediately. Or, if you’d prefer to look around the site first, you can come back and update your information later.

What You’ll Get With a Free Trial

  • Create an Account
  • Use All Search Features
  • Use the Like Gallery
  • View Incoming Messages

Features You Won’t Get With a Free Trial

  • Send and Respond to Messages Freely
  • Share Photos and Videos in Chat
  • Utilize Premium Support
  • Extend Search Radius
  • View “Looking For” Info
  • See Larger Photos

Price | How Much Does Cost?

Membership TypeLengthPrice
PremiumDaily$1.29 per day
PremiumWeekly$8.33 per week
PremiumMonthly$30.58 per month
PremiumYearly$27.83 per month accepts most major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club International.

What is The Refund Policy? mostly maintains a no-refund policy on their site. However, they may offer a partial refund to some users in very specific circumstances. According to their terms of service, this may include situations where the website did not perform properly.

To attempt to claim a partial refund, you must make a formal request through the contact page.

Customer Support Options

Support on consists of a small helpboard with pre-answered questions and a contact form that can be confusing to navigate. If you need to contact support directly, follow these steps:

  1. Click “Help and Support” from the drop down menu or the bottom of the webpage.
  2. Look for the tab labeled “contact us” and click it to make it the active tab.
  3. Use the drop down menus to select your issue, or an issue as closely related as possible.
  4. A solution will auto populate that may resolve your problem. If it does not or you still want to contact customer support, select “no” from the section that asks if the answer solved your problem. 
  5. A new message window will open where you can type in your question and concerns. Once you have written your message, click send. FAQ

Can I Pay for by The Day?

Yes! has multiple payment options and lengths of membership, including a per-day payment plan. This is perfect for getting a taste of premium membership without a lengthy commitment. Be sure to read the fine print on your membership as it may come with a recurring fee.

Can I Use On My Phone?

While there are no dedicated apps available for, the site is completely mobile friendly. All you have to do is go to your phone’s browser and type for access to the mobile site.

What Is The Difference Between Free And Paid Accounts?

Free accounts only have access to searching, friending, and sending winks. For messaging features and all bonus features you will need to pay for a premium membership.

How Long Will it Take for my Premium Cupid Membership to Begin?

Your premium membership begins as soon as your payment is cleared. For most people, this means once they’ve paid, they get instant access to their premium account. However, some banks may delay the approval of your purchase. In those cases, you will gain access to your premium account the moment your bank approves your payment.

Can I Buy Perks A La Carte? 

Yes. Cupid has a pack of bonus features known as Cupid’s Arrows. These features are bought separate from a premium membership and include invisible browsing and search boosts.

How Do I Try for Free?

To try totally free, simply follow the link in this article. You will be able to set up your account and try out the platform without spending a dime or even adding payment information! Once you decide you’d like access to the full features, simply choose “subscribe” from the main menu.

How Long Does the Free Trial Last?

Your free trial lasts as long as you want it to. The only reason your free trial will end is if your account is banned, you upgrade your membership, or you close out your profile.