Where Conservative Singles Are Turning for Love Online

Long gone are the days where two people on different sides of the political aisle could make it work. Unfortunately, our country has become greatly divided between liberal singles focused on inclusivity and conservative singles focused more on traditional values.

If you’re single and fall into the latter of those two camps, a conservative dating app may be just what you need. Below, our team is ready to showcase the five best conservative dating apps where you can meet a man or a woman who understands and shares your views on the world.

Quick spoiler alert—you will notice that a lot of these dating apps have shut their doors. There tends to be a rise in popularity and new options around election times, but then many aren’t quite prepared to continue service past that. For that reason, we have included a few mainstream or center-leaning dating apps that will still work well for conservative singles.

1. The Right Stuff

Launched in late September of 2022, The Right Stuff is a dating app completely dedicated to conservative singles. The app’s homepage talks about things like shared values, avoiding apps that have gone woke, no pronouns on profiles, and “connecting with people who aren’t offended by everything.”

When it comes to being hyper-targeted for right-wing singles, there isn’t a conservative dating app that gets closer than The Right Stuff. If you want to see a little more about how they operate, the company has a pretty active Instagram sharing videos regularly.

The one concern we have with The Right Stuff, at least at this point, is that the app probably has a pretty small userbase. According to a news story back in December of last year, the app had about 5,000 active users. While this sounds like a lot, it may leave people who want to date closer to home wanting more.

If you assume that half of the users are men and half are women, that means you only have about 2,500 matches on the app. If you assume there are about 3 major age brackets, that’s about 833 people who match your age and gender preference. Divide that by 50 states and you get something like 16 matches that fit your general criteria in your area.

Again, this is expected of a new dating app, numbers may be more concentrated in bigger cities, and it’s been several months since then—but it’s something worth noting. The app is only available on the iOS platform, and has about 1,400 ratings. Again, signs that it might be slow growing.

All in all, though, if you’re okay with a potentially smaller userbase but want something super conservative, then The Right Stuff could be the right thing for you.

2. Donald Daters [Closed]

Donald Daters Banner

Here’s a spoiler—the remainder of this list is less-than-ideal conservative dating app options or options that have closed. Why include them? Well, we wanted to give you the most complete view of the market and share what options were available at one time or the other.

The first option that fits this criteria (closed) is Donald Daters. Not only did this app close down, but the website now shows odd articles about Japanese video games. The only real traces you can find of the app are on the company’s twitter where they only have 245 followers, and the last post was from 2019.

3. Patrio [Closed]

Patrio dating app logo

Another conservative dating app that has met the fate of closing its doors is Patrio. Much like Donald Daters, the only evidence of existence of this app is mentions in a few articles and an Instagram page with the most recent post from July of 2018. Based on the fact we couldn’t find the app in any of the app stores, we don’t believe it has plans to come back into the market at any point in time.

4. RepublicanPeopleMeet

RepublicanPeopleMeet homepage screenshot

As we deboard the closed train, we come to a dating app that is a bit deceptive in what it’s trying to be. Surprise, right? RepublicanPeopleMeet is a dating app that is nothing more than a landing page linked to Match.com. The site is owned by People Media, which clearly says they are partners with Match.com.

In other words, it’s not a conservative dating app at all, but just a landing page that gets you to sign up and see matches from another dating app. Not much else to report on this one.

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Author: Healthy Framework Team

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