Finding True Christmas Love – 11 Date Ideas

Being alone for Christmas—well, it stinks. Not only is it tough to watch all the other happy couples cuddling up, but it’s also cold, which makes the idea of having someone to snuggle up with that much brighter. And if you do already have someone, stoking that Christmas love flame may be tough, especially if you can’t think of any great Christmas date ideas.

Regardless of which of those categories you fall into, we’re here to help. If you’re ready to spice up Christmas by finding that special someone or spending quality time with the one you already have, stay tuned.

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Christmas Date Ideas

If you already have someone special or you were able to find Christmas love through one of the dating apps we’ve recommended, amazing! To help you celebrate or restoke that flame, we wanted to share some amazing Christmas date ideas to have some fun this holiday season.

  1. Christmas Light Hunting – Get some hot cocoa in a to-go thermos and head out hunting for the best Christmas lights in your town. Make sure to take notes of the houses with the best displays so that next year you can start to build out a map of the best spots!
  2. Chinese Food Date – Did you know that while most restaurants are closed on Christmas, most Chinese restaurants stay open? If you didn’t, you do now! Why not start a brand new tradition with this Christmas date idea and get some sweet and sour pork, fried rice, or kung pao chicken!
  3. Ice Skating – Nothing says Christmas like getting out on the ice! Even if your town doesn’t historically have snow and ice, you might be surprised to see that they’ve turned areas of the town into ice skating rinks.
  4. Cookie Bake Off (with a twist) – Another popular Christmas date idea is baking cookies. However, if you want to put a spin on it, why not bake cookies and then deliver them to your local police station, firehouse, or hospital to say thank you to those frontline workers still putting in the hours to keep us safe!
  5. Christmas Cocktail Tasting – It only takes a few minutes of Googling to find a million different holiday cocktail ideas. Plan a date night, and each of you bring a new cocktail recipe you’ve never tried to make together.
  6. Decorating – Christmas dates don’t have to take place on Christmas. Why not spend time together decorating?
  7. Christmas Movie Marathon – One of our favorite Christmas date ideas is a movie marathon! Each of you pick out your favorite movie and your favorite snack and come together to share that with the other person.
  8. Gingerbread House Building – You can get gingerbread houses for less than $10 at most grocery stores. Pick up a set of two (or just one to work on together) and get to building! This is a classic tradition that really helps to spice up the Christmas love and spirit.
  9. Christmas Carol Karaoke – Karaoke is amazing…Christmas carols are amazing…Mix the two and you get a doubly amazing holiday date idea!
  10. Christmas Photo Shoot – If you’ve been together for a while, why not set up a photo shoot? You can do some “serious” photos dressed in your Christmas best, as well as some goofy ones where you let your hair down and have a good time.
  11. Go to a Christmas Pageant – Many towns have Christmas shows or holiday pageants that are an absolute blast and a great time to share with someone else. Or if you’re religious, most churches have amazing Christmas services filled with music, storytelling, and more!

Christmas Love is In the Air

With these dating apps and Christmas date ideas, you should be ready to have an amazing holiday season with someone special you already now or someone new! We wish you good tidings and hope that this year’s holiday celebrations are magical and everything you hope and pray they can be.

Have a great holiday and Merry Christmas!

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