Bumble’s Free Trial in 2024 – Details and How to Claim

Fact Checked by: Charles Roscopf, CPA

Freemium models are all the craze these days with dating apps, and Bumble is no different. In case that’s a new word for you, freemium refers to services that give you access to some features for free in hopes that you’ll like it and want to purchase add-ons and upgrades.

Today, we’re going to look at Bumble’s free trial option. We’ll share the details of how to access the free trial, what feature you’ll be able to use, what you aren’t going to get anywhere without paying, and whether we think the Bumble free trial is worth its weight in honey (it’s a bee pun…because it’s Bumble…sorry, we can’t help ourselves).

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What You Get When You Claim a Bumble Free Trial

Before we talk about getting a Bumble free trial, it makes sense to make sure it’s something you want and to set expectations properly. To do that, we want to show you everything you will get for free, and conversely, everything you’re going to have to pay for.

And on that same token, if you are brand new to Bumble and want to learn even more about what to expect, we highly recommend reading our Bumble review break down that’s chalked full of details and honest takes on what you can expect with the experience.

Back to our regularly scheduled program.

Now, we could have done this with just two columns (paid vs. free), but since Bumble has two different paid tiers, we thought we’d include them both separately just in case you wanted to see that.

FeatureBasic (Free Trial)Premium (Paid)Premium+ (Paid
Create AccountYesYesYes
Swipe on MatchesYes (Limited)
Send Messages to MatchesYesYesYes
See Who Liked YouYesYes
Use Advanced FiltersYesYes
Use Incognito ModeYesYes
Use Travel ModeYesYes
Access to SuperSwipes5 Weekly5 Weekly
Access to Spotlight1 Weekly1 Weekly
Unlimited ExtendsYes
Unlimited RematchYes
Unlimited BacktrackYes
More Likes in “For You”Yes
Fast Track Your LikesYes
Stand Out (every day)Yes
See who’s “Trending”Yes

The biggest takeaway is free messaging.

While there is a lot to take from this chart, there are really three big themes that matter. Number one—you’re going to be able to send messages to your matches. Keep in mind (as we covered in our Bumble review linked above) that you can only send messages to someone you’ve matched with, and even though Bumble announced men can message first, there are still limitations to that for men.

But, that all said, you can 100% send messages for free with the Bumble free trial, and that’s a big takeaway.

The quality of matches is going to be lower.

The second big takeaway is that the quality of your matches will be lower with the free trial account. No, they aren’t going to show you “lower quality people” (whatever that even would be). But what it means is that your matches are less likely to be the right matches for you. You won’t have access to things like advanced filters and you’ll only be able to set matches by gender, age, and distance. You won’t get access to things like relationship intent, height, religion, education, politics, etc.

Here are some screenshots showing what you get for preferences with the free trial account, and then all the advanced matching features you won’t get access to.

Expect to get less attention with the Bumble free trial.

And number three, you can probably expect to get fewer matches and messages. Premium accounts get the option of showing first when people are swiping, showing higher on the list when there is a match, and generally just getting more attention thrown there way. This does not mean you can’t meet someone with the free trial option from Bumble, but it’s going to be more work and results won’t be as strong.

Bumble shows paid accounts more

Convenience features aren’t included in the free trial account.

We’re calling them convenience features, but you can call them extras (or whatever you want). Just don’t call them into action with the free trial, because you won’t have access to them! We’re referring to things like Travel Mode (where you can swipe in other cities), Extends (leaving the window to communicate open longer), Rewinds (when you can take a swipe back), and a few more.

These features technically are not necessary to get a match and communicate on Bumble, but they are nice perks to enhance the quality of the experience. If you want these, you will have to pay to upgrade as they don’t come with the free trial account.

Is there a free trial that has all the bells and whistles?

No. This free trial account is the best that we’re aware of. In the past, the company used to offer more involved free trials, but those seem to be a thing of the past.

Here’s a Reddit post that discusses it with several members saying that they used to give these years ago, but no longer do (exactly what we’ve seen from our research and experience).

Bumble free trial comment from reddit post

How to Claim Your Trial Account

You’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to clear your afternoon to figure out how to take advantage of the Bumble free trial. It might seem too good to be true, but all you have to do is click the link we’ve provided below.

After just a few minutes of setting up your profile, you’ll be a busy bee scrolling through your matches with no payment required. Remember, you still are going to have to pull out your credit card or Apple/Google pay if you do want access to the premium features.

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