BlackPeopleMeet’s Paid Plans Overshadowed by Upsells

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If you want to have unlimited messaging (and a host of other cool features), you’ll need to upgrade to a paid BlackPeopleMeet account. They have several paid subscriptions to choose from and they are all a reasonable value. A paid membership is worth it to find the person you’ve been dreaming of!

If you’re searching for a breakdown of the latest BlackPeopleMeet costs, you’ve come to the right place. Our team is here to keep you up to speed on pricing, premium features, add-ons, billing, and more.

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Updated BlackPeopleMeet Membership Pricing

Membership TypeLengthMonthly PriceOne-Time Payment
Standard6 Months$9.99$59.94
Standard3 Months$13.29$39.87
Standard1 Month$20.64$20.64
Premium12 Months$10.25$123.00
Premium6 Months$12.10$72.60
Premium3 Months$18.32$54.96
Boost - 10 PackN/AN/A$14.90 ($1.49 each)
Boost - 5 PackN/AN/A$9.95 ($1.99 each)
Boost - 1 PackN/AN/A$2.49
Message Read Alertsvariable$4.99variable
Reply for Freevariable$6.99variable
Private Modevariable$4.99variable

BlackPeopleMeet Cost Details

Above we showed you a quick breakdown of all the potential costs of BlackPeopleMeet, but we imagine you still might have some questions. In this section we’ll be further breaking down the different features available for purchase and how much they will cost you.

Standard vs Premium

The two main membership plans available on the BlackPeopleMeet app are Standard ($9.99/month) and Premium ($10.25/month)

At its base level of one month the Standard membership starts at $20.64, but while this can be purchased it is largely for demonstrative purposes (Percentage savings on all other plans are based on this base cost).

Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits of each membership:

BlackPeopleMeet Membership Comparison Table

Overall we feel that standard membership offers plenty of bang for the buck without breaking the bank. It gets you core features like unlocking conversation and unlimited messaging. Beyond that there are a few extra perks that you can unlock by paying a bit more monthly for premium of activating profile powerups with your purchase, but we don’t really see them as being essential to success on the BlackPeopleMeet app.

Profile Power Ups (Membership Add-Ons)

Once you’ve selected to purchase a BlackPeopleMeet membership you will then see a new screen prompting you to consider some add-ons. These profile powerups are each about $5 per month and will span the duration of the membership you’ve selected.

BlackPeopleMeet Membership Add-Ons "Power ups" Screenshot

Now it’s worth noting that not all of these add-ons will be available with all memberships. Message read alerts for example are included with all Premium membership packages (so it’s worth considering an upgrade to BlackPeopleMeet premium if this is a feature that you’re looking for). The Private Mode power up on the other hand is available with all membership plans.

Expert Tip – If you can get a sale on your membership the prices of these add-ons will be cut equally with the sale. (So during a 50% of membership sale these will be about $2.50 each.)

Boost Packs

Looking to get more eyes on your profile? Boosts are exactly what you need.

By activating a boost you push your profile to the top of your potential matches search results for an hour. According to the app this can increase engagement with your profile by up to 4 times.

BlackPeopleMeet Boost Packs Purchase Screenshot

But you have to time it right. Your first boost session starts as soon as you complete your purchase. At between $2.49 and $1.49 per boost pack it may not be the end of the world, but you don’t want to waste your money on boosting when not many users are online. Keep an eye out for “rush hour” notifications in the app to help you time BlackPeopleMeet boost purchases (or activations). They should look something like this:

BlackPeopleMeet Rush Hour Notification Screenshot

(Very) Random Sales – Memberships for 50% Off

While confirming BlackPeopleMeet prices for this post, we noticed a strange quirk in the membership purchasing process. Get this, sales up to 50% off can come and go in the blink of an eye (or more accurately the refresh of an app). As we would opt in and back out of purchases or refresh the page we would have sales offered and then pulled away by what seemed to be completely random chance.

BlackPeopleMeet 50% Off Membership Sale Screenshot

During our testing we confirmed this quirk for all purchases except Boost packs (Which unfortunately always maintained their original prices even during “rush hour”). So, why do we mention this? To save you money of course!

If you’re looking to buy anything on BlackPeopleMeet we would strongly recommend refreshing or closing out the app a few times to see if you can trigger one of these sales and get whatever you wanted for half off.

No. In the past tokens were sold in packs of 50, 110, and 280 ranging in price from $0.99 to $9.99 respectively (or about 4 cents per token). With the recent redesign the use of these tokens has been discontinued.

Yes. It’s really important to note that at the end of any subscription’s term you will automatically be charged whatever it costs to renew that plan. The app has done their best to make sure this is a well known. You should see something like this before purchasing any BlackPeopleMeet membership package.

BlackPeopleMeet Auto Renewal Purchase Disclaimer Screenshot

In some instances, this repeat charge could be over $100 so you’ll want to keep an eye on the end date or cancel preemptively to avoid unwanted charges to your credit card.

Let’s be real, no one has time to read the 13,933 word, 27 page document that is the complete BPM terms of use… That is, no one but the Healthy Framework team. In a few quick points here’s the fine print details you’ll need to know about the cost of BlackPeopleMeet, purchasing, refunds, and anything else money related:

All subscriptions auto-renew until you cancel

Sections 8, 8a, and 8b of the BPM terms make it pretty clear that once you make any BlackPeopleMeet purchase your membership “will automatically renew – and you will be charged – until you cancel.”.

And here’s another important note from section 8 (screenshot below) – if you don’t cancel “timely” enough (meaning before the purchase reneawl date) you will automatically be recharged for whatever you previously bought.

Black People Meet Terms of Use Screenshot discussing "timely cancellation"

So, cancelling too late could cost you between $20.64 to $123 that you weren’t planning on spending. But is there any chance of a refund? Let’s see…

Does BlackPeopleMeet issue refunds? It’s unlikely…

According to their Terms of Use (which you automatically agree to by making any purchase), all purchases are generally seen as final and non-refundable. This is something they seem to be pretty strict on as well as you can see in this BPM terms screenshot:


In fact – the phrase “non-refundable” shows up 5 separate times concerning any and all types of BlackPeopleMeet purchases. In short, getting any sort of refund from BlackPeopleMeet is unlikely.

There is however a small amount of grace (3 days) given on the “timely cancellation” clause we mentioned earlier is you live in one of these states:

  • Arizona,
  • California,
  • Colorado,
  • Connecticut,
  • Illinois,
  • Iowa,
  • Minnesota,
  • New York,
  • North Carolina,
  • Ohio,
  • Rhode Island,
  • or Wisconsin
"Your Right to Cancel" BlackPeopleMeet Refund Fine Print Screenshot

If you would like to try and get the cost of your BlackPeopleMeet membership refunded you can do so by contacting PeopleMedia Customer Service via their Help Center. We wish you luck!

Do BlackPeopleMeet prices change?

Absolutely they do! However, this is not an uncommon practice in the online dating industry. Dating app prices may change for special occasions or promotions, on a yearly, monthly, or even daily basis. But, how do these price changes impact existing BlackPeopleMeet users?

Sadly, BPM users will not lock in their original subscription rates. When prices change you will however receieve an email asking if you choose to agree to the new rates or if you would rather cancel. Here’s a screenshot from the app’s terms of use for exact details:

Screenshot from BPM terms of use concerning price changes

Is money tight? You don’t have to pay all at once…

If for whatever reason you are unable to pay the full cost of your BlackPeopleMeet membership upfront, the company has created an option to pay in four installments. And even better, there are no additional interest fees or finance charges if you go this route.

However, while we were pleased to see this, there is one thing many of our users have wished they knew in advance…

In short, just because you break up the payments this doesn’t break up the membership length… As you’ll see in the cancellation policy screenshot below, even if you choose to cancel after the first payment you will still owe BPM the 3 remaining installments:

BlackPeopleMeet Installment Plan Cancellation terms screenshot

So, while this is an excellent way to make the cost of BlackPeopleMeet more accessible to users, it’s important to note that you will be subject to some additional terms and conditions.

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