The Best Romantic Lamps and Bedroom Lighting

Is there anything that can spark  a loving mood like some good lighting? I mean, think about it. In all the best romance scenes from your favorite movies, you have sultry lighting offered by candles, dimmed lamps, or open windows. Whether you prefer a warm ambiance with a vintage sepia hue, or cool tones that emulate the moon and stars, the perfect romantic evening is punctuated by good lighting. 

If you aren’t particularly keen on installing windows or taking all your dates outside for the foreseeable future, we recommend upgrading your indoor lighting to something a little sexier. We’ve scraped through the listings and reviews to find you the best romantic bedroom lighting on the market.

1. Aukey Touch Sensor Table Lamp – The Best Overall Choice in Romantic Lamps

Aukey Table Lamp in yellow

First on our list is the best romantic lamp for those who like to change up the ambiance every now and then. Not only does this Aukey lamp let you choose between vibrant colors and warm sepia lighting, but you can also adjust the brightness with a simple touch.

That means no getting up and fumbling with buttons every time you want to switch up the mood. The compact size makes it great for small spaces like apartments, bedrooms, or even take it along with you to a hotel – we don’t judge!

2. Twinkle Star LED Curtain – Perfect Romantic Lighting for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Twinkle Star Light Curtain

Who says romance belongs inside? Make your patio, porch, or any other outdoor space the perfect sexy getaway. This curtain is made up of individual led strands, and is made up of 600 individual leds. Hand it behind a sheer curtain to diffuse the light, or hand alone for a waterfall of warm light. 

Want to up the sexy factor? Try hanging the lights behind a sheer colored curtain. It gives off the same effect as a scarf over a table lamp without the fear of burning your house down!

3. Ocean Wave Light Projector – A Fun Lighting Upgrade for Ocean Lovers

Blue Ocean Wave Night Light turned on

To some, there is nothing more romantic than the ocean. We are definitely in that group! That’s why we picked this amazing ocean wave projector. You can get the effect of light passing through water tinged by the colors of your choice thanks to the RGB lighting feature.

The light itself is compact enough to sit on your bedside and has a built in ambient sound feature. There is even a memory card slot so you can download your own choice of music or sounds and play them directly from the lamp.

4. Brightech Parker Tower Shade Lamp – Number One Pick for The Avid Home Decorator

Bright Tech decorative tower lamp

The Brightech Parker Tower Shade Lamp is the only option for a full-sized floor lamp. That’s because these pieces are usually more decorative than functional. However, the unique build of this lamp diffuses light throughout the entire body through a beautiful canvas shade.

It fills the room with warm light while also providing a gorgeous additional to your decor. You will need a little bit more space to fit this lamp, but it is worth it for what it offers is fantastically romantic lighting. The best part? The preinstalled bulbs have a 20-year life span, which means there is one less thing to worry about around the house! 

5. Boncoo Vintage Table Lamp – For the SteamPunk Inspired Romantic

Boncoo touch control vintage lamp

If you love the raw appeal of industrial and steampunk style, this table lamp is your romantic lighting dream. The exposed bulb and raw metal and rivet base give off a tough look while providing a space for your favorite type of bulb. We’re thinking an Edison bulb would look amazing!

The base is wrought-iron and sturdy, which means you won’t accidentally shove it around while using its touch feature to adjust brightness. We recommend finding a bulb that puts off minimal heat – hello LEDs – to prevent any unwanted burn injuries during sexy time.

6. Flameless Candles by Enpork – All the Vibe of a Candle Filled Room without The Fire Hazard

Nine Flameless candles by Enpork

Have you ever watched a romance movie? Then chances are you have seen the elaborate date set ups with the dozens of candles and warm flickering glow of fire. We get it – the full candle set up is incredibly romantic. Unfortunately pillar candles are expensive, dangerous, and prone to going out in the middle of your activities.

That’s why we prefer these flameless candles by Enpork. Each set comes with 9 various height pillar candles. That means one set can fill your space with candles for a fraction of the cost of the real deal. Plus, you get to avoid the tedious task of lighting each and every wick!

7.HUGOAI Smart Table Lamp – The Top Choice for Smart Home Enthusiasts

Smart Table Lamp with purple light and remote

If you like controlling your appliances from afar, this HUGOAI lamp is for you. You can opt for an app controller, voice control, or just use the old fashioned buttons right on the base. Using the app you can customize your light to any of 16 million specific colors at varying brightness intensities.

Compact design is a big plus with this lamp. Stick it on your bedside table, night stand, mantle place, bathroom counter, or anywhere else you need a little mood lighting. Whether your smart home is powered by Google or Amazon, this lamp can fit right in among your decor.

8. Modern Spiral Desk Lamp – Best Mix of Functionality and Style

Spiral LED lamp in silver

This is modern decor at its finest. Your date will have only compliments thanks to this spiral lamp’s interesting aesthetic and beautiful, yet subtle, lighting.  The inset of the spiral is a gorgeous metallic surface, while the backside is the actual surface of the light.

You can choose from cool, neutral, and warm lighting. So if you want to see everything nice and clearly, opt for cool. If you are wanting to set the mood, try the warm setting. If you need just enough brightness to light up the room while you frantically clean up before your date gets there, try neutral.

9. Lighted Branches by DK177 – A Great Way to Bring Natural Ambiance Indoors

LED Branch Lighting for Romantic Ambiance

If you are looking for romantic lighting that brings your love of nature into the mix, look no further. These lighted branches make a fantastic vase filler. Use them alone for a rustic look, or add them into a mix of flowers for something a little softer and feminine.

The branches can be bent and twisted to create interesting patterns or to fan the branches out to fill larger vessels. The whole set is powered by a single battery pack that fits easily into wherever you choose to display your new lighting feature – no drilling of holes and running wires necessary!

10.  USB Bedside Table – Romantic Lighting that is as Functional as it is Beautiful

USB bedside table lamp with two phones charging

This may be the last on our list of romantic lamps, but it isn’t the last in our heart. Partially because it is stunningly gorgeous, but also because of the multifunctionality we haven’t seen in many other contenders. This lamp not only gives you all the mood lighting you need, but it also has two built in USB charge hubs.

Your date is going to love the convenience of charging their phone while you two have a little fun. This also keeps your wall outlets free for any other fun things you can think to plug into them. The linen lampshade diffuses the light in your room to create a calming effect. You definitely don’t want to count this late contender out.

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