Best First Dates for Black Singles

First dates set the tone for the potential of what could be a relationship. You want to pick a place that’s convenient and comfortable for both parties. Places like the movies or sporting events aren’t great first-date ideas because you can’t talk or get to know someone in a dark theatre or over a loud rumbling stadium. Also, with inflation, you also want to pick a place that’s financially reasonable as well. Here are a few first-date ideas for black singles that will for sure be a hit for your next love interest.

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Competitive Places

Places that quickly break the ice are ideal for first dates, so if you’re into competitive places like Dave&Busters, Andretti, and Top Golf, these are ideal. Here you can hear your date, have fun, and enjoy each other while beating them in different activities. By choosing this fun route, the pressure is off to create a facade or feed into the awkwardness that may or may not present itself. Competitive games will also show you if your date is a sore loser, if they’re considerate, and if they cheat to win. This is a fun alternative, especially after adulting at work; a carefree date such as this is bound to relieve some stress.

Food of Course (But Make it Fun!)

Everybody’s gotta eat, right? Find cool restaurants that offer a different take on dining, but make sure the food is still bomb. Have you ever tried a Brazillian steakhouse where the meat is served rodizio style from skewers onto your plate? And there’s always Hibachi, who doesn’t love a great show where food is thrown into their mouths? There are also places like The Melting Pot where a grill is already installed into your table and you get to cook your own food. Think of a nice quaint yet romantic way to connect with your date, this way you’re able to converse and enjoy the meal without interruption.

A Park is a Classic

Choosing a date at a park is not only financially feasible but a hidden gem. If you’re trying to be romantic on a budget this is the perfect place to go. The park provides the perfect aesthetic for a first date. Most parks have a gazebo facing a pond with beautiful water fountains, and let’s not forget the ducks. What’s a park without a picnic? If you want to swoon your date, plan a cute picnic, which doesn’t take much: a nice comforter to sit on, some fruit, drinks, and sandwiches, and most importantly– each other. The vibes will take over the rest, it’s totally inexpensive and could possibly be the best date ever!

Paint Like Basquiat 

Feeling artsy? Take your date to a sip and paint and get your Basquiat on! There’s nothing like a little libation to get your inner creative on and the paintbrush movin’. With the guidance of your instructor, you’ll have your very own masterpiece within an hour. These classes are always fun because you’re not the only amateur in the room, everyone is there for a good time, you BYOB, and art is based on interpretation so there’s no pressure. You and your date can even end the night by exchanging paintings as a keepsake to commemorate the first date.

Surprise Them with One of Their Top Interest

The best first dates happen after several conversations, this is why it’s good to converse before the first date, so you have an idea of where you’d like to take the person. When you’re getting to know someone this formulates the date organically. With the tools given from the conversations, you can surprise your date by creating a date around something they are thoroughly interested in. This may take a bit of creativity but will give you major brownie points in the end. So, if your date likes to read books, you could take them to the library and pick out books that you think resonate with them. Afterward, you could set up a space in the library where you too can whisper sweet nothings to each other, or take it back to the early 2000s and pass notes. Just the thought is so cute!

From the given examples, hopefully, your wheels are turning and you’re able to either take from these dating ideas or formulate your own. Dates don’t have to be super expensive to be fun or successful. Ultimately, it’s the thought that counts and the memories that are had.

The best dates are the ones that resonate over time. Plan your next date with your date in mind. Make it special and thoughtful by incorporating things you know they’ll like. Even if you aren’t sure, it doesn’t take much to create something special; as long as you aren’t summoning your date over for “Netflix and Chill” or asking the date what they want to do you should be fine. If these dates don’t appease you, creativity is limitless!

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Author: Candis Y. McDow

Candis Y. McDow is a 35-year-old Atlanta, GA native. She is a freelance writer, poet, and author. Candis has written for over 35+ publications, most notably Chicken Soup for the Soul, Cosmopolitan UK, Essence Magazine, and Yahoo! Her memoir entitled Half the Battle is available on Amazon.