Best Date Night Card Games

In modern times, stay-at-home date nights have become incredibly common. The introverts among us don’t see much of a difference, but others are struggling with finding new ways to entertain themselves during indoor dates. We suggest you try out some fun card games to spice up your night. 

We aren’t talking about Old Maid or goldfish. The card games are much more likely to make your date a night to remember. Whether you want something thought provoking or something outrageous and hilarious, we’ve found the absolute best date night card games for you. 

1. 5 Second Rule: Uncensored – Most Likely to Fill Your Night Tears of Laughter

5 Second Rule Card Game

Can you and your partner beat the twisted timer and spill your guts to answer a few less-than-appropriate question cards? You will learn things about each other that you never thought about, and we can practically guarantee you will be in a fit of laughter by the end of the game. 

The game is simple to modify to two players, simply collect cards you can complete within the timer and see who can get to 10 or 20 cards first. You can also say, “screw scoring,” and just keep playing until your jaw gets too sore from smiling. 

2. Never Have I Ever – Best Card Game for Group Dates

Never Have I Ever Card Game

If you’ve ever been to a drinking party, you’ve likely played a version of Never Have I Ever. The problem is, unprompted games tend to end up with the same 10 or so statements over and over again. There are only so many times you can admit you’ve cheated on a test or slept with a stranger before the game gets boring. 

The best part of the Never Have I Ever card game is it is filled with hundreds of prompt cards that you’ve likely never thought of. Plus, the game includes rule variation cards to keep the game exciting no matter how many times you play! 

3. Table Topics – Perfect Game to Spark Interesting Conversations

Table Topics Game

If you like having deep, interesting conversations with your partner, Table Topics should be at the top of your list of date night cards games. Each card has a conversation starting prompt to pick into the depths of your dreams and personality. 

You and your significant other will learn things about each other you never even thought to ask, and you’ll be a stronger couple for it. If you are finding it hard to connect these days, Table Topics can take the stress out of date night and get you back to that feeling of love and togetherness. 

4. Apples to Apples – Easiest Game to Modify for Any Number of Players

Apples to Apples Card Game

Apples to Apples is a modern game night classic. Each player gets a chance to choose a hilarious response to a descriptive prompt card in an attempt to tickle the judge of each round. The better you know the judge’s sense of humor, the more likely you are to win. 

One reason we really love Apples to Apples and included it in our list of date night card games is its ability to be modified for 2 players. You can go the simple variation route of drawing random cards from the deck to simulate other player answers, or find one of dozens of player created rule variations online. No matter how you play, you and your love will have a blast with Apples to Apples. 

5. Truth or Drink – A Great Game for Getting To Know Your Partner on a Deeper Level

Truth or Drink Game

There is no game as simple and alcohol infused as Truth or Drink. Just shuffle the cards, make some drinks, and you are ready to play. Each card you draw will ask you a personal and/or hilarious question. Are you going to answer, or are you going to throw one back instead?

If you and your partner don’t drink alcohol, try out this variation from an online user. Replace the alcohol with gross drinks like pickle juice or hot sauce. Trust us, you will still find incentive to answer those tough and embarrassing questions. 

6. Talk, Flirt, Dare – The Best Pick for a Game That Can Be Fun and Sexy

Talk Flirt Dare Card Game

Talk, Flirt, Dare is a game specifically created for couples to spark a little scandalous fun. The game comes with three variations of cards. The Talk cards are great for a casual night or for new couples that aren’t quite comfortable with the sexier variants. The Flirt cards are a great in-between deck that help reconnect couples that need a reminder of why they are together. Each card prompts you to compliment your partner in ways you might not have thought of otherwise. 

Personally, we love the Dare deck of cards. Each card gives you a directive for tasks that range in naughtiness. Will you have to give in to your partner’s whims for 10 minutes or have to take spankings until you can’t anymore? Only the cards can tell!

7. Our Moments: Couples – Great For Partners Who Need Help Opening Up

Our Couples Playing Card Game

Our Moments: Couples is a one-way ticket to quality time with your lover. Each card has well thought out, probing questions to help couples get closer to one another. Relationship therapists love Our Moments for how easy it makes opening up to your partner. 

Unlike other relationship building games, these cards don’t feel stale and clinical. In fact, you’ll likely find yourself reaching for a random card throughout the day just because you love hearing your partner’s responses. The replay value is astronomical because there are hundreds of prompts and your answers may even change over time. 

8. That’s What She Said – Fun Choice for Couples with a Dirty Sense of Humor

Thats What She Said Card Game

If sexual innuendos get you laughing, you will understand why we had to include That’s What She Said on our list of date night card games. This fast-paced game has endless replay value and can entertain you for hours or be a short bit of fun in between other date night activities. 

This game isn’t for the faint of heart, each prompt and response card is meant to get as raunchy and wild as possible while still bringing lots of laughs to the table. If you like other prompt and response games but wish they were a little more “grown-up” friendly, That’s What She Said is a great choice for you. 

9. Unsolved Case Files – A Night of Fun for the Crime Show Lovers Among Us

Unsolved Case Files Game

Do you and your partner like to stay up late watching true-crime tv shows or listening to cold case podcasts? Unsolved Case Files is the game for you. You will need to uncover 2 mysteries that coincide to reveal the answer to the entire case. You will look through 50 unique pieces of evidence and get your detective gears spinning. 

Depending on your case-solving skills, this game can take hours to play. If you get stuck, you can find the answers to the mystery online. Trust us, having an answer key available can be handy after a bottle or two of wine. This brain teasing game is the perfect way to enhance your date night. 

10. SuperFight – A Truly Original Game that Any Couple can Enjoy

Superfight Card Game

 Don’t let it’s appearance fool you, you have never seen a game quite like SuperFight. Each player combines character and description cards to create their ultimate superhero. You might come up with Abraham Lincoln with a beard full of bees or maybe a zombie riding a segway. With your super hero designed, you get to role play a battle between other superheroes to convince the judge your hero is the strongest. 

Other players have even posted game variations online to enhance a 2-player set up. Whether it is just you and your honey or you and a few other couples, SuperFight is a game of endless fun, raucous laughter, and long-lasting memories. 

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