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Let us paint a picture for you. You just organized your first solo exhibition. You are displaying your work for the world to see and you couldn’t be happier, except—who will be attending with you? Who will hold your hand and champion you and build you up when you are nervous? Every great artist has a great love, and we want to help you find yours.

There are a lot of nuances that come with dating an artist, and we know you want to find a partner who understands that and supports you. That’s why we curated this list of the best dating apps for artists. Whether you paint, draw, play music, or are just a creative-type, these apps can help you find your muse.

Hinge – Offers a Quality Creative Experience

Hinge Screenshot

Not only does Hinge have some of the most artistically creative commercials out there, but the entire app is designed on the premise of doing things a little differently than any other app out there. This starts with the profiles on Hinge where you can design the flow and structure of your profile to showcase what’s most important to you. It’s basically a dating profile that doesn’t force you to color in-between the lines, which is probably exciting to a lot of creative types.

Now, the cost of a Hinge membership has gone up as of recent as they added a new tier of membership. This is also on top of the fact that the membership doesn’t get you every available feature, but there are additional things available as premium addons. When you start to add up what it might cost you, it can get pretty expensive pretty quickly.

But, can you really put a price on love? Maybe. We’ll leave that up to you. Either way, we think Hinge is certainly a good artistic dating app worth considering.

Love Arts – One of the Few Artist-Only Dating Site Options

Love Arts dating app screenshot

The last artist dating app on our list happens to be the only one that is exclusively built for artistic singles. The dating site (not an app) says it’s presented by “The Stage”, which is a UK-based theater website. While it’s neat that the app is created by someone in the arts industry, it’s pretty clear to us that they didn’t include someone with dating app experience on the team as there are several things that are misses for us.

First, Love Arts shows user profiles publicly to people without even the need to create an account. This is a huge red flag for privacy and security. Second, while Love Arts shares some success stories, they seem a little sus to us. Hard to validate the authenticity of these and there are no images and a lot of very generic information. We’re not saying they aren’t real; we’re just saying they don’t sit too well with us.

Ultimately, if you only want to date other artists and don’t even want to be potentially messages by someone who is not an artist, Love Arts could be for you. However, we still think that the more mainstream options with great filters and millions of artists are going to be a better fit than this option. We included it, though, because we wanted you to see the quality you get if you look for an artist-only dating option.

Reasons These Art Dating Sites are the Best

We never want you just to take our suggestions just because we say so! We always want to make sure you understand why we chose the options we did. On top of the normal reasons we love these dating apps (safety, security, track record, user experience, etc.), here are some art-specific or creative person-specific reasons we love these options.

  • There are artists and creative people from all areas of the art spectrum. When we see the word artist, we think that encompasses all creative singles. Just because you do watercolors doesn’t mean you’re not going to jive with a musician or someone who does murals. Each of the art dating sites we’ve shared has these options for you.
  • There is adequate space to express yourself. As you already know, artists love to express themselves. This becomes especially important in the dating context when you’re looking for someone who may end up being an influence on your art. The best dating apps for artists have space for you to share who you are, what drives you, and why your art is important to you. This may be as simple as text areas or even spaces where you can share examples of your art.
  • They create a safe space. Yes, this is something that’s important for any dating app we recommend. However, it feels to us as it’s extra important when it comes to dating apps for artists because your emotions can have a major effect on your ability to perform or be creative. If an app isn’t safe or set up to support your creative mind, it could have a negative impact on your work, and we aren’t cool with that.
  • You can color outside the lines. Most creatives love the ability to free flow through processes. When things are too rigid, it can feel stifling and really put a damper on a process. This holds true when it comes to online dating apps. While we understand some structure is required for things to work, we still want some freedom to handle the process how we want. For that reason, you won’t see dating apps with rigid communications processes, inflexible profiles, or unnecessary rules and guidelines.
  • Options. If we had to identify one group of singles with the most eclectic and unique tastes, it would probably be artistic singles (which is awesome)! Because of this, it’s imperative that a dating app ideal for artists has lots and lots of options. That way, the chances of finding someone who fits exactly what you’re looking for is much higher.

Should I Use a Traditional Dating App or One Made Just for Artists?

If you look around on the internet for more than two seconds, you will find a few niche dating apps and websites for artists (like Love Art that we mentioned above). You might be tempted to hop onto one of those trains for quick access to love, but you should probably hold off. Those apps might seem like a good idea, but they often attract the exact singles you don’t want – groupies, fetishists, and clout chasers.

Mainstream dating apps are far better alternatives for artists. The user bases are far larger and allow you to base your initial matches on your personality, then whittle them down with search filters to find your absolute best match.

Curious about those other niche dating apps? Of course you are. Creatives are always the most curious, and we love that. While we don’t really recommend many of them, here are some of the niche artist dating apps out there.

  • Venn Social – With only 92 ratings and a 2.8 out of 5.0, Venn Social doesn’t seem to be too popular or too well liked. Technically, the app targets friends, dating, and business connections, which really makes it a bit muddy if you have a specific goal in mind. If you just want to connect with a few artists, maybe worth checking out. But if you’re serious about dating or want lots of options, this does not seem like a winner.
  • DeviantArt – This is a strange one that we’re not totally sure if they’re a dating app or not. On parts of their site, they say that they are. However, when you go to their main link, it forwards to an artist portfolio type website. In all honesty, we’re just confused. We are pretty certain though this is not an effective platform for meeting artistic singles.
  • Artfol – Again, not actually a dedicated dating app (and they don’t pretend to be), Artfol aims to be a social media network for artists. Definitely a cool concept, but it looks like adoption has been quite slow and certainly not a real option for scoring a date.
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