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ArabianDate, as the name suggests, is an online dating site that makes it easier for you to find your perfect Arabian date, especially from the Arab region of Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Algeria.

If you’ve always been intrigued by the mysterious aura of Arabian men and women, you may think ArabianDate is the perfect online dating platform to bring you a step closer to getting to know them. But does it stand up to the hype?

Read on for our detailed ArabianDate review and discover all this dating site has to offer. We hope to help you decide if this platform is suitable right to help you find someone who matches your ideals, be it in appearance, personality, culture or religion…

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ArabianDate’s Simple Interface is a Plus, but Possible Fake Profiles is a Concern has a relatively simple interface that you can immediately find someone to have a chat with the moment you access the site after signing up and the options are generally of high quality as well. However, the issue comes with the fact that every mode of communication on the site, from live chatting to video chatting, is chargeable, and you may have a hard time trying to determine which are the genuine profiles to approach.

If you have your heart set on finding an Arabian partner, then by all means, have a go at this online dating site. Otherwise, you may have an easier time looking for a date from other online dating sites.


  • Simple and clean interface
  • Easy to sign up with 20 free credits upon signing up
  • Profiles displayed are of relatively high quality


  • Each communication feature is payable
  • Fake profiles exist on the site
  • No matching algorithm to assist with filtering your matches

Who Is Good For?

  • Those interested in finding a match among Arabian men or women
  • Those who are fine with paying to interact with a potential match on the site
  • Those who prefer to go on video chats with a potential match before the actual date

Who ArabianDate Might Not Be Best For

  • Those who prefer not to pay for communication features on dating sites
  • Those who have no interest in men or women from Middle-eastern countries

Fast Facts About ArabianDate

  • Site Name: ArabianDate (
  • Paid or Free: Paid site with a limited access
  • Average Sign-Up Time: Less than 3 minutes
  • Paid Membership Pricing: Plans starting as low as $19.99 per month
  • Unique ArabianDate Facts and Figures
    • Launched in 1993 
    • Covers more than 32 countries
    • Over 1 million downloads Has Several Unique Features that May or May Not Be Useful

ArabianDate doesn’t have too many fanciful features that will distract you from your true purpose of finding a perfect match to date, but enough to keep you interested. The moment you join the site, you will see a column on the right featuring chat requests, so you don’t even need a notification to click onto another page to check them out. On the left, you will find potential matches in full display, where you simply need to click on “Chat Now” to start a conversation with them.

arabian date features

ArabianDate emphasizes on the features that would encourage you to communicate with the users on the site, be it through a live chat or video chat, albeit payable.

Let’s Mingle

If you’re spoilt for choice because there are simply too many people you wish to engage with on the site, you can go with the ‘Let’s Mingle’ option, where you simply need to type in a message and indicate the gender and age range you’re looking for, between 18 and 75, and the platform will share it with the users who are online, fit your profile and ready to mingle with you. However, to access this feature, it will require 5 credits for each mingle. 

Today I Am

It’s interesting that ArabianDate provides an option to indicate how you feel for the day and this option is displayed on your profile so that others will know what you’re looking for, at least for the day. Truth is, people come on online dating sites for different reasons, and this reason may change according to different stages in life or simply, how you feel for the day. This indication helps you to attract users who may be feeling the same way as you, even if it’s just for the day, as it may be a start to a meaningful future.

arabian date singles

Sending Gifts

As we were browsing through profiles on the site, we discovered an option that allows you to send gifts to the profile you’re interested in. Now, we are familiar with virtual gifts as a way to get the attention of someone you are interested in, but the ability to send an actual gift through the platform is not commonly seen. Swiping through the options for the actual gifts, we were pretty blown away by the variety available, ranging from flowers, baskets, and gadgets, to other special gifts, such as a Swarovski necklace or a Netflix gift card. Pretty enticing for the ladies, we’d say.

gift arabian date

How to Sign Up at ArabianDate

It is easy to sign up for ArabianDate, which should take you less than 3 minutes. Simply follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official website
  • Click on the “Create an Account” tab
  • Fill in your name or nickname, real email or password, and click on “Create Account” button
  • Next, choose your gender, enter your DOB and home town, and click the “Next” tab
  • Subsequently, you may wish to provide some text on your ideal partner, interests, and upload your photo, before clicking on the “Complete” button
  • You can now access ArabianDate and check out your date options on the platform


Amount of CreditsCredit Cost
150 credits$19.99 per month
600 credits$149.99 per month
1500 credits$299.99 per month

To access the features on ArabianDate, you will need to purchase credits to:

  • Send and receive emails: 10 credits per message
  • Access Let’s Mingle: 5 credits per mingle
  • Access online chat: 1 credit per minute
  • Access live video chat: 6 credits per minute
  • Send/view photo or video: 15 credits each
  • Send virtual gifts: 5 credits per sticker and 1 credit per smile
  • Arrange to send actual gifts via their gift catalog: 29-1280 credits per gift

Customer Support Options

Although ArabianDate’s FAQs section may not be very extensive, the fact that they provide a hotline, email address and live chat option for you to contact them directly, more than compensate for the basic FAQs section.

ArabianDate FAQ

Can I access ArabianDate for free?

You can sign up to ArabianDate for free and browse through the profiles on the site. However, to access its features and chat with the other users, you need to purchase the credits to do so.

Can I access ArabianDate on Apple devices?

ArabianDate is only accessible via web browser or as an app on Google Play store. To access it on Apple devices, you can do so via the web browser.

Is ArabianDate a scam?

There are quite a number of reviews calling ArabianDate a scam, which isn’t very surprising, given some dubious users around. As it is pretty easy to sign up on ArabianDate, there may be a number of fake profiles, especially by partners of the site, in a bid to get you to purchase credits to chat with them. All we can say is to be careful and very selective with the users you wish to spend credits to chat with. 

Do I have to be from Arab to join ArabianDate?

No, in fact, ArabianDate is available in over 32 countries. That being said, most people on this site would be interested in getting to know an Arabian, so if you’re not one, you should at least be interested in one, for a chance of getting a match.

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