Anniversary Gifts for Him

Welcome to our detailed guide to finding the perfect anniversary gift for your husband!

On this page we’ll be breaking down everything you need to pick a men’s anniversary gift that your husband is sure to love. We’ll give variation gift suggestions, talk over modern and traditional gift ideas, and put you in the right headspace to pick the best anniversary present that he’s ever gotten. Excited? Let’s get to it!

Modern Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

In this section we’ll be breaking down our staff picks for the best modern anniversary gifts for men. If you don’t like one of our suggestions just keep scrolling! We’ve tried to keep this list diverse and unique to appeal to the largest group of men and help you find just the right gift for your husband.

To kick things off we’ll start with a gift that almost no man could resist…

Grills and Meat – A Modern Classic

No anniversary gifts for him page would be complete without talking about grilling. It’s a common stereotype and for good reason, many men enjoy grilling! If you’re husband is one of them here are some grill master anniversary gifts to consider

A New Gas Grill From Weber

Weber Gas Grill - GENESIS EX-335 Smart Gas Grill (Natural Gas)

If your husband needs a new grill, Weber has you covered with a massive assortment of gas grills ranging in price from $50 to $5,000.

Give Him Some Meat to Grill

Chicago Steak Company - Classic Prime Steak Assortment

Ribeye? Porterhouse? Filet mignon? Chicago Steak Company will supply these and more. Get restaurant quality cuts of meat delivered to your house.

A New Pellet Grill From Traeger

Traeger Pellet Grill - Timberline 850

Not a propane man? Traeger makes the best pellet grill anywhere. Click the link below to check out their full lineup and available accessories:

Monthly Subscription Packages

Who doesn’t love getting a surprise package in the mail? Give your husband the anniversary gift that keeps on giving with a monthly subscription package.

While there are a ton of options for buying subscription based anniversary presents, our favorite has to be and here’s why. In addition to monthly clubs for beer, wine, cheese, cigars, artisan chocolates, and flowers this brand has “Design Your Own Club“.

This allows you to mix any match any of the other club offerings and create a custom subscription plan just for your husband. This unique flexibility definitely makes this one of the best anniversary gifts for him. Design Your Own Club™

Designer Watches

Both as a gift and an article of clothing nice watches get noticed. The great news is it’s never been easier to find an incredible watch online than right now. There are multiple high quality brands creating beautiful and intricate designer watches.

Here are two watch brands that we think would make excellent anniversary gifts for any man:

Stuhrling Watches

Stuhrling Watch - Anatol Dual Time Automatic Watch 47mm

I mean would you just look at that picture? While they do have some options that are more laid back we can’t help but stare at all the intricate details in these beautifully designed men’s watches. Click the button see all Stuhrling has to offer.

Fossil Watches

Fossil Watch - Machine Three-Hand Date Brown Leather Watch

While not as intricate as the Stuhrling watches, Fossil watches are sleek, modern, and elegant. One feature that makes them great for giving as an anniversary gift is that all Fossil watches come with free engraving. Click the button to learn more!


You like when your husband smells nice and so does he! It’s a win win and an excellent anniversary gift idea for him. But with so many options where do you even start shopping?

When it comes to buying men’s fragrances online there’s one site that always seems to come to mind and that’s

They have more options than any department store and also offer exceptional pricing. If you’d like to get your husband some new cologne for your anniversary click the link below to see what’s in stock (as well as what deals are running!). - Popular Men's Fragrances

Durable Luggage

Aren’t we all ready to start travelling again? If you’re a couple that loves to see the world luggage can be a great anniversary gift for him! Now, if you’d like to save some time shopping around we know of one brand making durable, stylish, and sustainable (99% waste-free) luggage in 2022—Horizn Studios. Here’s a look at what you can expect from them:

Horizn Studios Essential Luggage Line

Not only do we love the look and durability of this luggage, but the brand’s dedication to the creating products and packaging that don’t hurt the environment buys them a few extra points in our book. If you’d like to learn more about Horizn Studios and buy your husband some awesome luggage simply click the button below:

Traditional Anniversary Gifts for Men

Absolutely no idea what to get your husband for your anniversary? This is one place where ages old tradition can step in to help. Somewhere along the line people decided that there were specific materials appropriate to commemorate each year of married life. If you’d like to learn more about that we recommend you visit our main anniversaries page, but for now here’s a quick look at the first 7 years to get you started.

  • Paper (1st Anniversary) – Could be photos or tickets.
  • Cotton (2nd Anniversary) – Could be comfy t-shirts or a new bedsheet set.
  • Leather (3rd Anniversary) – Could be a wallet, backpack, or messenger bag.
  • Linen or Fruit (4th Anniversary) – Could be dress shirts, a fruit basket, or an Edible Arrangement.
  • Wood (5th Anniversary) – Could be a wooden watch, cutting boards, sunglasses, really anything that has wood on it.
  • Iron (6th Anniversary) – Could be cookware, a horse shoe set(game), or golf clubs.
  • Copper (7th Anniversary) – Could be a bar set, jumper cables, or a bracelet.

So what’s the point of this? Well, while these traditional anniversary present ideas may seem odd and antiquated they help to prove a very important point about the nature of giving gifts. There’s no special sauce, anything can be an anniversary gift! The important thing is not what you give or what it’s made of but that you really get to know your huband and make him feel appreciated.

Plan Your Husband’s Anniversary Gift Around an Experience

When selecting an anniversary present for him it’s not only the gift, but the thought behind it that matters. We’ve found one excellent way to give thoughtful anniversary gifts is giving a gift that leads to an enjoyable shared experience. Here are some examples to show what we mean:

Camping Trip Anniversary Gift

Is your husband an outdoorsman? If so, this could be the perfect anniversary present to combine his love for camping with his love for you. For best results, we recommend planning out more than just the gifts. A new tent, backpack, or camp stove may be a great gift, but until it’s put to use is just another item.

On the other hand, a weekend away with the love of his life is sure fire way to make those same gifts say much more by creating cherished memories. Click the link below to start getting geared up for this outdoorsy anniversary gift for him:

Bonus tip – if you’re having trouble picking out camping sites look into a US Park Pass. For $80, this will give you access to 2,000 federal recreation sites for a full year.

Bass Pro Shops Camping Department Screenshot

Book a Cooking Class Together

Not everyone is an outdoorsman. Maybe your husband likes to cook? Let’s take that idea and run with it! Enter

In addition to offering a wide selection of high quality cookware and kitchen tools, Sur La Table also offers the opportunity to learn to cook. You can either search by location and book an in-store class near your or join expert chefs from the comfort of your own kitchen with online classes.

Sur La Tables Cooking Classes

What we especially love for the purpose of getting your husband an anniversary present is the “date night” in-store classes. Click the link below learn more about how you can book a cooking date to celebrate your anniversary this year.

Book an Anniversary Getaway

His anniversary gift doesn’t have to be something you can wrap! If you’re a couple that loves travel the best anniversary present for your husband might just be a trip for two.

Whether you’re looking to book a last minute getaway or plan your dream trip in advance Travelocity is an incredible tool to help you pull it off.

Fun Reveal Idea – Just because your gift isn’t something physical doesn’t mean you can’t have anything wrapped. Let’s say you book a trip to an all inclusive resort—buy your husband a pair of sunglasses or a beach towel and wrap that with printed tickets or resort reservations.

Travelocity Screenshot - Start Planning Your Next Trip

Take Him Out to The Ball Game! – Sporty Anniversary Gift for Him

If you’ve made it this far you’re probably noticing the trend. The idea is taking something he loves and turning that passion into a meaningful date and anniversary gift. If your husband is a sports nut there’s nothing that would make his day more than a new Jersey and some tickets to see his team play. The links below will help you find the perfect NFL or NBA merch and get your seats booked

Don’t be afraid to ask for help – If you think this is a great anniversary present for your husband, but you’re not a sports fan yourself we recommend asking friends or family for help picking the right jersey and game to book tickets for. Even for his favorite team there are most likely jerseys that he doesn’t want.

Keep Browsing – Find The Perfect Gift at These Online Stores

Let’s be honest not all men are the same. Maybe you didn’t see anything so far that’s a perfect anniversary present for your man? If that’s the case this final section should help you out. Below you’ll find a list of different links to stores we’ve think are ideal for finding men’s anniversary gifts.

StoreWhat to Expect
Amazon Logo
Shop over 70,000 anniversary gifts for him on Amazon
Apollo Box Logo
Shop unique, quirky, and one-of-a-kind modern gifts.
Bass Pro Shops Logo
Shop fishing, hunting, camping, and all other things outdoorsy.
Shop Disney Logo
Shop clothing, toys, and accessories based on your favorite Disney characters.
Fossil Logo
Shop men's bags, watches, wallets, jewelery, and more.
GraphoMap Logo
Showcase the places that are important to your relationship with custom map posters.
Gabriel NY Logo
Shop high quality jewelry for him.
Harry & David Logo
Shop monthly clubs for gourmet fruit, desserts, wine, and more.
Instant Home Logo
Shop small kitchen appliances from that brand that brought up Instant Pot.
Solstice Sunglasses Logo
Shop Ray Ban and other trendy premium sunglasses.
Sonos Logo
Shop high end speakers to build the perfect sound system.
Wine Library Logo
Shop beer, wine, spirits and more online.

How Much Should I Spend on An Anniversary Gift for Him?

There is no simple answer to this question. A lot of people will tell you that this depends on the length of the relationship and spending whatever it takes to suit the appropriate year. The bottom line is this…

Be thoughtful, be generous and show your love, but don’t spend more than you can afford.

As important as getting him an awesome anniversary gift may be to you sometimes there’s a limit to what money is in the budget. Getting a more affordable present may not have the same shock and awe effect, but financial hardship is one of the most common strains on marriages. Buy his anniversary gift based on what you can afford. It would be a shame to have an act of love be the cause of tension in your marriage.

How Do I Know If He’ll Like His Anniversary Gift?

You did it, you ordered a gift. Congratulations. But there’s still this looming question, “Will he like it?”. If this is where you’re at here are some things you should consider to find peace with your purchase (or help you realize you got the wrong thing).

  • Did He Want a Gift? – It’s not uncommon for men to say that they don’t care if they get an anniversary gift. If this is the case with your husband, take a deep breath. Almost anything you got will do and show him that even though he “didn’t want a gift” you were thinking of him.
  • Is There Anything Specific He Wanted? – Sometimes there’s just that one thing that your husband won’t stop mentioning. A new grill? A pair of sneakers? Maybe a vacation with you? This list could go on indefinitely, but the point is if there’s something you know he wants that’s a great starting place.
  • Is It Thoughtful? – If you’re still reading you’re clearly the type of person who doesn’t just pick your husband’s anniversary gift at random. If you’ve the taken time and put thought into your gift we’re confident it will work out well!
  • Don’t Be Afriad to Ask – Now we’re not necessarily saying you need to ask your husband to review your cart before purchase. You are mostly likely trying to surprise him after all. But, there’s nothing wrong with asking other men in your life what they think (mutual friends, your father, etc…). If you’re really stuck you can even shoot us an email and we’d be happy to try and help out!