7 Year Anniversary Gifts

The “seven-year itch” might be more familiar. However, some psychologists would rather it be known as the four-year itch. By the time the 7th anniversary rolls around, many couples aren’t just getting by each day. They’re warm and snuggly in the comforts of a long-lasting partnership.

So, while it might not be a milestone event, seven years is still something to celebrate. That’s why we’ve put together one of the most comprehensive 7 year anniversary gift guides you’ll find. We’re covering symbolism, unique gift ideas, and we’ll get your wheels spinning with some tips for commemorating the event.

If six years is in your rear-view mirror, you’ve come to the right place!

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What are the traditional 7th anniversary gifts, stones, and flowers?

  • Anniversary Stone: Onyx
  • Anniversary Flower: Freesia
  • Modern U.S. Gift: Desk Sets (Pen and Pencil Sets)
  • Traditional U.S. Gift: Wool or Copper
  • Traditional U.K. Gift: Woolen

Should I get my spouse a gift for our 7th wedding anniversary?

The answer to this question depends on your spouse. However, if you’re even asking this question, then it means you should probably err on the side of caution and get them something. Want to know the best way to know for sure, though? Ask! It’s totally okay to say something like, “Hey babe, did you want to do gifts for our anniversary this year?” It’s as simple as that, and then you’re on the same page. You could even go a step further and talk budget or possibly getting a join couple’s gift to celebrate the 7 year milestone.

Should I get my friends, family, or parents a gift for their 7th wedding anniversary?

If they’re having a get-together or party to celebrate, chances are that a gift is probably customary. However, if not or if the party is casual, you can probably get by with either getting them something or not. The 7th wedding anniversary isn’t really a major milestone like something like the 10th or 20th is. That all being said, the point of getting a gift for someone is not to check a box of obligation (most of the time). The reason you should be buying someone a wedding anniversary gift is because you care about them and want to get them somethin special. So if that fits the bill, get them something!

The Best 7 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

1. Prince of Scots Pure Wool Throw

Prince of Scots Pure Wool Throw

A traditional gift for 7 year anniversaries is wool. Wool is a bit of a difficult textile to work with because sweaters, scarves, and coats tend to be too heavy to wear in a lot of climates or seasons. Instead, consider this gorgeous wool throw by Prince of Scots. 

This herringbone throw has a gorgeous mustard thread throughout that is matched by the mustard yellow tassels. The throw is 72” by 59”. This oversized blanket will be great for cuddling during movies and cozying up in bed. 

  • Best traditional wool gift idea. 
  • Stunning yellow and blue, two-tone herringbone.

2. Copper Stew Pot by Ballarini Servintavola

Copper Stew Pot by Ballarini Servintavola

One of the most common and traditional gifts for a 7 year anniversary is copper. Copper, in the past, was incorporated in a lot of decor and jewelry, but it has fallen out of style in recent years. So, if you want to stick to tradition without buying clunky jewelry, try this copper stew pot by Ballarini Servinatavola!

This gorgeous addition to any kitchen is the newest addition to Ballarini’s non-stick cooking line. Inspired by Italian cooking, the pot is deep and wide with sturdy, brass handles to make handling a breeze. Your partner will want to present their food directly in this stunning copper pot! 

  • Best copper gift idea. 
  • Aluminum interior for flavor retention

3. Wine Taste Expander Set

Wine Taste Expander Set

Your wine drinking lover will be head over heels for this 7 year anniversary gift – a Wild Child Wines taster set. 

This gift set is the perfect way to help your partner expand their tastes and experience while avoiding the dreaded waste of full-sized bottles of wine. This taster pack comes with 8 non-traditional wines in small bottles. Each bottle has enough wine for you and your partner to both get a small glass, which is perfect for taste testing! From Sauvignons to Chiantis, there is something unique in every bottle.

  • Best gift for wine drinkers. 
  • Easily stock up for multiple date nights to come!

4. Dinnerware Set by Corelle

Dinnerware Set by Corelle

This year, add to your fine dishes collection by gifting your partner this stunning Dinnerware set by Corelle. 

Nice dishes are one of those items that people ogle in the stores, but have a hard time making the leap to buy. Show your partner that they are worth the finer things. This set has 16 pieces ranging from coffee mugs to full sized dinner plates. The delicate decor on the plates is sure to impress guests every time. The best part about this gift idea? Corelle utilizes unique anti-chip, anti-break material on their dishes! 

  • Best gift idea for entertainers 
  • Plates and bowls designed to stack compactly.

5. Waterproof Briefcase by Horizn Studios

Gion Briefcase

For your 7 year anniversary, celebrate your partner’s professional accomplishments with this black, waterproof briefcase by Horizn Studios. 

This lightweight bag can hold up to a 15” laptop and an A4 document folder with ease! The waterproof material makes it perfect for traveling or use in the office. Coffee spills are no longer a danger when your partner is using this bag! The unique, UV proof material is perfect for anyone leaving their items in the sun for extended periods of time. 

  • Best gift idea for business professionals. 
  • Separate compartments keep items separate and safe. 

6. Custom Chocolate Box by Ethel M

Custom Chocolate Box by Ethel M

Looking for a gift to satisfy your chocolate loving spouse? Create a custom chocolate box with delicious treats by Ethel M. 

Choose up to 8 varieties of chocolates to fill in the 40 slots of this large gift box. There are 30 varieties of chocolates to choose from – categorized by their filling (nuts, satin creme, fruit, nougat, etc.). The chocolates come in a stunning, copper box, which is especially fitting for 7 year anniversary gifts because copper is a traditional gifting item for the occasion. 

  • Best gift idea for chocolate lovers. 
  • Can choose to purchase as a subscription or one time gift.

7. Prospex Collection Watch by Seiko

Prospex Collection Watch by Seiko

Want to get your partner a new watch for your 7 year anniversary? Check out the handsome Prospex Collection by Seiko. 

These watches come in a variety of colors and designs, but they all have one thing in common – they make an impression on whoever wears them. These automatic/solar watches don’t require pesky battery changes and maintain their accuracy for extended periods of time. The Diver variations of watches are even waterproof up to impressive depths, making them perfect for outdoorsmen!

  • Widest selection of great watch gifts. 
  • Available in automatic and solar powered options.

8. Colognise by Nishane

Colognise by Nishane

Looking to gift your partner their new signature scent? Colognise by Nishane is a great choice!

This unisex scent is gental yet bold – light yet daring. The citrusy scent is perfect for daytime events and wears well into the night. Your partner will be drooling over the yummy lemon notes and accompanying jasmine and bergamot tones. This cologne is destined to become their new favorite scent!

  • Best cologne/perfume gift option. 
  • Comes in a stunning bottle with an embossed, golden label.

9. Logan RFID Zip Wallet

Logan RFID Zip Wallet

The Logan zip around clutch by Fossil is a perfect gift for any partner! If you are at a total loss for what to get, this might be the answer to your prayers. 

The wallet comes in a variety of colors and a removable wrist strap. The options make it easy to adjust the wallet to your partner’s preferences. The RFID protection keeps your partner’s credit and debit cards from being remotely scanned by thieves. They will be thrilled to carry around their new, gorgeous, safe wallet!

  • Best general gift idea for 7 year anniversaries. 
  • 12 credit card slots, 1 zipper pocket, 2 bill compartments, 3 gusseted pockets.

10. Gigantor Rocker by Best Home Furnishings

Does your partner work hard? Offer them a place to relax at the end of the day with the Gigantor Beast Rocker by Best Home Furnishings. 

This oversized easy chair offers a soft nest in which to retreat. The thick foam interior offers long-lasting softness and comfort. The recliner is controlled by an easy-pull lever, which means you don’t have to leave the chair near an outlet; it can go wherever you need it! The neutral grey coloring matches with all existing décor and is easy to clean. Your partner will feel like pampered royalty in their Gigantor Rocker! 

  • Best furniture gift idea. 
  • Removable back for easy set up and moving.

11. Maui Vacation 

Maui Vacation

For your 7 year anniversary, try taking a dream vacation that will help you reset into that honeymoon phase. We recommend the all inclusive Montage Kapalua Bay Resort. 

This resort is so beautiful and filled with amenities that you may choose to stay at the hotel for the entire vacation! There are pools, hot tubs, a coffee shop, a restaurant, a convenience store, 24-hour room service, and so much more! You and your spouse will get the most luxurious introduction to the beauties of Maui. It is a trip you will never forget! 

  • Best vacation gift idea. 
  • Resort is a short walk from the beach. 

12. Recovery Legs Wraps by Spryng

Recovery Legs Wraps by Spryng

If your partner is a runner, you don’t want to overlook this 7 year anniversary gift idea! The Recovery Leg Wraps by Spryng offer an intense recovery massage, applied directly to the calves. 

No need to take time out of their schedule for a massage or soak. Your partner can strap on their recovery wraps while they work, enjoy some television, or anything in between. The wraps use pneumatic pumps to provide a deep tissue massage that helps eliminate tightness and soreness with ease. 

  • Best gift idea for athletes. 
  • Available in two colors – black and grey.

13. Onyx and Diamond ring by Gabriel & Co. 

Onyx and Diamond ring by Gabriel & Co

Onyx is the traditional stone for your 7 year anniversary celebration, so gift it in a way that enhances the true beauty of the stone. 

This Onyx and Diamond ring by Gabriel & Co. does exactly that!

This sterling silver ring acts as a perfect backdrop to this ovular onyx stone. On each side is a single diamond, which helps to draw the eye. Your partner won’t know what to say when they open this jaw dropping beauty. The best part is this ring looks like it’s worth thousands of dollars, but the price tag is far more reasonable! 

  • Best onyx gift idea. 
  • Available from sizes 3 to 10.

14. Build a Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace

Start a gifting tradition with the buildable pearl necklace by The Pearl Source. Star with 1 – 3 pearls of your choice, and each year (or as often as they’d like) you can choose a new pearl to add to the strand. 

The necklace’s unique, detachable chain unscrews from the clasp to allow the pearls to be added, removed, and rearranged easily. Pearls come in a wide range of colors and sizes, so the final necklace will be a truly one of a kind piece of art. 

  • Our favorite long-term gift idea. 
  • Colors ranging from traditional white to dark black.

15. Smart Sound Speaker by Sonos

Sonos One Speaker

Sonos has unique speakers and sound system options for everyone, and the One speaker is no exception. The speaker is voice activated and can fill a room with clear, booming sound. 

If your spouse is a music lover, this is an especially great gift! They can easily control the speaker with their voice, which makes switching through songs a hands-free experience. Despite the large sound, the speaker is surprisingly compact. It can fit easily in any room with ease. Your partner will adore their One speaker and may give headphones the permanent boot! 

  • Best gift idea for music lovers. 
  • Humidity resistant – bathroom and kitchen safe!

16. Couple’s Birthstone Necklace

Couple’s Birthstone Necklace From Things Remembered

For a truly romantic gift, consider this birthstone couple’s necklace by Things Remembered. The sterling silver heart is filled with two heart shaped gemstones. Choose from a wide range of stone options. 

Most gifters choose the birthstones of them and their partner, but other ideas are to choose favorite colors, colors that match your partners wardrobe, your partners favorite gems, or the gemstones of your children. The customization options make this a really special gift idea. 

  • Best customizable gift idea. 
  • Standout jewelry piece at a reasonable price.

Tips for Picking Out the Best 7th Anniversary Wedding Gift

  • Get Lucky! – The number 7 is considered a lucky number, although, we’d argue that making it to your 7th wedding anniversary is more a testament to hard word, commitment, and love. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with tying in something about luck with the gift you purchase or in the card you write.
  • Embrace the Traditions – Even if you’re not crazy about traditions and what the “historical” gift that people give is, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your spouse isn’t. And even if they really aren’t, there’s still nothing wrong with buying into the hype and getting a 7th anniversary gift that is traditional or modern traditional. Is this necessary? Absolutely not. Is it fun? We think so. It also sets the tone for you to check out the next anniversary traditions, as there are unique ones for every year.
  • Functional is Fine – When you were dating in your early years of the relationship, gifts were always about romance, surprise, and excitement. Are gifts like that okay after 7 years of marriage? Of course! However, there is also nothing wrong with getting something that’s going to be functional for the house or the family as well. Don’t feel like you have to keep up with the Jones’ when you buy a gift. If you decide that your money is better spent getting a gift for both of you that helps the family, go for it!
  • Stick to the Budget – Yea, it’s no fun to talk about budgets, but you didn’t make it 2,555 days of marriage (that’s 7 years) without being fiscally responsible. If you have the extra money to splurge, go for it. If things are tight, there are plenty of affordable 7th anniversary wedding gifts that your husband or wife would absolutely love.

Unusual Symbolic Anniversary Gifts for Seven Years

Do you wonder why some anniversary symbols have stood the test of time?

Look at the list of 7 year anniversary gifts, and they might seem a little crazy to you. Symbolism isn’t always immediately apparent, but you’ll get the aha moment with seven-year themes in a moment.

Enduring Love, Friendship, and Happiness

In this case, copper stands for flexibility, durability, love, and protection. Wool or woolen is even more straightforward with visions of warmth and comfort. These types of representations make gift-giving more challenging but also get your creative juices flowing.

Onyx makes it easier to buy a gift for him, as it’s a popular gem used in men’s jewelry. The symbolism translates to any anniversary, though, as onyx is all about creating happiness. As freesia represents friendship and solidarity, you’re covering all bases with 7 year anniversary gifts.

Is Travel Out of the Question for Your 7th Anniversary?

If you plan to stick close to home, then we’ve got one more idea that’ll shake things up. When you think about copper or wool as anniversary themes, what do they bring to mind? How about jewelry-making, knitting, and other DIY projects? No, we’re not suggesting that the two of you sit home and knit together. But, if that’s your thing, go for it!

Copper and Cocktails?

Instead, we’re recommending that you consider an unusual anniversary get-together with some family and friends that combine crafts and cocktails.

You can get together, reminisce, and show off your mad arts and crafts skills. It’s something unexpected and unusual that’ll be fun for everyone, and copper jewelry fits the bill.

These “adult arts and crafts” experiences are popping up all across the U.S. A few of the popular ones include:

It’s a Wrap on the 7 Year Anniversary Guide

We’ve got you covered on the 7th anniversary front with symbols, gifts, and taking your celebration on the road. But, hey, it’s only 364 days until the big eight.

So, be sure to bookmark our anniversary section, and you’ll always have a go-to for inspiration.