50 Year Anniversary Gifts

When you hit your 40th anniversary and beyond, there’s no question about the theme, as modern and traditional gifts are the same. So, if you’re celebrating your 50 year anniversary or you’re buying a present for a couple who is, then go for the gold.

Our 50 year anniversary guide is going to help you do just that and more. We’ve got party ideas, symbols of the golden celebration, and how U.S. Presidents play a role in commemorating a couple’s 50th. And, of course, we’ve got the list of the best 50th anniversary wedding gifts to help you shop like a champ.

In This Guide:

50 Year Anniversary Facts

  • Anniversary Stone/Material: Golden Jubilee – an alternative of Imperial (or Golden) Topaz
  • Anniversary Flower: Yellow Roses or Violets
  • Modern U.S. Gift: Gold
  • Traditional U.S. Gift: Gold
  • Traditional U.K. Gift: Gold
Senior couple together holding hands on the street

Best 50th Anniversary Gifts

1. Stunning Skeletons Watch Set

Skeletons Set with Signature Pen and Stud Earrings

One of the best gift options for your 50 year anniversary is a set of matching skeleton watches by Stuhrling. The open style allows you to see deep into the makings of the watch for an interesting look. The set comes with a his and hers watch, making it a truly precious gift!

The larger watch is all black and gold, while the smaller, more feminine watch has rose gold accents. The set also comes with a signature pen and a pair of stud earrings. 

  • Best gift for both you and your partner. 
  • The bold style stands out no matter the outfit. 
  • The accompanying accessories make the gift more special.

2. Rose of No Man’s Land by Byredo

Rose of No Man’s Land Perfume Gift

For your 50 year anniversary, give your partner a gift that is as sumptuous and amazing as your time together. Byredo’s Rose of No Man’s Land is a scent that pays homage to the nurses who fought on the frontline of WWI. It is an old school scent of turkish rose petals and pink peppercorns that creates an alluring aroma perfect for all wearers. 

The bottle is a bit vintage and absolutely stunning, making it perfect for bottle collectors. 

  • Best perfume/cologne gift choice. 
  • Subtly floral with spicy earth notes underlying. 
  • Great for men and women.

3. Artistic Maps by GrafoMap

Grafo Map Image

Do you want a custom piece of art that shows that you care and that you remember important details about your relationship? Then an art piece by GrafoMap is the right choice for you. You’ve been to so many places in your 50 years together, and some of them may be hard to remember in detail. 

Choose a place your love will enjoy remembering and create an artistic map of that location. 

These are completely customizable and look gorgeous on any wall of your home! 

  • Best gift to immortalize memories. 
  • A great art piece for your partner’s home or office. 
  • A wonderful and affordable gift option.

4. Gravity Weighted Cooling Blanket

Girl in bed with blanket

If your partner has trouble sleeping comfortably, consider this gravity weighted cooling blanket from Brookstone. It is available in a variety of weights and works to relax the user through gentle compression while cooling them with moisture wicking, revolutionary fabric. 

The queen-sized blanket is perfect for bedtime use or for use in a recliner. Your partner will get the best sleep they’ve had in years! 

  • Most thoughtful 50 year anniversary gift.
  • Great for anyone suffering from hot flashes or temperature dysphoria. 
  • Helps relax those with sleep-disrupting anxiety.

5. H6 65l Check-in-Luggage

H6 65l Check-in-Luggage

Your partner has likely been traveling for many years and knows how frustrating it can be dealing with poor quality luggage. They will never have to worry again thanks to the durable, spacious H6 65I by Horizn! 

This bag has all the top amenities (adjustable handle, strong 360-swivel wheels, hard shell, built-in compression pad, etc.) and comes with a pre-installed lock! Your love will wonder why they haven’t been using their H6 65I all along!

  • Best 50 year anniversary gift for frequent travelers. 
  • The perfect suitcase for any length of travel. 
  • Made from recycled materials.

6. Filet Mignon Dinner for Two

Harry and David Filet Mignon

When is the last time you’ve made your partner a delicious dinner? Your 50th anniversary is the perfect time to break out the apron and surprise them with something delectable. Harry and David can help! This Filet Mignon dinner for two is delivered directly to your door and requires minimal preparation before it is table ready. 

You and your love will enjoy two bacon-wrapped filets mignon, gruyere and garlic mashed potatoes, black truffle green beans, 36 pastry appetizers, and a decadent chocolate cake for dessert.

They will be blown away with this feast fit for a king and queen!

  • Best at home dinner idea for your 50 year anniversary. 
  • Easy for those who aren’t great cooks. 
  • Comes with everything you need minus drinks.

7. Petite Gold and Diamond Bracelet 

Petite Gold and Diamond Bracelet

Gold is a traditional 50th anniversary gift, and this petite gold bracelet is a great choice that fits those parameters. This gorgeous gold band is adorned with over 100 petite diamonds for a shimmering look that doesn’t overwhelm. 

This bracelet looks great on its own or accompanied by other jewelry, which makes it easy to dress up and down. If your partner loves beautiful jewelry, then this bracelet is set to impress. 

  • Best traditional 50th anniversary gift. 
  • Perfect for an understated but dazzling look. 
  • Can be paired with other bracelets for more drama.

8. Rio Phone Crossbody Wallet 

Rio Phone Crossbody Wallet

It is important to always have our phones on us in the modern age, but remembering our phones can be a bit of a hassle. That’s why this phone crossbody wallet by Rio is such a great gift choice. 

Not only is the wallet attractive, but it holds your partner’s phone, ID, cards, and money in a single, easily accessed place. No digging through an oversized purse or trying to find outfits with big enough pockets for everything. 

This wallet is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to keep their phone safe and by their side at all times. 

  • Best accessory gift for 50th anniversaries. 
  • Comes in three shades of eco leather. 
  • Fits all phone sizes up to iPhone11 and Galaxy11.

9. Citrine Drop Earrings

Citrine Drop Earrings

Golden jewelry and diamonds are a huge hit when it comes to 50th anniversary gifts. However, golden diamonds are not so easy to come by. If you are looking for a stunning piece of traditional jewelry without endlessly searching for a rare diamond, consider these citrine earrings by Gabriel & Co. 

The bold, golden citrine sits in a textured silver droplet. The earring backs are hooked, so no backers are needed, which makes the earrings simple to put on despite hand mobility. The color is truly stunning and sure to catch your partner’s eye. 

  • Best earrings to give as a 50th anniversary gift. 
  • A great alternative to golden and yellow diamonds. 
  • Easy to wear thanks to there being no small backers on the earrings. 

10. Staub Ceramic Stoneware Set

Staub Ceramic Stoneware Set

After 50 years, you may start considering what wonderful things you own that you could pass down to other generations. If your partner loves to cook, then they will enjoy using and passing down these gorgeous ceramic stoneware pieces by Staub. 

Available in white, blue, and red, these dishes are great for casseroles, lasagnas, pies, and so much more. All baked dinners and desserts seem to taste better in these Staub dishes! Your spouse will fall head over heels for these pieces and you may get a delicious dinner as a way to say “thank you!”

  • Best 50th anniversary gift for bakers. 
  • Smooth finish on the bottom protects your tabletops. 
  • Glazed finish doesn’t absorb moisture, which makes for easy cleaning.

11. Mother of Pearl Flower Earrings

Mother of Pearl Flower Earrings

Another earring option for your love are these understated mother of pearl flowers by The Pearl Source. We know that not everyone likes flashy jewelry, which is why these are such a hit. 

The delicately-carved flowers are centered by a tiny pearl. The iridescent sheen of the petals is mesmerizing without being gaudy. Your spouse will love that they will look beautiful in these earrings without drawing attention to themselves. 

  • Best subtle jewelry gift for 50th anniversaries. 
  • Base of the earrings is strong, sterling silver. 
  • The flowers are 7mm.

12. Sunny Florida Vacation

Florida beach and lighthouse

Do you want to spend your 50th anniversary in relaxation and luxury? Consider a resort vacation to sunny Florida! 

The Silver Lake resort is near all of Orlando’s greatest attractions and includes amenities including pools, hot tubs, and laundry service. You and your spouse may never want to leave after basking in the warm Florida sun and enjoying some of the best entertainment and food the state has to offer!

  • Best vacation gift for 50th anniversaries.
  • A great vacation idea for those who hate the cold. 
  • A truly memorable gift.

13. Theater Entertainment Set

Sonos Theater Entertainment Set

Does your partner love watching tv and movies? This theater entertainment set by Sonos may be the gift of their dreams! 

The Sonos entertainment set offers completely immersive sound with their Arc and Gen3 Sub speakers. They can be controlled remotely through an integrated app and creates a theater-like experience without the frustrating buzz created by other speakers. 

The speakers are Wi-Fi connected, so don’t worry about ugly cords being strewn across your living room! 

  • Best 50th anniversary gift for movie lovers. 
  • A great way to improve the sound quality of your home entertainment system. 
  • Easy to set up and control from your mobile phone.

14. 10 Quart Air Fryer

10 Quart Air Fryer

Are you and your spouse trying to eat healthier without compromising on the texture and taste of your food, then this air fryer by Instant is the perfect addition to your kitchen. 

Your partner will love getting this frying alternative! They can fry, bake, and rotisserie in the 10 quart basin without worrying about all that extra fat that comes from traditional cooking methods. This 9-in-1 device will take your and your partners dinners to the next level and improve your long-term diet! 

  • Best 50th anniversary gift for home chefs. 
  • A great way to eat healthier without compromising flavor. 
  • Fat collects in the bottom of the fryer for easy cleanup.

15. Silver Solar Wind Chime

Silver Wind Chime Solar

Windchimes are beautiful, but hard to enjoy in the evening when the weather has begun to cool. Sure, you can still hear their tinkling sound, but watching the dancing chimes is part of the allure. 

If your partner likes outdoor décor, they’ll love the Silver Solar Wind Chime. This solar powered outdoor light/ wind chime creates a soft glow to help you enjoy your outdoor space as the sun fades. Then, you can watch the beautiful movement of the chime deep into the evening. 

  • Best outdoor decor gift for 50th anniversaries. 
  • Tuned to a romantic Balinese scale.
  • Turns on automatically as the sun goes down.

16. AcuRite Weather Station

AcuRite Weather Station

Does your spouse love being outdoors but hate being surprised by bad weather? Get them the AcuRite weather station! 

This handy tool can show changes in wind speed, temperature, and humidity quickly. The station is placed in your home and measures both indoor and outdoor temperature. It uses self-calibrating technology to ensure that your weather report is always as accurate as possible. 

Never let your spouse get caught fishing in the rain again! 

  • Best sports and outdoors gift for 50th anniversaries. 
  • Easy to set up and use. 
  • Large screen that is easy to navigate and read.

50 Year Anniversary Gift Traditions

You might not remember that the theme for the 5th year of marriage is wood, or crystal represents the 15th. But even singles know that gold is symbolic of the 50 year anniversary celebration. It doesn’t matter if you live in Germany, Russia, Spain, France, Italy, England, or the United States.

Golden wreaths

The tradition started hundreds of years ago during the Holy Roman Empire, although stories conflict slightly. Some documents point toward husbands gifting their wives with golden wreaths to mark the significant milestone. Other accounts mention neighbors presenting the bride with a silver wreath on the 25th anniversary and gold for the 50 year anniversary.

Regardless of who did the gift-giving, the gold wreath is consistent and holds up today.

While some anniversaries put a modern twist on conventional themes with other materials and inspiration, nothing replaces gold for the 50th. The golden premise also extends to the official gemstone and flower, which is the yellow rose.

Alternative symbols of 50 year anniversaries

You do have a little leeway with gems and floral arrangements, though. An alternative stone is the golden topaz, also known as the imperial topaz. It still fits into the general golden category, but it’s a sparkling jewel that kicks the gift up a notch. An imperial topaz within a gold setting will kill two birds with one (literal) stone.

To add a pop of color, you could opt for the alternative to the yellow rose, which is the violet. It’s the only 50 year anniversary symbol that dares to veer away from gold, gold, and more gold.

  • Yellow roses – symbolize inner light and beauty, a long and lasting friendship, and are reflective of the gold theme
  • Violets – represent faithfulness and everlasting love

You’ve got a whole wide world open to you when shopping for 50 year anniversary gifts. It’s not challenging to find something that accommodates the theme. The real task is to find the best golden gift, and that’s where we can help.

We’ve put together a 50 year anniversary gift guide with some of our personal favorites. We think you’ll like them, too!

A 50 Year Anniversary Congratulations from the White House

You can receive golden gifts, take a trip, or have a party for your 50 year anniversary. But did you know that the U.S. President is standing by to congratulate you as well?

In the United States, Presidential acknowledgments accompany the 50th, 60th, and 70th anniversaries upon request.

How do you request an anniversary card from the President?

The key to a timely acknowledgment from the White House is to plan correctly. Whether it’s for your special day or you’re requesting a card on behalf of a family member or friend, make sure you do it at least six weeks ahead of time.

1.  Gather up all of the required information

  • Name of each partner – and how each should be addressed (Mr., Dr., Ms., etc.)
  • Home address
  • Date of wedding and anniversary (include years for both)
  • Expressly state that it’s for a 50 year anniversary celebration

If you’re requesting the Presidential anniversary card for someone else, be sure to include your name and phone number. You’ll also want to add your mailing address and instructions if you want it sent to you instead of directly to the couple.

2.  Send your request to one of two places

  1. your state senator or representative – in care of “constituent services”
  2. directly to the White House – 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC 20500

Anniversary recognition around the world

The White House greeting is for U.S. citizens. However, presidents, monarchs, and other government officials worldwide are also anxious to recognize marriage longevity.

Australian and Canadian presidents have similar programs in place. Anniversary greetings come from Buckingham Palace in the U.K. but start at the 60 year celebration instead of 50.

A 50 Year Anniversary Warrants a Party

You might already have some creative ideas brewing if you’re planning a 50 year anniversary party. But if you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve got a few suggestions to get the ball rolling.

  • Go retro with a theme coinciding with the wedding – have guests dress accordingly, and don’t forget the music of the decade
  • A honeymoon for everyone – instead of an official party, gather up family members and closest friends and plan a surprise trip to where the couple honeymooned with all of you celebrating together
  • From themed party to themed gifts – give some thought to a unique gift collection for the couple’s 50 year anniversary – perhaps every guest could gift a piece of china or glassware and build a new set to commemorate the start of another 50

Anyone can use the gold theme and go wild with creative décor. But five decades deserves something special, so think outside the box for a 50 year anniversary they’ll never forget.

How Many People Reach their 50 Year Anniversary?

We won’t beat around the bush when it comes to odds of reaching the 50 year anniversary mark.

If you’re celebrating your gold, you know the road isn’t entirely paved in it. Relationships are hard work. According to the U.S. census bureau, achieving 50th anniversary status has traditionally been reserved for about 6% of marriages in the United States.

Benefits of 50

Anyone celebrating a 50 year anniversary isn’t just beating the odds but enjoying the longevity and comfort that accompanies a long-lasting relationship. Yes, it’s hard work and significant commitment. However, when you look back through five decades of marriage, chances are you’ve made a lot of happy memories together. So, the occasional bumpy ride is well worth it.

Where does that leave couples on the road to 50?

Well, we’ve got some good news to share, as the divorce rate has been steadily declining since 2011. As more couples are sticking together through good times and bad, the future should reveal that more than 6% will hit that elusive 50 year anniversary milestone.