5 Year Anniversary Gifts

Five years. Pat yourself on the back if you’ve made it to your 5 year anniversary mark. You and your spouse have made it through some of the toughest years of marriage. Now you deserve to celebrate in style.

Whether you have a small or unlimited budget, you can make a memory commemorating half a decade of life together, and that’s why we’ve put together this 5 year anniversary guide.

Traditional 5 Year Anniversary Gifts and Facts

  • Anniversary Stone: Sapphire or Pink Tourmaline
  • Anniversary Flower: Daisy
  • Modern U.S. Gift: Silverware
  • Traditional U.S. Gift: Wood
  • Traditional U.K. Gift: Wood

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5 Year Anniversary Gift

Celebrating that half-decade milestone is a great opportunity to get your loved one something special. Here are some of our favorite ideas for you to find the best 5 year anniversary gift. These gifts work great if you’ve been married for 5 years or if you’re celebrating 5 years of dating. Either way, 5 years together is special and something to be proud of.

1. Everett Three-Hand Date Black Stainless Steel Watch (Engraved)

If there is one gift out there that you can never go wrong with for a man, it’s probably a tie between cologne and a nice watch. Whether your man has style or not, he’d certainly appreciate a beautiful watch, like the Everett Three-Hand Date Black Stainless Steel Watch from Fossil.

If you’re not familiar with the craftsmanship and sleek designs of Fossil, you’re in for a treat. And if you want to jazz things up for your 5 year anniversary celebration, you can get it engraved for no extra cost through the company.

Image of an all black men's analog watch made by the company Fossil

2. Anne Klein Women’s Genuine Diamond Dial Bangle Watch

When you’re celebrating the passage of time, a time-telling piece like a watch quickly becomes a perfect gift. And if your lady loves style and you want to treat her to something special, why not check out the Anne Klein Women’s Genuine Diamond Dial Bangle Watch. It’s simple, sleek, affordable, and a fantastic way to say I love you and thank you for five amazing years.

3. Personalized Custom Cutting Board

If you’ve got a significant other who likes to cook, BBQ, or spends anytime in the kitchen—a personalized and custom cutting board just might be the perfect gift. What’s really nice about this as a 5 year anniversary gift is that it’s made of wood, which means you’re giving a nod to the traditional 5 year anniversary gift of wood. But at the same time, you’re getting something practical that will remind them on a regular basis of the special time the two of you have spent together.

Knowing how to listen is instrumental in making it to the 5 year anniversary mark. And for the loved one who loves to listen, likes music, or just needs a way to relax, the BOSE SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II are the latest and greatest in noise-cancelling headphone technology. Sure, you can get your spouse or loved one something sentimental for the celebration. However, if you get them something as practical as these amazing headphones, you’ll probably see a lot more smiles for years to come.

Image of noise cancelling headphones in black color, made by the manufacturer Bose.

5. Anniversary Star Map – Custom by Date

Okay, this one is really cool. If you’re looking for a unique 5 year anniversary gift you can hang in your house, she-shed, office, garage, or man cave—look no further. The anniversary star map is a beautiful framed constellation map of the stars showing what the sky looked like on the day you met, got married, or any other important anniversary you want to remember. This is an incredibly affordable, unique, and interesting gift to give for your upcoming anniversary celebration. The sentimental value alone makes it the ideal 5 year anniversary gift.

Image of person holding up a wooden framed picture of a Star Map. The map of stars has been personalized with the first names of a couple along with the date and location of their wedding day.

6. Traeger Grill Pro Series 22 Pellet Grill

Nothing says I love you and thank you for five great years of marriage like a Traeger grill. If your sweetheart loves to grill, entertain, or just likes great food—the Traegar Grill Pro Series 22 Pellet Grill is the missing link to an elevated experience. If you want your spouse to have the best of the best and be at the pinnacle of their grilling game, you can’t go wrong with this gift.

In addition to being an incredible 5 year anniversary gift, this grill runs on wood pellets. This is a great nod to traditional U.S. wood anniversary gifts with a more practical everyday application.

Image of a Trager brand wood pellet powered smoker grill.

7. 14K White Gold Pink Tourmaline and Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace

When it comes to your 5 year anniversary, we all know diamonds are a girls best friend. For a 5 year anniversary gift which really dazzles, pink tourmaline is the way to go. This stone is the traditional stone of this anniversary year. Pair that with diamonds, and you have a winning, slam-dunk combination.

This gorgeous necklace has a total diamond weight of 0.08 carats, and comes with a lifetime warranty for any manufacturing defects. The center, circular-shaped pink tourmaline stone represents an endless love. This necklace was specifically designed as a 5 year anniversary gift.

8. TerraFlame Geo Fire Bowl

When searching for a cool, or hot, 5 year anniversary gift, search no further than this TerraFlame Geo Fire Bowl! This multi-purpose gift can be used for entertaining, or even for those chilly nights when you want to sit outside but not have the major commitment of an outdoor chimney or giant fire pit. You can even use this for a fun stay-at-home s’mores date night with your sweetie for many years to come. Let your spouse know how much they ignite your fire with this unique 5 year anniversary gift.

Image of a small, outdoor tabletop bowl made from cast concrete. It is used as a fire bowl for outdoor purposes.

9. 3ct White Gold Petite Bracelet

This is one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry we’ve seen in a long time. And you know what, we bet your wife is going to think the same thing. The 3ct White Gold Petite Bracelet from Clean Origins is the perfect piece of jewelry that matches just about any style pallet. 100% ethical. 100% real. 100% quality. If you’re looking for someone to tell you what the perfect 5 year anniversary gift for her is—it’s this one.

Image of a woman's silver tennis bracelet with three carats of diamonds going around the entire length of the band.

10. Bellasera Black Stainless Steel 20-pc Flatware Set

The modern U.S. 5 year anniversary gift is silverware, but who said your silverware has to be silver? This modern, stylish and sleek black flatware set from Zwilling is the perfect way to say “I love you” for many years to come. Zwilling is best known for their outstanding J.A Henckels line of long-lasting and trusted cutlery.

Not only is this a beautiful anniversary gift, it is very practical as well. Made from extremely durable, top of the line 18/10 stainless steel, this flatware will not disappoint. One of the coolest features is the impressive standing knife design which will surely have your guests talking.

11. CrazyCap Self-Cleaning Bottle with UV-C water Purifier 17oz

This stylish water bottle packs a big punch making it the perfect 5 year anniversary gift. Everyone needs to drink water, however sometimes you are in situations where clean drinking water is not available. The CrazyCap Self-Cleaning water bottle is able to clean water to make it drinkable wherever you are, at home, out hiking, and on the go.

It utilizes a patented UV LED light sterilization technology which makes water potable. This water bottle is vacuum insulated and made of high quality 304 stainless steel. With it’s teakwood finish, this water bottle is a great 5 year anniversary gift for your spouse.

12. Gold Dipped Rose, Sinvitron Long Stem 24k Gold Dipped Real Rose

Looking like it’s plucked straight out of Beauty and the Beast, the Sinvitron Long Stem 24k Gold Dipped Real Rose is one of the most unique 5 year anniversary gift ideas on our list. It’s a real rose that’s preserved within a dip of real 24k gold. It comes with a great gift box for presentation, as well as a stand so your wife can display this anniversary gift for all to see. This is a must-check-out when shopping for the perfect anniversary gift idea.

13. Koble Frio Portable LED Speaker Ice Bucket

When it comes to finding a unique 5 year anniversary gift for your loved one, this is it! Perfect for entertaining at the beach, at home by the pool, in your man cave, or anywhere your heart desires. Keep your drinks cold and the party going with this amazing gift. In addition to the obvious features, this LED speaker ice bucket also has fun built-in color-changing lights which will surely impress. This 5 year anniversary gift says “let’s party!”

14. Wiley Saddle Bag from Fossil

Does your significant other need a new bag that’s stylish, functional, and a perfect gift for an anniversary? If she does, you may want to check out the Wiley Saddle Bag from Fossil. This bag brings style, durability, and class centerstage without breaking the bank.

Image containing multiple angled shots of a woman's brown leather handbag made in the saddle style design.

15. Eva Solo SmartMat in Oak

For that special person in your life who loves to test out new recipes in the kitchen, this is the 5 year anniversary gift for them! This unique smart stand features different sized grooves to prop up your phone or tablet at different angles while you cook. Once you’re done cooking, this Eva Solo Oak Smart Mat doubles as a trivet to hold your hot dishes.

Another great nod to wood anniversary gifts you can give to your spouse to celebrate your 5 year anniversary, as well as being a practical gift for their love of cooking.

16. Kate Sade New York Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Mini Backpack

Searching for the perfect 5 year anniversary gift for the special someone who loves Disney? Then this adorable, and classy, mini backpack from Kate Spade New York is just the thing! Give your spouse the wedding anniversary gift that allows her to celebrate Disney’s Minnie Mouse everyday!

This bag comes with multiple zip compartments allowing you to carry all of your essentials. This bag is part of the Love My Dots Collection by Kate Spade created exclusively for World Disney World Resorts. It comes with adjustable straps and has a beautiful floral jacquard pattern interior lining.

17. Men’s Ray Ban 3025 58mm Aviator Sunglasses

There is nothing sexier than a man in aviator style sunglasses, which makes this the perfect 5 year anniversary gift idea for your sweetie. Sunglasses are a must-have necessity for anyone, and Ray-Ban has been making top notch, Top Gun-style sunny shades since 1936. These iconic sunglasses are bound to be a huge hit for many years to come.

18. Women’s Gucci GG 0854SK 003 Round Oval Sunglasses

We can’t forget the ladies when it comes to protecting those gorgeous eyes! These timeless, Italian-made sunglasses are sure to be a crowd pleaser for your 5 year anniversary gift. Gucci has been the pinnacle of high-end fashion and style for over 100 years, and these frames sport the iconic and instantly recognizable double G logo known worldwide. Give her the wedding anniversary gift that will make her fall in love with you more and more everyday.

19. Chicago Steak Company Gourmet Gift Assortment

Looking for the perfect 5 year anniversary gift idea for the person who loves to cook or grill out? Grab them this amazing assortment from the Chicago Steak Company for an anniversary gift that’s sure to please. This gift assortment includes a selection of premium angus beef, burgers and chicken. Since 1865, Chicago has been the place where the highest quality American meats have been sourced, and this gift is nothing but the best for your loved one.

Additional 5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Additional 5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Do I have to buy a traditional 5 year wedding anniversary gift?

While magazine articles and even some of your friends might try and tell you that you MUST follow tradition, they’re wrong. Can you buy your wife or husband a traditional anniversary gift? Of course. But if you don’t think they’re really going to like it (or appreciate the tradition), don’t waste your money.

We guarantee that they’d be much happier celebrating this relationship milestone with a gift that fits them. If you already have plenty of silverware, why buy more? Unless you’re getting something personalized and they’re in love with tradition—maybe look into a different gift option.

> See Traditional Anniversary Spoon Options on Amazon

Tip: You can get an inexpensive anniversary spoon to go with another gift if you want to have “the best of both worlds.”

Tips For Picking Out and Buying the Best 5 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

  • Plan ahead. – Do your best to start shopping a while ahead of time so you can settle on the perfect gift. If it’s last minute now, though, don’t panic. Many of the 5 year anniversary gifts we’ve suggested can get shipped and delivered really quickly.
  • Buy for them, not for you. – Don’t pull the classic Homer Simpson where he bought Marge a bowling ball with his name on it for their anniversary. Get a gift that is going to be special to your significant other, even if it’s not something that you necessarily like. If you can find something that you both can enjoy, great. But if not, make sure it favors them.
  • It’s about quality, not the dollar amount. – Can you spend a lot of money on a 5 year wedding anniversary? Sure! Chances are good that your husband or wife will appreciate the gift. That being said, you don’t have to spend a bunch. In fact, if fiscal responsibility is a big tenant of your relationship, choose one of the less expensive but thoughtful 5 year gifts we’ve recommended.
  • Consider a gift that keeps on giving. – If you notice, we suggested a lot of 5 year anniversary gifts that are subscriptions or repeat type gifts. What’s awesome about these gifts is they’re less expensive (like the bigger one-time purchases), but they keep giving over and over. And if you both enjoy something like say wine or beer, you can enjoy them together for months or years to come.

5 Questions to Help Find the Perfect Gift

We want to help you try and find the best gift possible to celebrate. But there is no perfect gift that works for everyone! It’s important that you figure a few things out and answer a few questions to help in the process. Here are 10 questions to help.

  1. What is your budget? While it’s not all about money, you need to know how much you’re comfortable spending. Don’t spend too much and sour a great gift by putting yourself in a hard spot. On the same note, spend enough (that’s within your budget) to commemorate the dat properly.
  2. What gifts have you given in the past? Think about everything you’ve given on earlier anniversaries and birthdays. What did they like? What didn’t they like? What do they still use or wear?
  3. Do they prefer one “big” gift or several smaller gifts? Every man and woman is different.
  4. What do they like? Try and think outside the box and remember things they mentioned liking. Even if they didn’t say anything, how do they spend their time? What captivates them? What gets them excited or passionate? Take some time on this one if you need to.
  5. How long do you have to get the gift? If you’re still weeks or months out, you’ve got no limitation here. However, if your 5 year anniversary is coming up quickly, you’ll need to make sure you have something you can get fast. And if it’s literally tomorrow or even today, look for a digital gift to save the day.

History of Traditional 5 Year Anniversary Gifts

Wood, silverware, and daisies – where are you going with those 5 year anniversary gifts?

Well, actually, when you sit back and think about it, the traditions are more helpful than they might appear at first. Plus, let’s not forget that you’ve got sapphires and pink tourmaline 5th year anniversary gemstones to consider as well.

We’ve got plenty of 5 year anniversary gifts to stretch the imagination and make shopping so much easier for you. But you might want to know the significance of the 5th anniversary symbols to embrace the romance further.

Wooden gifts for five year anniversaries

If you’re just scanning a list of anniversary symbols and see wood, you might not give it much credence. It’s like paper for the 1 year anniversary; they can be head-scratchers until you sit back and give it some thought.

Whereas paper represents a blank canvas for your years to come, wood is solid. It’s a strong foundation, like the one you and your spouse have built for the past five years. You’ve got a lot of wiggle room with wooden gift ideas, and we’ve got plenty of suggestions so you can really get those creative juices flowing.

Romance behind a single spoon

Did you know that wooden spoons are a symbol of love and romance in Wales?

The Welsh tradition of love spoons dates back to the 1600s. At the time, the men would carve one-of-a-kind creations for their true love. The spoon was then presented to the young woman in the same way engagement rings are offered today. If she said yes to the spoon, she said yes to marriage.

These days, Welsh spoons play dual roles, as they go beyond a token of engagement to a celebration of marriage. As the 5 year anniversary covers wood and silverware, you get a touch of the old and the new (and the unusual).

Symbolism within the Welsh love spoons

Each spoon is intricately designed, and, like Celtic knots, the patterns have meaning.

Lock = the promise of a new home

Anchor = solid and steadfast in love

Seeds in a cage = how many children the future holds

They’re customizable, though, so you can come up with your own “spoon meaning.”

Beyond spooning for a 5th anniversary celebration

If you checked out the traditional 5 year anniversary symbols, you might have noticed that silverware is a modern or contemporary gift.

It’s odd, though, because silverware as anniversary gifts dates back to the 19th century. At the time, husbands gifted their wives with forks, knives, and spoons. Why? Because her place is in the kitchen. So, it’s probably not the best idea to use that symbolism today.

However, there’s a new interpretation, as silverware is a symbol of purity and strength. The daisy, which is the 5th anniversary flower, also represents purity and loyalty. So, you can see how everything is intertwined at the five-year mark.

How are sapphires connected to 5 year anniversaries?

As you probably know, anniversary traditions cover classic gifts, flowers, and gems. The sapphire is the 5th anniversary stone, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the deep blue color that’s most familiar.

A few notable things about sapphires

  • They’re used to represent both the 5th and 45th anniversary
  • Signifies an everlasting bond with each other
  • The second most popular gem next to the diamond
  • Sapphires come in colors beyond blue
  • Pink sapphires are the rarest and are sometimes given instead of pink diamonds
  • The pink sapphire stands for romance – perfect for a 5 year anniversary celebration

How Many People Reach the 5 Year Anniversary Milestone?

Would you be surprised to find out that more than 90% of couples make it to the 5th year without a divorce attorney?

So many people talk about a 50% divorce rate, but that’s not the case. It’s more like a 40% divorce rate, with 20% within the first ten years and half of those by five.

A decade ago, the U.S. Census Bureau compiled data based on five-year milestones, starting with the 5th anniversary. Back in the early 60s, 94% of couples made it past five years and beyond.

Now you might be thinking that a drop to the current 90% pre-five years divorce rate is significant. However, that number was even less (88% in the early 1970s). That translates to good news as divorce rates have been steadily declining in the 21st century. Just from 2018 to 2019 alone, divorces dropped by 4.48%!

So, if you’re shopping for 5 year anniversary gifts, you’ll want to be proactive because there are plenty of other couples in the same boat.

FAQs – 5 Year Anniversaries

Do I have to give my friend a gift celebrating their 5th anniversary?

There’s no definitive answer when it comes to gifts for fifth anniversaries or any for that matter. It depends on the situation and your relationship. At least in the United States, the consensus is that anniversary gift-giving is an exchange between the two people in the relationship.

However, you’ll find that some parents tend to participate in their children’s anniversary celebrations and vice versa. For the most part, if you’re unsure, a simple Happy Anniversary or a card will suffice. But, if there’s a party, then you wouldn’t want to attend empty-handed.

Is there something special about a 5 year anniversary?

Every year of marriage should be celebrated, but the five-year marks are the most notable. You’ll find that most couples step up their gift-giving game on the 5th, 10th, 15th, etc.

In the early 20th century, anniversaries were primarily recognized every five years. But in 1937, the American National Retail Jeweler Association released a list covering every year until the 25th. That “something for every year” list stands today. Then, after the silver anniversary, it’s an every five-year thing.