45 Year Anniversary Gifts

Wow, 45 years of marriage! Such an incredibly inspiring and impressive feat is not one that people reach that often. To memorialize the major milestone, why not find the perfect 45th wedding anniversary gift for your wife, husband, or that special couple in your life!

If you’re curious what the perfect gift is, how much you should spend, or if you should get a modern or traditional gift—you’ve come to the right spot. Throughout this guide, we’re going to answer your most common questions and share our list of the best 45th anniversary gifts that are nothing shy of perfect.

45th Anniversary Traditional and Modern Gift Facts

  • Anniversary Stone: Sapphire
  • Anniversary Flower: Blue Iris
  • Modern U.S. Gift: Sapphire
  • Traditional U.S. Gift: Sapphire
  • Traditional U.K. Gift: Sapphire

Best 45th Anniversary Wedding Gifts

1. 14K White Gold Round Sapphire and Diamond Halo Stud Earrings

White Gold Round Sapphire and Diamond Halo Stud Earrings

Blue sapphire gemstones are a customary gift for 45 year anniversaries, and these earrings are a gorgeous choice to fit that tradition. The bold stones are surrounded by shimmering diamonds in a starburst design. These are exquisite, high-quality stones that will leave your partner completely speechless! 

  • Best high-end Sapphire gift option. 
  • 8 diamonds and 1 large sapphire per stud. 18 total stones in the set. 
  • The set comes with complimentary cleanings, twice a year. 
  • The gems are set in 14K white gold.

2. Adjustable Twisted Cable Stainless Steel Bangle with Sterling Silver Sapphire Evil Eye Charm

Twisted Cable Stainless Steel Bangle

If you are looking for a traditional sapphire gift with a much more reasonable price tag, consider this adjustable cable bracelet with sapphire eye charm. The charm has a white sapphire center, surrounded by a halo of blue sapphires. The charm hangs from a stainless steel cable with a refined and textured finish you can’t ignore! 

  • Perfect sapphire gift on a budget. 
  • The charm is made up of 8 blue sapphires, 1 white sapphire, and hammered sterling silver. 
  • The style of the bangle makes it easy to adjust the size as needed. 
  • Like all Gabriel & Co jewelry, the piece comes with complimentary cleanings and warranty.

3. Palram Plant Inn Greenhouse

Palram Plant Greenhouse from Bass Pro

If you have a partner that loves to garden, this is one of the most exciting gifts you could give them! This petite green house has lifted room for all your plants and extensive lower level storage for gardening supplies, tools, and more. This greenhouse is wonderful because it can easily fit into small yards, patios, and more. No matter where you live, you can give your partner the gift of a stunning garden, year round. 

  • The best 45 year anniversary gift idea for gardeners. 
  • The greenhouse provides more than 9 square feet of growing space. 
  • The hinged doors allow easy access to the plants. 
  • The green house has deep planting bases with included drainage.

4. Women’s Courmayeur Valley Lug Sole Chelsea Boot

Women's Courmayeur Valley Lug Sole Chelsea Boot

Does your partner have an eye for fashion? Then they will love these Chelsea Boots by Timberland. The perfect blend of functionality and beauty, these boots look great on everyone and are comfortable enough to wear all day long. They come in 3 colors of responsibly sourced leather, meaning you can pick the perfect pair for your partner. 

  • The best fashion gift for 45 year anniversaries. 
  • Available up to size 10m.
  • Wedge heel for an elegant look that’s comfortable to wear. 
  • Extremely warm and comfortable cotton and wool lining.

5. Philips Automatic Pasta Maker Plus

Philips Automatic Pasta Maker Plus

After 45 years together, it may feel difficult to think of new things to learn and try. One place you can really expand your experiences is in the kitchen. This pasta maker by Philips is a perfect gift for those who want to enhance their skills and have fun in the process. It is the easiest way to make pasta from scratch and skip all the tiresome rolling and kneading! 

  • Perfect gift for pro and amateur chefs. 
  • The machine automatically mixes, kneads, and extrudes the pasta.
  • Fresh pasta can be cooked in a fraction of the time of dried pasta. 
  • Comes with four shape-discs to make popular pastas like fettuccine, spaghetti, penne, and lasagna.

6. White South Sea Pearl Lea Ring

White South Sea Pearl Lea Ring

Does your partner have a unique sense of style? It can be difficult to find the perfect piece of jewelry for those with a strong taste for fashion and design, but this pearl and white gold ring from The Pearl Source is a stunning option that anyone would love. The unique design is a delight to look at while the muted color scheme allows the ring to pair perfectly with all outfits and accompanying jewelry. 

  • Our favorite 45 year anniversary ring option. 
  • The gorgeous pearl center is 10 mm and AAA quality.
  • The ring is set in white gold and a yellow gold option is available.
  • The ring comes with a certificate of authenticity, a gift box, and a 60 day return window.

7. 2004 Richard G Peterson Brut Rose

2004 Richard G Peterson Brut Rose

Sometimes a perfect anniversary includes spending the night in with your partner and enjoying each other’s company. If that’s the case for your 45 year anniversary, we suggest pairing the evening with a stunning wine from the Wine Library. This Brut Rose is one of the finest on the market with a rating over 90 from multiple respected tasters. The wine carries the aroma of almond pastries and has tones of ripe strawberries. It is the perfect accent to your date night!

  • Best date night add on for 45 year anniversaries. 
  • Has tasting notes of ripe cherry, plum, strawberry, raspberry, and mushroom.
  • A luxurious drink option that will elevate the elegance of your evening. 
  • Produced by Dick Peterson, a staple in high end wine since the 1960s.

8. Swiss Automatic Depthmaster Heritage 883H 42mm Diver

Swiss Automatic Depthmaster Heritage 883H 42mm Diver

Watches are a traditional anniversary gift, but this isn’t just any anniversary. After 45 years, you want to be sure your gift is a real stunner. That’s why we love this Depthmaster Heritage watch by Stuhrling. The eye-catching design and gorgeous color options are amazing, but what makes this watch really special is the dive-ready 120-click unidirectional bezel. This watch can be taken into the depths and keep out water up to 200 meters. That makes it the perfect watch for those who love to fish, swim, boat, and so much more! 

  • The top 45 year anniversary watch gift option. 
  • Available in 4 watch face colors. 
  • The case back is exhibition style, meaning you can see the inner workings of the watch. 
  • The watch hands illuminate in the dark, making the watch useful in all situations.

9. Exciting Las Vegas Vacation

Las Vegas Strip

After 45 years together, you’ve likely gone on many beautiful and memorable vacations. Going halfway across the world is great, but it is also surprisingly stressful. So, for your 45 year anniversary, try a vacation that is so naturally fun, you barely have to do a thing. When you visit Las Vegas, there is something exciting to do and see around every corner. In fact, some visitors just enjoy the food and entertainment in their hotel so much they never even wander out to find other attractions. If you want a vacation you know you will enjoy, Las Vegas is the destination for you. 

  • Most fun 45 year anniversary trip idea. 
  • Hotel has a bar and restaurant on site. 
  • A short trip from all the major casinos. 
  • The hotel has 24 hour room service available.

10. Eros Flame by Versace

Eros Flame by Versace

Eros Flame is one of Versace’s most illustrious men’s fragrances. However, the years have seen it gain a popular following from all genders. The scent is crisp, spicy, and just a touch sweet. It is the perfect unisex scent that comes in the sexiest bottle. Whether your partner just loves a great perfume or enjoys collecting gorgeous bottles, Eros Flame is the perfect 45 year anniversary gift! 

  • Best 45 year anniversary gift for perfume/cologne wearers. 
  • 3.4 oz full size bottle. 
  • Comes in the traditional, stunning, red-embossed Versace bottle. 
  • Notes ranging from tangerine on the top to black pepper in the middle and cedar on the bottom.

11. Free People Nevermind Cardigan

Cider colored Nevermind Cardigan

All wardrobes need to have a few staple pieces that the owner can reach for to perfect any outfit. This cardigan by Free People is one of those staple items. The cardigan has a loose weave in a soft and supple cotton and a draping fit. Perfect for wearing to work, around the house, or out to dinner. If your partner enjoys a nice sweater, then they will fall head over heels for this comfortable Free People cardigan! 

  • A great clothing gift that looks great on everyone!
  • Available in 3 colors; cider, creme brulee, and blue butte. 
  • Available from sizes XS to XL. 
  • Sweater has an oversized fit, adding to it’s modern style.

12. Map Art Based on Your Love History

Grafo Map Image

GrafoMap is a company that helps you create stunning works of art based around the maps of the places that mean the most to you. Whether that be the specific place you met your partner, a town that holds a lot of memories, or anywhere else you choose. You start by selecting a location in the creator. You can choose how close or far from a location you want, add markers to important places, and mess with the coloration and design. The final product is a stunning print for your home that your partner will adore. 

  • Most thoughtful 45 year anniversary gift idea. 
  • The creator is incredibly simple to use, even if you aren’t great with computers. 
  • Customer service is available if you have any issues creating your art piece. 
  • You can choose to have your map printing on a variety of textiles.

13. The Gift of a New Language Skill

Rosetta Stone Logo

After 45 years, you might think there is nothing left to learn. However, studies show that those who actively work to learn new knowledge keep their minds sharper and happier longer. So, give your love the gift of new knowledge with the Rosetta Stone language learning software. You can choose from 25 languages and set up a program length and style that is best for your love. You could even learn a language together to make this a gift that keeps on giving! 

  • Most unique 45 year anniversary gift idea. 
  • A great way to help someone reconnect with the language of their ancestors. 
  • Perfect for preparing before a foreign vacation. 
  • Multiple package lengths available to help fit any budget.

14. Sonos Roam Speaker

Sonos Roam

Great speakers can make any activity more enjoyable. From listening to music, audio books, podcasts, or a movie – being able to clearly hear everything is vital to the overall enjoyment. That’s why we love this Roam speaker by Sonos. This is a portable speaker that offers crisp and clear sound, no matter where you are or what you are listening to. Does your partner like to listen to music while they get work done around the house? This speaker is easy to move from room to room for a seamless transition of sound! 

  • Top electronic 45 year anniversary gift idea. 
  • Great for lovers of movies, music, podcasts, and more. 
  • Stream over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Apple Airplay.
  • Voice control options available for ultimate hands-free listening.

15. Cast Iron Double Handle Fry Pan

Cast Iron Double Handle Fry Pan

There may be no cooking supply more loved than a good, old-fashioned cast iron skillet. These pans tend to be passed down from generation to generation, never losing the seasoning of the cooks of yesteryear. However, cast iron skillets have one downfall – they are shockingly heavy! If your partner has trouble lifting and maneuvering their cast iron skillet, consider upgrading them to this modern, double handle variety! 

  • Best kitchen upgrade for 45 year anniversaries. 
  • Still browns foods beautifully despite its non-traditional design. 
  • Doesn’t need to be seasoned before use. 
  • Is safe on all stove tops up to 900 degrees.

16. Traeger Pro 780 Grill

Traeger Pro 780

If you want to make a big impression on your 45 year anniversary, then consider upgrading your partner’s outdoor cooking setup with a Traeger pro grill! This grill has everything your partner could ever want! They come with multiple racks that receive even heat for a convenient cooking experience. It is a wifi-controlled pellet grill with over 780 square inches of cooking space! The grill is one of the best on the market and still comes in with a price tag under $1,000! 

  • Perfect 45 year anniversary gift for BBQ masters! 
  • The grill doubles as a smoker. 
  • Comes with all the most modern amenities including wifi control and temp gauge. 
  • Convenient access to pellets for easy cleanup.

17. Executive Level Massage Chair

Executive Level Commercial Massage Chair

If you want to go all out for your 45 year anniversary, consider giving a gift that will make your partner happy for years to come. This professional level massage chair is the peak of luxury! First, it looks like a stylish leather recliner, making it fit well into any living space. The chair itself offers a soothing massage to all areas of the body, including calves! It is the best way to relax after a long day. The synthetic leather is made to stand up to years of heavy usage, and the chair is suitable for users up to 300 lbs! 

  • An anniversary gift that gives for years to come. 
  • The chair’s remote is highly customizable without being too complicated to understand. 
  • The black, synthetic leather looks stunning in a standard living space. 
  • Plugs into a traditional 110 volt outlet.