4 Year Anniversary Gifts

Until 1937, anniversary symbols weren’t assigned to every year. Couples would celebrate the first year, and then official themes came into play on the 5th, 10th, and every five years following.

But over the past few decades, that’s all changed! Now, many couples love to exchange gifts, cards, and celebrate on every major milestone—including their 4th anniversary.

So, what’s the best 4th anniversary gift to buy for him or her? Glad you asked. In our guide, we’re going to showcase the best 4th wedding anniversary gifts, the top 4th relationship anniversary gifts, and share the additional facts and resources you need to know to make the right buy to have your significant other smiling from ear to ear.

4th Anniversary Traditional and Modern Gift Details

  • Anniversary Stone: Blue Topaz
  • Anniversary Flower: Hydrangea
  • Modern U.S. Gift: Electric Appliances
  • Traditional U.S. Gift: Linen and Silk (or Fruit and Flowers)
  • Traditional U.K. Gift: Fruit and Flowers (or Linen and Silk)

Best 4th Anniversary Gifts (Weddings and Dating)

1. Multitone Topaz Ring

Multitone Topaz Ring

Topaz is the traditional stone of the 4 year anniversary. We love it because topaz comes in a huge variety of colors. For instance, this stunning ring includes two blue shades of topaz in a split color design.  This ring is perfect to wear dressed up and down and will surely become a staple of your partner’s wardrobe. 

  • Overall number 1 gift idea for 4 year anniversaries. 
  • Best way to incorporate traditional topaz into a gift. 
  • Looks stunning on men and women. 
  • Great for those who love the color blue.

2. Bialetti Moka Espresso Maker

Bialetti Moka Espresso Maker

If your spouse is a coffee lover, you can save them on trips to the coffee shop with this amazing espresso maker by Bialetti. The two-part cast aluminum pot works directly on the stove top for traditional, delicious espresso. We especially love that this electricity free device can be taken on vacations for great coffee wherever you are. 

  • Top gift option for coffee lovers. 
  • Based on the original 1930’s Bialetti design. 
  • Compatible with both gas and electric stove tops. 
  • Made in Italy.

3. Triple Akoya Pearl Bracelet

Triple Akoya Pearl Bracelet

Pearl jewelry is a traditional gift for many occasions and makes a perfect gift for your 4 year anniversary as well. Some people think pearls aren’t as eye-catching as crystals and gems, but this triple strand akoya bracelet begs to differ. You can choose from white or black pearls and choose from a variety of clasp options. The end result is a pearl bracelet that may bring a tear of joy to your lover’s eye. 

  • Favorite option for pearl jewelry. 
  • Oversheen of the pearls can be customized. 
  • Available in a variety of bracelet lengths. 
  • Each bracelet’s pearls are handpicked for a cohesive and stunning final result.

4. Silo 6G Water Cooler

Silo 6G Water Cooler

This water cooler by Yeti is a perfect gift for a variety of people. Does your partner play outdoor sports, go camping, host tailgate events, go to little league games, fish, or simply enjoy some time outside? This water cooler is a great gift for them! This water cooler has a high level of ice retention and keeps your love refreshed on the hottest of days. It is tumble resistant, easy to transport, and an overall gem of an item to have for any outdoor event. 

  • Best gift idea for outdoor sportsmen. 
  • A handle above the spout makes releasing liquid much easier. 
  • Ultra supported hinge is break resistant even during falls. 
  • Two inches of insulation keeps water and ice cold for hours.

5. Nero Gel Fire Table

Nero Gel Fire Table

Want a way to spice up your lover’s deck or patio space? Try this Nero gel fire table by TerraFlame. This modern approach to outdoor heating utilizes contained, smoke free flames inside a tempered glass display. The warmth provided is amazing, but the view of these dancing nero gel flames is the best part of the show. 

  • Best gift to enhance your outdoor living space. 
  • Safer than open fire pits. 
  • No smoke irritating your lungs or stinking up your clothes. 
  • Modern table design looks great with practically any existing decor.

6. Personalized Robes

Personalized Robes for Him and Her

This year, consider giving your spouse a gift that exudes relaxation and tranquility. These customizable robes from Macy’s are made from 100% Turkish cotton, making them super soft and super absorbent. You can monogram the robe for an added touch of luxury or even consider getting two for an adorable, matching set. 

  • Best addition to an in-home spa day. 
  • Gold monogramming provides a look of opulence. 
  • Super soft to the touch and comfortable enough to wear all day. 
  • Includes large pockets and a waist tie.

7. Gourmet Rose Cake by Harry and David

Gourmet Rose Cake by Harry and David

Do you want to give your spouse a beautiful cake but aren’t so great at baking? Then we suggest you let Harry and David help you out! Harry and David provide delicious gourmet food, baked goods, and more that require minimal prep on your part. This raspberry-filled rose cake is a stunning celebration of your 4 year anniversary and touches on two 4 year traditions – flowers and fruit. 

  • Best way to provide a stunning cake on your anniversary. 
  • Harry and David can also provide you with a delicious dinner. 
  • Cake will take minimal prep on arrival (usually just thawing). 
  • Cake is a three layer sponge with raspberry filling.

8. Depthmaster Heritage Watch

Depthmaster Heritage Watch by Stuhrling

Are you looking for a watch that your partner will love and use for years? Then check out this Depthmaster Heritage Watch by Sturhling. This Swiss automatic watch is convenient, rugged, and absolutely striking. The black banding and Coppertone case/buckle can be easily dressed up or down and look stunning against any choice of clock face color. The best part? This watch can survive in up to 200 meters of water!  

  • The best gift choice for people who spend time on the water. 
  • Clock face comes in 5 different colors. 
  • The band is a silicone rubber for snug fit and comfort. 
  • The automatic style means you are always on time.

9. Regal Art & Gift Honeycomb Birdbath

Regal Art & Gift Honeycomb Birdbath

Want to spice up your lover’s garden this anniversary? Then give them this beautiful birdbath by Regal Art & Gift. The honeycomb design and the blue to purple gradient create a flower like design that looks gorgeous in any yard. The birds will love stopping in for a drink and a splash as well as some useful pollinators. Your partner will love that this birdbath brings all the birds to the yard! 

  • Best gift for bird watchers and gardeners.
  • Iridescent coloring shimmers in the sun. 
  • Can help bring pollinators to your garden. 
  • Works as both a birdbath and a birdfeeder.

10. Orange Sanguine by Atelier

Orange Sanguine by Atelier

When it comes to buying perfume and cologne on anniversaries, we recommend playing it safe by choosing a unisex scent. One of our favorites is Orange Sanguine by Atelier.  With bottom notes of sandalwood and top notes of fresh fruit, this bright scent is complex enough to wear day and night. Your partner will love how fresh they feel after a spritz of Orange Sanguine!

  • Top scent choice for 4 year anniversary gifts.
  • Notes include red orange, bitter orange, jasmine, geranium, amber, tonka bean, and sandalwood. 
  • One of Atelier’s most popular fragrances. 
  • Comes in a large 3.3 oz. bottle. 

11. Corelle Timber Shadows Dinnerware Set

Corelle Timber Shadows Dinnerware Set

You and your partner are marking 4 years together! If you haven’t already, start upgrading your mish mash of each other’s possessions into cohesive groups of collectively owned items. When it comes to dishes, we recommend a gorgeous selection of dinnerware by Corelle. This Timber set is a stand out option with triple layer glass durability and snug stacking capabilities. 

  • Best dishware 4 year anniversary gift idea. 
  • Mugs are made from hardy porcelain. 
  • Plates and bowls take up half the cabinet space of ceramic dishes. 
  • Bold timber design displayed on all pieces.

12. Chocolatier Collection Gift Box

Ethel M brand Anniversary Custom Collection Large Chocolates Box

Want to give your love something a little bit sweet this year? Try the Chocolatier collection box by Ethel M. This is a perfect choice for those looking for a beautiful gesture that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars. The box is filled with premium chocolate treats, both dark and milk, that your spouse is going to drool over. The box comes with 32 chocolates, though a 16 piece option is available as well. 

  • Best low cost 4 year anniversary gift idea.
  • Comes with Ethel M’s most popular chocolate recipes.
  • Variety of fillings including satin creams, macadamia nut, caramel, raspberry, and more.
  • Sugar free varieties are also available at Ethel M.

13. Black Silicone Smartwatch

Black Silicone Smartwatch by Fossil

One of the top tech gift choices for any anniversary year is a smartwatch. There are a lot of varieties of smartwatch but we particularly love the Wear OS silicone smartwatches. This watch is powered by Google and offers all the amenities of other smartwatches with a sleek look that can be dressed up and down. Your spouse won’t need to leave this watch behind for nice nights out because it looks great with everything!

  • Top pick of tech anniversary gift options. 
  • Multiple colors and band options available. 
  • Compatible linking with Android and IOS phones. 
  • USB charged with 24 hour battery capability.

14. Monthly Flower Club Subscription

Flowers in a vase

4 year anniversaries are a flower milestone. You could go out and buy hundreds of dollars of flowers that will die in 2 weeks, or you can get a subscription to the Flower Club! This subscription means your partner will get a fresh bouquet of gorgeous, seasonal flowers to their door every month. There are multiple membership options including a 12 month option. That means you could celebrate the flower anniversary with new flowers each month of your 4th year!

  • Top flower gifting option. 
  • Multiple membership lengths available. 
  • Customize a gift tag to come with the flowers. 
  • You can choose a set or open ended membership.

15. Staub Cast Iron Tea Kettle

Staub Cast Iron Tea Kettle

If your partner is a tea drinker, then they are going to love the cast iron tea kettle by Staub. This stove top kettle works on flame and electric surfaces to provide beautifully steeped tea that maintains its temp for longer than in standard kettles. It comes with a hangable steeping cage for in-pot brewing, or simply pour water over your partner’s favorite tea bags. They are going to love the stunning color and brilliant usability of this one of a kind tea kettle. 

  • Best 4 years anniversary gift for tea drinkers. 
  • Enamel exterior is gorgeous and heat proof. 
  • Removable top makes it great for more than just tea. 
  • Each kettle is handmade and totally unique.

16. Washington Wines Cascade Collection

In Good Taste Wine Kit

Wine drinkers are going to love this Cascade tasting collection from In Good Taste. This collection includes 6 mini wines ranging from pinot grigio to cabernet. Each is a beautiful showing of what this small, Washington winery has to offer. Your spouse will surely enjoy nestling in for a romantic night of wine tasting and enjoying the company of the one they love.

  • Best 4 year anniversary gift for wine drinkers. 
  • Perfect way to try new wines without wasting money. 
  • Includes a Rose, Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, and Merlot. 
  • Mini bottles are perfect for tastings among a large group or enjoying a full glass in an intimate setting.

A Closer Look at the 4th Anniversary Symbols

When you review the list of traditional fourth anniversary gifts, you’ll notice four options. It’s not uncommon to have an alternative, but four is going a bit overboard, don’t you think?

Well, there’s a reason why we’ve noted four for four. It’s because anniversary and etiquette experts can’t seem to agree on the official symbols for the U.S. and the United Kingdom. Some consider linen and silk as American themes, while others flip-flop the two with fruit and flowers for the U.S. and linen and silk for British couples.

Instead of worrying about what’s appropriate in which location, we think it’s A-OK to include all four as possibilities, and you’re not breaking with tradition. You could even merge them marry them into one gift item – think floral silk scarf, for example.

Traditional 4 Year Anniversary Gifts are More Romantic

Even if you debate the linen or floral assignments, there’s one undeniable thing – even fruit makes for a more romantic gift than electric appliances.

Does a Toaster = Romance?

As you can see, the modern U.S. 4th anniversary gifts are appliances, specifically electric. We don’t know you or your spouse. But we can guess that if you hand over a toaster, it should probably pop up another gift. Maybe a piece of jewelry or a new iPhone?

Now we’re not saying that machines should be out of the question. But make your decision carefully. If the two of you haven’t agreed on a mutual gift of an appliance you’ve had your eyes on, then remember that anniversaries are for romance.

If You’re Going Modern, Go All-In

Of course, it’s not the 1950s anymore, and you’re not limited to washers and refrigerators.

So, if you opt for the modern gift, we suggest checking out something fun in the appliance realm. Something like the new Keurig Smart coffeemaker would fit the bill if your spouse starts the day with a cup of Joe.

Linen and Flowers and Fruit, Oh My!

Your other options for “official” 4 year anniversary gifts involve the quartet that we previously mentioned. Fruit, flowers, linen, and silk are all on the table as viable options.

The thing about anniversary themes is that you have to look beyond the surface at the hidden meaning and unique ways to use the materials on the list.

Smooth as silk

For example, did you know that the saying “smooth as silk” is one of the reasons it’s assigned to 4th anniversary gift giving? It represents smooth sailing ahead. The first few years are the toughest, and the five-year milestone is coming up quickly.

As far as ways to incorporate silk into your gift, you don’t have to go directly to silk pajamas or a scarf (although who wouldn’t appreciate them?). Instead, what about linens (silk or linen) that the two of you can enjoy?

You can even incorporate silk into a framed photo presentation. Include a few photos of some of the best moments you’ve shared in the last four years on a custom silk background. Include a pressed hydrangea, and you’re covering even more bases.

Go Pink and Blue for Your 4 Year Anniversary

We know pink and blue are conjuring up thoughts of babies and nurseries.

However, pink and blue for your 4th don’t have anything to do with the little ones. If you’re planning a family, that’s a whole other story. But our pink and blue discussion is about the official gemstone and flower of 4 year anniversaries.

Blue Topaz

We’ll start with blue as this is a straightforward one. In addition to materials and themes, anniversaries also have dedicated gemstones and flowers.

The blue topaz represents your 4th year of marriage. When given to a significant other, it’s a symbol of love and fidelity, a beautiful reminder that translates to any anniversary. But the blue topaz also represents success and good fortune, so one gemstone covers quite a bit of ground.

Did you know that there are two blue topaz alternatives?

  1. The Swiss Blue is a light blue gemstone, and it’s probably the one with which you’re most familiar.
  2. The London Blue is a deeper blue stone. It almost appears to have a bit of a black hue and makes for an elegant piece of jewelry for men or women.


As we just covered blue, it’s time for pink.

We don’t typically focus this much on the color of an official flower. But, in the case of the four year anniversary, it’s helpful. That’s because the hydrangea has different meanings based on color.

There are 75 types of hydrangea, so pink and blue just scratch the surface.

Avoid rejection

When you’re choosing the flower as a gift for your significant other, though, it’s best to stick to pink. Not only do the petals resemble tiny hearts, but pink hydrangea represents true love. We’ll go out on a limb and assume that’s what you’re going for in this case.

Whether you opt for pink or not, it’s best to steer clear of blue. Just as pink equates to love, the blue hydrangea means rejection. So, that’s probably not what you had in mind.

A Milestone Ahead

We hope that our 4 year anniversary guide has been helpful. But it’s still early in your marriage, and you have plenty of gifts in your future. So, be sure to bookmark Healthy Framework and use it for annual inspiration. Don’t forget you’ve got a milestone celebration next year!