35 Year Anniversary Gifts

Couples celebrating their 35 year anniversaries are often in the sweet spot of their relationship. The marriage has lived through children, empty nest syndrome, and other life changes.

Once you pass your 30 year anniversary, you’re easing into a life where it’s just the two of you again. You’re young enough to enjoy it and old enough to appreciate it. Now is the time to celebrate your enduring relationship by having fun, honoring each other, and preparing for another 35.

To help you do just that, our 35th anniversary gift guide is here to help! We’ll showcase some classic gift ideas, traditional gifts, and some unique ideas to help you commemorate this major milestone.

In This Gift Guide:

35 Year Anniversary Facts

  • Anniversary Stone/Material: Emerald – alternates are coral and jade
  • Anniversary Flower: No official 35 year anniversary flower
  • Modern U.S. Gift: Jade
  • Traditional U.S. Gift: Coral or Jade
  • Traditional U.K. Gift: Coral
Older Happy Couple Embracing

Best 35 Year Anniversary Gifts

1. Electric Decanter Set

Electric Decanter Set

This electric decanter by Wake Up Wine is a fantastic addition to the bar of any wine or spirit lover. The decanter uses micro-vibrations to aerate whatever liquid is within the decanter, creating a smoother, less-acidic taste. The decanter base is rechargeable and can aerate a variety of drinks in only a few minutes!

Who Will Love This 35 Year Anniversary Gift?

  • Wine drinkers who want to enhance their experience.
  • Those who want a way to improve the taste of their existing spirit collection. 
  • Anyone who loves tech gadgets for their bar or kitchen. 
  • Those who host parties and want to create a high-end environment for guests.

2. Silver Mountain Water by Creed

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

Silver Mountain Water is a delectable, unisex scent by Creed. The cologne is crisp, refreshing, and ever so slightly woody. This creates an alluring musk that sits well against both masculine and feminine wearers. The top notes are bergamot and mandarin, mid notes are green tea and black currant, and the bottom notes include creamy galbanum and sandalwood. 

Who Will Love This 35 Year Anniversary Gift?

  • Collectors of fine cologne and perfume bottles.
  • Perfume or cologne wearers who enjoy fresh scents. 
  • Anyone wanting to add to their personal grooming collection. 
  • Those who like scents that can be worn on all genders.

3. Koenji Laptop Case 

Koenji Laptop Case

The Koenji laptop case is perfect for short and long travel. It keeps laptops up to 13 inches safe from the weather and has space for multiple chargers. There is even an A4 pocket to protect documents alongside your laptop. It comes in a variety of stunning colors and is made with the same material as bulletproof vests! 

Who Will Love This 35 Year Anniversary Gift?

  • Anyone with a laptop they take on travels. 
  • Those traveling to rainy areas that want to keep their computer and documents safe. 
  • Anyone looking for a protective sleeve for their laptop or mac.
  • Travelers who want a way to keep their electronics separate and dry.

4. Gourmet Ham Dinner

Ham Dinner Harry and David

Harry and David is a company that offers amazing, gourmet meals that are delivered to your door with minimal preparation requirements. Making an amazing dinner for your anniversary has never been easier! This dinner comes with: spiral-sliced ham with honey glaze, creamy snap peas with bacon,three-cheese scalloped potatoes, artichoke, mushroom, and bacon frittata, and a New York-style original cheesecake.

Who Will Love This 35 Year Anniversary Gift?

  • Those who love being catered-to on special occasions. 
  • Anyone who enjoys gourmet food and delicious desserts. 
  • Spouse’s who don’t like going to fancy restaurants and would rather eat at home. 
  • Ham dinner lovers who are tired of only getting it on Christmas and Thanksgiving!

5. Watch and Toolkit Gift Set

Watch and Toolkit Gift Set by Sturhling

This is the ultimate watch gift set! This stunning, skeleton style watch comes with a matching pocket watch, signature pen, and watch toolkit. The eye-catching gold of the Modena watch pops against the bold teal accents inside the clock face. Both watches are automatics, which means no batteries are required to keep them functioning for years! 

Who Will Love This 35 Year Anniversary Gift?

  • Lovers of eye-catching accessories. 
  • Watch wearers looking for a new addition to their collection. 
  • Those who love practical and inclusive gifts. 
  • Pocket watch enthusiasts who want to add a Stuhrling original to their collection.

6. Enchanted Diamond Pendant

Enchanted Diamond Pendant

This pendant by Clean Origin looks as enchanted as its name implies. The interesting triangular arrangement of lab-created diamonds will catch the eyes of all when your partner wears it. The flat cable necklace chain is 18” and can be adjusted to 16” for a perfect fit. You can even adjust the gold selection from white to rose or gold to best suit your partner. 

Who Will Love This 35 Year Anniversary Gift?

  • Jewelry lovers looking to make a statement. 
  • Anyone who appreciates unique and interesting style. 
  • Diamond lovers who appreciate the beauty of lab-grown gems. 
  • A partner who likes necklaces that look great with any outfit.

7. Defender Duffle Bag

Defender Duffle Bag by Fossil

A great duffle bag can be hard to come by, but the Defender by Fossil really has it all. First, it comes in your choice of brown or black eco leather. Second, the interior is outrageously roomy to fit an entire weekend’s worth of clothing and accessories, plus some! Our favorite part though – the sleek design looks stunning on the shoulder of any gender! 

Who Will Love This 35 Year Anniversary Gift?

  • Those who are often traveling. 
  • Anyone looking for a large bag to add to their wardrobe. 
  • Lovers of eco leather accessories. 
  • Any gender of person who needs a bag large enough to carry multiple days worth of supplies.

8. Electric Fondue Set

Electric Fondue Set

Want to add a little fun to your date nights? Try this electric fondue set by Swissmar! The set includes the fondue pot, heating base, a splash guard, and 6 fondue forks. All you need to add is some cheese to melt and food to dip! This is such a simple way to spice up your nights in and is a lot of fun to pull out during parties. 

Who Will Love This 35 Year Anniversary Gift?

  • Lovers of all things cheesy and delicious.
  • Those who want a fun way to try new foods. 
  • Anyone who likes to entertain guests. 
  • Chocolate lovers!

9. Ceiling Speaker Set

Ceiling Speaker Set by Sonos

This all around sound system by Sonos is the perfect way to turn a standard living room into a home theater. The ceiling speakers fit snugly to create a great dispersion of sound without leaving clunky speakers hanging around the room. The speaker system is controlled by a single base, which is voice activated and simple to use. Professional installation is available, which means you don’t have to worry about messing up your house on a botched DIY project!

Who Will Love This 35 Year Anniversary Gift?

  • Those who struggle to hear the tv or radio.
  • Enjoyers of movies and television. 
  • Anyone who wants to improve their home sound system.
  • Partners who want to upgrade their living room with professional help.

10. Relaxing Trip to Seattle 

Seattle skyline

Is there a better gift for any occasion than a relaxing vacation? We don’t think so! Try a wondrous stay in Seattle, where everything is a little weird (in a good way) and the love of the arts is present in every corner of the city. Whether you enjoy gardening, modern art, sculptures, or pop culture, there is a place in Seattle that celebrates it! Even if you just eat the delicious food and take a stroll to the space needle, you will never forget your Seattle vacation. 

Who Will Love This 35 Year Anniversary Gift?

  • Partners who want to get away and relax. 
  • Those who enjoy eclectic neighborhoods filled with history. 
  • Anyone who wants to enjoy a harbor cruise, pop culture museums, and modern art in the same place. 
  • Those who want to vacation where it isn’t blistering hot!

11. Reversible Flower Shaw

Reversible Flower Shaw

This comes from the costume collection line of the Smithsonian, where true vintage style is forever embraced in the creation of modern pieces. This flower shaw is warm, beautiful, and unbelievably soft. It is light with a dark floral pattern on one side and inverted in color on the opposite side. This makes it perfect to wear with practically any outfit. It will be the go-to staple of anyone’s winter and fall wardrobe!

Who Will Love This 35 Year Anniversary Gift?

  • Lovers of vintage clothing and style. 
  • Those who love to dress in bold floral patterns.
  • Scarf lovers who want to add to their collection. 
  • Anyone living somewhere with cold falls and winters.

12. Hexagonal Diamond and Emerald Pendant

Hexagonal Diamond and Emerald Pendant

Elegance and individuality are celebrated in this emerald pendant necklace by Gabriel & Co. Emerald is a traditional 35 year anniversary gift and looks gorgeous in this setting! The triangular “v” of diamonds acts as a base for the tangling of chained emeralds, nearly emulating a vine of fresh leaves growing from a planter. This showstopper has potential with any outfit and will leave your partner speechless!

Who Will Love This 35 Year Anniversary Gift?

  • Lovers of traditional anniversary gifts. 
  • Necklace wearers who love unique designs. 
  • Anyone who adores emeralds or the color green. 
  • Jewelry lovers who enjoy interesting statement pieces.

13. Ultraskiff Personal Watercraft

Personal Watercraft

Your partner will have a blast on this Ultraskiff personal watercraft. The circular “boat” has  a center seat and concave center for ultimate balance while on the water. Great for fishing, this personal watercraft has multiple storage compartments for gear, snacks, or whatever you please. It is 123 lbs and easy to transport in and out of the water. The swivel seat makes it superior to other fishing platforms (like kayaks) and the unique circular design helps to maintain posture when hit with a boat or jet ski wake.

Who Will Love This 35 Year Anniversary Gift?

  • Those who love to fish. 
  • Anyone who likes to spend time on the water. 
  • Those who want a more stable swimming platform. 
  • Tanners who like to get sun out on the water.

14. Traeger Tailgater Bundle

Traeger Bundle

The Traeger Tailgater bundle comes with everything you need to create the ultimate outdoor cooking experience. From the grill itself – a traeger tailgating pellet grill with adjustable legs – to the dozens of accessories, the only thing left for you to buy is the meat! This grill bundle comes with the Traeger tailgater grill, all natural grill cleaner, signature blend wood pellets, 5-pack of bucket liners, front folding grill shelf, 5-pack of drip tray liners, and a junior elite tailgater grill cover.

Who Will Love This 35 Year Anniversary Gift?

  • BBQ enthusiasts who want a small grill option. 
  • Football fans looking to improve their tailgating experience. 
  • Those with a small outdoor space who want to grill. 
  • Anyone looking to upgrade their grill to a Traeger original!

15. 5-Shelf Nathan James Bookcase 

5-Shelf Nathan James Bookcase

After 35 years, your partner likely has an array of novelty items, collectibles, books, or other beloved collections somewhere in your home. Give them a place to show it off with this stunning bookcase by Nathan James. The five shelves are perfect for displaying even the largest items thanks to the open top design. The metal bars connect to the wall for a modern look and utmost security. Whether it is classic literature or a strange collection of knick knacks, your partner will adore seeing their items prominently displayed for all to see. 

Who Will Love This 35 Year Anniversary Gift?

  • Collectors of items big and small. 
  • Book lovers in need of more space for their collection. 
  • Those who enjoy modern furniture styles with industrial appeal.
  • Anyone needing more storage space in their home.

16. Portable Outdoor Fridge 

Portable Outdoor Fridge

Want to enhance your beach trips? Try the portable cooler and freezer by LiONCooler. This cooler can be remotely temp controlled to adjust for changing weather and is powered by a battery that can last up to 10 hours. Plus, the battery can be recharged through solar panels for a practically endless supply of energy. You can even plug the cooler in for nonstop use. The cooler gets to -20°C, so your beach ice cream will be safe until you are ready to eat! 

Who Will Love This 35 Year Anniversary Gift?

  • Lovers of the outdoors. 
  • Patio and Deck owners who want an outdoor fridge option.
  • Picnic enthusiasts who want to include a variety of items.
  • Beach goers who want to enjoy cold beverages and foods.

35 Year Anniversary Gift Traditions

It’s fascinating to learn about marriage longevity. But you’ve probably arrived at this 35 year anniversary guide because you’re planning to reach the milestone. Or maybe you’re looking for some gift and party ideas for a loved one who’s approaching the coral celebration.

So, if you want to head directly to unique gift suggestions, you can visit our dedicated 35th anniversary gift guide. Before you go, though, why not stick around as we share the inspiration behind our recommendations?

Anniversary customs

If you follow traditions and social etiquette, you’re aware that every anniversary year has a theme, a flower, and a gemstone. That formula is relatively new, though. For thousands of years, marriage celebrations focused on the 25th and 50th anniversaries exclusively.

In her Etiquette: the Blue Book of Social Usage, famed etiquette guru Emily Post expanded customary gifts to include the one year anniversary, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 50th, and 75th.

You might notice that the 35th anniversary is missing. Where Post’s list left off, though, the American National Retailer Jewelers Association picked up, filling in the gaps. Today’s traditions include specifics for every year to 25 and then every fifth year thereafter.

The Coral anniversary

Today’s 35 year anniversary is known as the coral anniversary, and the official gemstone is the emerald, creating a very colorful tribute.

Why coral for 35th anniversaries?

While there are different interpretations, coral best represents comfort, as well as the following attributes.

  • Peace of mind
  • Protection
  • Acceptance
  • Warmth

You can see how coral can apply to most marriage milestones, especially after passing the 25th silver celebration.

Going green

The emerald takes center stage as the theme for 55 year anniversaries. But 20 years earlier, it’s the official gemstone of the big 3-5.

Ancient Egyptians considered emeralds as symbols of fertility and rebirth. While you’re probably not planning on starting a new family for your 35th (or 55th), it’s a new stage in your relationship, a rebirth of a different sort.

Of course, you could always stick with the coral theme for your jewel of choice. Spiritual meanings of wearing coral include support through life changes or transformations in your relationship.

Go wild with flower choices

You’ve got a standard theme, gemstone, and various interpretations. The only thing missing from the 35 year anniversary line-up is the official flower.

Whereas the 30th is celebrated by the lily, and gladiolus is on the table for number 40, the 35th is left out of the picture. However, coral is diverse and can be used for a variety of gift ideas. You could select coral-colored roses, and daylilies, like the Congo Coral or Caribbean Coral.

You could also go with peonies, begonias, or take the easier route and just ask your local florist to put together something special.

Expanding on the Coral Tradition

You might not have a party for your 35th anniversary. However, who says you can’t celebrate anyway (or even do both)?

If you want to go all-out with the coral theme, visit one of the top coral reefs in the world. You’ll find incredible coral-based vacation destinations in the Solomon Islands, Fiji, and the Red Sea.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect 35 Year Anniversary Gift

  • Don’t throw budget consciousness to the wind – It can be tempting to go wild with lavish gifts at major milestones like the 35 year anniversary. And while we’re certainly advocates for getting the nicest gift you can, that’s only if it fits within the budget. Don’t make life hard or get yourself spending money you don’t have just to find what you think is the perfect gift. There are certainly perfect gifts that fit within all budgets (as you can see from what we suggested in this guide).
  • Gifts for the couple are great options – There’s nothing wrong with getting a gift that’s for both of you! During the early anniversary celebrations, it can seem more important to get something that’s a surprise for your husband or wife. However, as you start to get further along and more seasoned in life, it’s totally fine to get things for both of you. Just don’t be like Homer Simpson in the episode where he got Marge a bowling ball with his name on it…that would be something for you and not for both of you.
  • Gifts you can enjoy together – Something we love to recommend when people are looking for the best 35th wedding anniversary gifts are gifts that you can use together. This ties into the last tip, but we’re talking more about things that can be an activity. For example, we recommend fondue sets, BBQ grill packages, and decanter sets. These are all things that you can actively use on dates to cook together, enjoy some awesome fondue, or have a nice glass of wine. In other words, think gifts that can be leveraged into dates in the future. You’re never too old to date your spouse!

How Many People Reach their 35 Year Anniversary?

There aren’t as many people getting married these days.

Did you know that weddings have been declining in the United States since 2016? From 2018 to 2019 alone, the annual marriage rate dropped by more than 5%.

Reaching 35-year status isn’t as rare as you might think

These numbers might not be on your radar if you’re approaching your 35th anniversary as you’re in an entirely different category. But you and your spouse aren’t alone. You also might be surprised to find out that the last time the U.S. Census filed a comprehensive report on anniversaries, more than half of the couples celebrated their 35 year anniversary.

The Census report was released in 2009 and covered more than four decades. There was a lower number of marriages in the early 60s, but more than 55% of them reached coral anniversary status.

How to Reach 35 Years of Marital Bliss

If you happen to be part of a union approaching your 35 year anniversary celebration, you could write this section with your first-hand knowledge. But for anyone else who’s curious and looking for tips so they get to the coral festivities as well, we’ve combed through some of the best marital advice we could find.

These are simple and proven pieces of advice for you and your partner to ride the ebbs and flows and keep going strong.

  • Cultivate independent interests, hobbies, and activities
  • Continue (or revisit) the things you enjoyed early in your relationship – traveling, dancing, wine tasting, bowling, etc.
  • Never talk about the other behind his or her back – confront situations head-on, keeping them between the two of you
  • You’re a team – always behave like one
  • Don’t forget to say thank you – it’s always appreciated whether you’re on your first date or your 75th year together
  • If you hit a rough patch, embrace counseling and get back on track
  • Mutual respect is everything – never take each other (or each other’s feelings) for granted

And the big one that you’ll find in any article about happy marriages is to communicate. It doesn’t always have to be immediate, but don’t wait too long either.

Just a heads up, we sometimes get a few bucks if you purchase some of the items linked from this page. It’s how we keep the lights on. Thanks for your support!