30 Year Anniversary Gifts

You’ve crossed a threshold when you hit your 30 year anniversary. The 10th anniversary and 25th anniversaries are significant milestones. When you’ve passed them, you know you’re doing something right.

What can you expect here? This guide is going to cover the best 30 year anniversary gifts celebrating your longevity. You’re also about to find out how many people make it to the 30th. We’ll clue you in on what to order at the florist and suggest a few creative ways to celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

In This Guide:

30 Year Anniversary Traditional Gifts

  • Anniversary Stone/Material: Pearl – alternatives include diamond and jade
  • Anniversary Flower: Lily
  • Modern U.S. Gift: Diamond
  • Traditional U.S. Gift: Pearl
  • Traditional U.K. Gift: Pearl
Couple on the beach

Best 30 Year Anniversary Gifts

1. Romantic Flair Watch Gift Set

Romantic Flair Watch Gift Set

This year, get your spouse a matching gift that lets them know how connected you feel every time you wear it. This romantic gift set by Sturhling is beautiful and unique. 

The masculine watch has a silver clock face with bold teal hands that match its teal strap. The feminine watch matches the color scheme with the added beauty of a flower shape on the watch face that is filled with teal gems. 

The set even comes with a matching pen and stud earrings for an added touch. 

  • Best overall 30 year anniversary gift. 
  • Adjustable watch straps make for easy fitting. 
  • Automatic watches don’t need batteries to operate.

2. Dubai Emerald by Bond No. 9

Dubai Emerald by Bond No. 9

A traditional gift for anniversaries is perfume and cologne, but this isn’t just any anniversary! For your 30-year anniversary be sure to choose a scent that is as special and beautiful as your partner. We prefer Dubai Emerald by Bond No. 9. 

This scent is perfect for wearers of any gender and has spicy and sweet notes ranging from saffron to rose. The aroma is exotic and tempting and a perfect way to say “I love you as much today as I did 30 years ago.”

  • Best scent gift for 30 year anniversaries.
  • Comes in a gorgeous green and gold bottle. 
  • Unisex scent that is great for everyone. 

3. 30 Year Tawny Port

30 Year Tawny Port

What beautiful things have happened in the 30 years you’ve spent with your spouse? One is the creation of this stunning 30 Year Port from Taylor Fladgate. If your spouse is a wine drinker, they will surely love this thoughtful delicious gift. 

With tastes of cocoa, honey, and vanilla, the smooth blend in this Tawny Port is unlike any other. Aged for a deep flavor and gorgeous aroma, your partner won’t be able to wait to uncork it and take a sip! 

  • Our top 30 year anniversary gift for wine drinkers. 
  • A great addition to any bar. 
  • Pairs well with nutty treats.

4. Habitas Backpack

Habitas Backpack

The Habitas Backpack by Horizn is a perfect gift for anyone looking for an easy way to carry their items during trips or just on their day to day. 

The backpack has a black, modern design that looks great on anyone. The front storage compartment has a drop down flap that makes access and storage extremely simple. The padded straps make for a comfortable wearing experience no matter how much you’re carrying. 

Your spouse will love being able to travel with all their essentials stored safely away in this water resistant bag. 

  • Best 30th anniversary gift for travelers. 
  • Tons of storage compartments to keep items organized. 
  • Looks great on men and women.

5. Ultimate Anniversary Breakfast

Harry and David Breakfast

For your 30th anniversary, offer your partner a delicious homemade breakfast made possible by Harry and David. Harry and David is a company that provides full meal sets that can be made at home through minimal preparation. 

No a great cook? It doesn’t matter. Harry and David will help you impress your spouse with an amazing meal. This breakfast platter comes with cheesy bacon grits, sausage and cheese casserole, maple hickory-smoked bacon, Wolferman’s ® San Francisco-style sourdough English muffin bread, 3 cinnamon Belgian waffles, 3 blueberry Belgian waffles, Royal Riviera™ Brandied Pear Syrup, and Strawberry preserves.

  • Best food-based 30th anniversary gift. 
  • No cooking skills necessary. 
  • The best way to start your anniversary celebration. 

6. Starburst Diamond Pendant

Starburst Diamond Pendant

Diamond is a classic 30th anniversary gift, but plain diamond jewelery can sometimes seem a little plain. That’s why a gorgeous pendant with a unique shape is so fantastic. 

This starburst diamond pendant by Clean Origin will catch eyes and turn heads, while still being simple enough to pair well with any style. Your partner will be speechless when they open this beauty. It might feel hard to surprise your partner after 30 years, but this necklace will do the trick!

  • Best diamond gift for 30th anniversaries. 
  • Choose from yellow, white, or rose gold. 
  • 17 total stones in the pendant.

7. Engravable Mother of Pearl Bracelet 

Engravable Mother of Pearl Bracelet

Mother of Pearl is a decorative element that has been used in jewelry for thousands of years, which makes it a perfect option to celebrate the eternal love you feel for your partner. 

This bracelet by Fossil is a gorgeous gift option that can be engraved for a personalized touch. The slim gold chain creates a modern, boho twist to a traditional jewellery option. Your partner will love that this bracelet can be dressed up and down and is comfortable enough to wear all day. 

  • Best engravable jewelry 30th anniversary gift. 
  • Looks great with any outfit. 
  • Makes a big impact for a moderate price.

8. Sonos Move Speaker

Sonos Move Speaker

The Move Speaker by Sonos is our top gift idea for partners who love music, podcast, e-books, or any other form of audio entertainment.

This speaker is portable and perfect for both indoor and outdoor listening. The sound quality is crystal clear and the bass enhances the sound without all that annoying buzzing. The most unique feature of this speaker is the auto-adapt feature that can store information about your partner’s listening preferences in different locations, to auto adjust to the levels they prefer wherever they use the speaker. 

  • The number one 30th anniversary gift for music lovers. 
  • Water resistance makes it perfect for outdoor use. 
  • Big enough for great sound, small enough to move around.

9. Golf Getaway to Phoenix

Golf course flag stick on the green

Vacations are a phenomenal 30 year anniversary gift idea, but what kind of vacation should you take? If you have a golf loving partner, or want the opportunity to try out a casual sport while on vacation, try a golf gateway to Phoenix. 

The Legacy Golf Resort is located on Phoenix’s number one public golf course – so pros and amateurs are welcome. There is an accompanying restaurant, great shopping within 6 miles, and even family activities if you decide to bring any kids or grandkids along. 

  • Top vacation choice for 30 year anniversary. 
  • You can book lessons right through the resort. 
  • Only 4 miles from Phoenix’s largest aquarium.

10. Instant Ace Nova Blender

Instant Ace Nova Blender

Do you have a partner who loves to experiment with food? Check out the Ace Nova Blender by the Instant brand. 

This 9-in-1 functionality blender can grind spices, blend smoothies, make alternative milks, puree hot and cold soups, and so much more. The heat resistant glass pitcher keeps your loved one safe while they test out their newest and strangest recipes! The entire product is consumer friendly. The height is adjusted to fit beneath cabinets and the pitcher, lid, and accessories are all dishwasher safe. 

  • Top 30th anniversary gift for adventurous chefs. 
  • Built-in safety features including overheat protection. 
  • Pulse-motion blending breaks down ice and frozen food with ease.

11. Nick Brandt Photography Book

Nick Brandt Photography Book

If your partner loves photography, animals, or the beauty of the African Sahara, then this photograph book dedicated to the work of Nick Brandt is a top gift idea. 

This book is perfect for your coffee table, office space, or anywhere your partner can relax and enjoy high quality, up close photos of African wildlife. Award winning photographer Nick Brandt has created some of the most personal images of these creatures over his long career. This book lets your partner find those images all in one beautifully bound collection. 

  • Top gift choice for animal lovers. 
  • A great choice for photography buffs. 
  • 90 images span 192 quadratone pages.

12. Vortex Diamondback Binoculars

Vortex Diamondback Binoculars

Hunters, bird watchers, nature enthusiasts, and fishermen are the perfect recipients for this 30 year anniversary gift idea! 

The Vortex Diamondback Binoculars are one of the most modern and useful pairs of binoculars on the market. Your partner will enjoy their hobby in luxury with the ergonomic design and HD optical system. The magnesium chassis makes the binoculars lightweight while the rubber coating keeps them durable and comfortable to hold. They are waterproof and fog resistant over a wide range of temperatures, which makes them perfect for practically any hobby. 

  • Our top sports and outdoors gift idea. 
  • Comes with a Glasspak binocular harness. 
  • Available in max magnification of 8X to 15X.

13. Palram Plant Inn Miniature Greenhouse

Plant Inn Miniature Greenhouse

For your 30 year anniversary, give your garden-loving partner a place to keep their plants safe in all weather conditions. This miniature greenhouse by Pant Inn is a popular choice of gift because it is mindfully crafted and needs minimal space. 

Your partner will love being able to carry plants through any season and start their seeds well before planting season begins. The Snap Glass siding offers great ventilation, keeping plants looking green and fresh throughout the season. 

  • Number one gift idea for gardeners.
  • The aluminum frame is simple to put together. 
  • Offer 9 square feet of planting space.

14. Online Cooking Courses

Cooking Classes

After 30 years together, do you struggle to find new things to try with your partner? Then this year, sign up for digital cooking courses through Surlatable. These classes are completely digital and great for couples all over. 

Sign you and your partner up for a focused course to learn about a specific item (lobster, pasta, pie dough, etc.) or choose a more generalized course that focuses on exciting ethnic cuisines (Mediterranean cooking, Chinese cooking, etc.). You and your partner will have a blast learning something new together, and you’ll get a delicious treat as an outcome!

  • Top gift idea for a unique date night. 
  • Calendar of courses is consistently updated. 
  • Main course, side course, and dessert course focused classes available.

15. Customized Map Art by GrafoMap

Grafo Map Image

You have loved your partner for 30 years. In that time, there are surely places you’ve known that made a mark on your relationship. Celebrate those places with a piece of art by GrafoMap. 

GrafoMap creates beautiful versions of the physical map of locations you love. You customize the map by choosing a color scheme, zooming and moving the map to align your location, marking the map with optional location icons, and having it printed on a surface of your choice. Your partner will love decorating their home with a commemoration of your most beautiful moments. 

  • Most personal 30 year anniversary gift idea. 
  • Lots of options to fit most price ranges. 
  • Preview your map in the creator before buying.

16. Sapphire and Pearl Pendant

Sapphire and Pearl Pendant

Diamond and pearl are two traditional gifts for 30 year anniversaries, but the real showstopper in this piece is the bold sapphire pendant!

The juxtaposition of textures and colors create a regal necklace that is fit for a queen, and will turn the heads of anyone in the room! The 14K white gold chain is the perfect match to let this pendant be the center of attention. When your partner opens this gift they will see 30 years of love and affection wrapped into one, beautiful piece of jewelry. 

  • Most luxurious 30 year anniversary gift idea. 
  • The 17.5” necklace chain offers a standard fit. 
  • Comes with twice a year complimentary cleaning service.

Traditional 30 Year Anniversary Gifts

Whether you live in the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Russia, or Spain, the pearl reigns supreme for 30 year anniversary celebrations. It’s the traditional theme and gemstone across the board.

Why the pearl? – because it represents all of the following qualities.

  • Long-life
  • Fertility
  • Beauty within
  • Wisdom
  • Maturing life
  • Hidden gems

In Asian cultures, the pearl symbolizes the journey of our souls on the path to perfection. You’ve heard the term “pearls of wisdom,” and natural pearls are extremely rare.

So, you can see how pearl-based inspiration comes into play for an anniversary theme focusing on longevity.

Alternatives to pearls

Pearl covers the traditional gift and the gemstone. However, if pearl just isn’t your thing, you’ve got a few modern customs to adopt. Alternate jewels include diamond and jade. Diamond also happens to be the contemporary gift theme in the United States, anyway.

Keep in mind that diamond goes hand in hand with the 50th. So if you can wait 20 more years, you’ll hit the nail on the head with the gift of diamonds.

If you’re doing some online floral shopping, you can head straight to the lilies, as the lily is the official 30th anniversary flower. Lilies represent devotion, beauty, and remembrance, so you can see how all of the 30 year anniversary symbols tie together to celebrate your long-lasting relationship.

Hidden Gifts for the 30 Year Anniversary

We’ve provided a list of our favorite 30 year anniversary gifts above with some inspiration and unique ideas for you. But we’ve also got a few suggestions for celebrating your 30th in style.

Thirty isn’t considered one of those landmark years, like 25 or 50, but it’s a big one nonetheless. So, we took a “think outside the box” approach to a few ways to commemorate it while staying true to the pearl anniversary designation.

Pearls of Wisdom

Whether you have a formal party, a small get-together, or it’s just the two of you, use oyster shells as your 30 year anniversary theme. Shells are found in shops like Etsy, and you can use them in various ways.

  • Hide a gift for your spouse.
  • Use them as party favors for guests with hidden treasures.
  • Ask your friends and family to come up with little “pearls of wisdom” and slip them inside the oyster shells – similar to fortune cookies. You could open them immediately or save them and open one every subsequent anniversary.

A Trip with Tradition

Use the pearl anniversary as a reason to take an oyster lovers tour.

Oyster and Wine Lovers Cruise

Damariscotta River Cruises offer oyster and wine tasting cruises on Maine’s Damariscotta River. You’ll pass by the oyster farms while enjoying the fruits of their labor. There are plenty of other things to do in Maine, so you could make a long weekend of it or stick around longer and tour the state.

Pearl Resorts in Tahiti

If you’re more in the mood for sun and relaxation, then Tahiti might be calling you. Le Tahiti is in French Polynesia and is the idyllic setting for a 30 year anniversary retreat.

It’ll remind you of those “too good to be true” TV and movie vacations. You just know they have to be filmed on a studio lot because they seem too perfect. But the beach, the sun, and the fun are all authentic and anniversary-ready.

How Many People Reach their 30 Year Anniversary?

While 30 years might feel like a lifetime, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the currently longest-running marriage in the United States. A couple from Nebraska celebrated 85 years together in 2020!

Still, it’s no small feat to wear the rings for three decades. You’ve probably raised children that might be off now, starting their own families. You’ve had ups and downs and all around’s and are still going strong.

The 30 year anniversary success stories

Do you wonder how many people are in the same boat?

Anniversary statistics aren’t compiled often. However, the U.S. Census Bureau prepared a comprehensive report in 2009 with details on how many couples achieved marriage milestones. More than 60% of men and 57% of women married in the early 60s celebrated (and surpassed) their pearl anniversary.

Long-lasting marriages

Now you might be thinking that things were different in the 1960s, and divorce wasn’t as prevalent. While it’s true that more couples parted in later decades, particularly the 1980s, the tide has turned again.

Since 2011, the divorce rate in the United States has been steadily declining. So, you might feel like you’re the only two who have endured, but quite a few couples are nipping on your heels.