3 Year Anniversary Gifts

Congrats on making it to this major milestone! It’s a big one, and certainly one worth celebrating. But how you do you go about finding the best 3rd wedding anniversary gifts (or relationship gifts)? That’s what we’re here for.

If you’re stuck on whether to focus on pearls, crystals, sunflowers or go your own way, we’re here to help! We’ve got plenty of gifts and other ways to commemorate the occasion. You could call us your one-stop shop for third anniversaries.

3 Year Anniversary Traditional and Modern Options

  • Anniversary Stone: Pearl
  • Anniversary Flower: Sunflower
  • Modern U.S. Gift: Crystal, Glass
  • Traditional U.S. Gift: Leather
  • Traditional U.K. Gift: Leather

Best 3rd Anniversary Gifts

1. Raceway Electric Scooter

Raceway electric scooter

Do you want to celebrate your 3 year anniversary in a big way? Consider gifting your partner this amazing electric scooter! This is perfect for those who walk to work, school, or anywhere. The scooter folds up for neat storage and easy transport once you’ve arrived at your location, which is way more than we can say about standard scooters and bicycles. 

Give your partner’s feet a break with the Raceway Electric Scooter by Brookstone.  

  • Best high-end 3 year anniversary gift. 
  • Great for reducing your carbon footprint. 
  • Great for those living in large cities like NYC. 
  • Can travel 15 miles on one charge.

2. Hearthside Treat Basket by Harry and David

Hearthside Treat Basket by Harry and David

Does your partner love snacks? Give them the ultimate snack basket filled with treats curated by Harry and David. This gorgeous, faux leather gift basket comes filled with seasonal pears, milk chocolate Moose Much, dark chocolate Moose Munch, white cheddar cheese, gouda cheese, milano salami, smoked salmon, pepper and onion relish, three-seed crackers, olive oil and sea salt crackers, sweet and spicy snack mix, baklava, decadence cake, and so much more. 

  • Best food-based 3 year anniversary gift. 
  • Includes snacks that are sweet, savory, and in between. 
  • Faux leather gift basket means no extra gift packaging needed. 
  • Perfect addition to any at-home date night.

3. Mamibot Self Emptying Sweeper

Mamibot Self Emptying Sweeper

Does your love often complain about dusty floors or how much time they spend sweeping and vacuuming? Then release their burden this anniversary with a mamibot, self-emptying sweeper. This powerful sweeper is set apart from other sweepers on the market because the charging port will automatically remove dust from the vacuum. No more clouds of dust as you empty your duster into the trash! 

  • Best gift to help relieve chore burden. 
  • Great for stay at home parents and spouses. 
  • Perfect to maintain a clean house when busy at work. 
  • Better amenities than most other popular sweepers.
WoodLink Caged Tube Bird Feeder

Birdwatchers, outdoor enthusiasts, and gardeners are going to really love this one! The WoodLink caged tube bird feeder is a wonderful addition to any yard to bring in songbirds and give them a safe place to have a snack. Don’t let your partner feel the sadness of watching their bird friends get picked off by predators! This bird feeder is the best way to enjoy bird watching from your own back door. 

  • Top 3 year anniversary gift for gardeners. 
  • Holds 1.25 lbs of bird seed. 
  • Squirrel resistant, which means longer lasting seed. 
  • Can be easily mounted on a 1 inch pole.

5. Soft White Wine Glass Set 

Soft White Wine Glass Set

Glass is a traditional gift theme for 3 year anniversaries, and a standard way to implement the material is through nice wine glasses. This set by Schott Zwiesel is one great option! These glasses are truly elegant and utilizes Tritan glass which is both strong and beautiful. The glasses have a wide base for ultimate stability and a unique flat bottom shape to improve the tasting experience. They make a great gift for all wine drinkers!

  • Best 3 year anniversary gift for wine drinkers. 
  • 6 glasses come in the set. 
  • Glasses are dishwasher safe and discoloration resistant. 
  • The best blend between standard glasses and unbreakable plastic variants.

6. Roadie 24 Hard Cooler

Roadie 24 Hard Cooler by Yeti

If your partner loves going to the beach or hosting BBQs, then they are going to adore this Roadie 24 hard cooler by Yeti. This is a Yeti classic that is said to weigh 10% less, hold 20% more, and offer 30% more thermal protection. Every inch of this cooler is thought out. Yeti made it tall enough to fit full bottles of wine, but the entire thing is thin enough to nestle in the back floorboard of a car. Your spouse is going to wonder why they ever used any other cooler! 

  • Best gift for taking to sports events, beaches, and parks. 
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors. 
  • White coolers can be customized with MLB and NFL logos. 
  • Compatible with the Yeti tie-down kit.

7. White, Fresh Water Pearl Necklace

White, Fresh Water Pearl Necklace

Every anniversary has a special gemstone or crystal that is said to represent the milestone. For 3 year anniversaries that precious stone is actually pearls. If you want to give your partner a traditional pearl gift, we recommend this stunning freshwater pearl necklace from The Pearl Source. The pearls are the highest quality on the market and sure to turn heads wherever your partner wears them!

  • Best traditional pearl gift for 3 year anniversaries. 
  • Customize length, clasp style, and more. 
  • Matching bracelets and earrings are available. 
  • High end piece at a moderate price.

8. StarSea Quartz Watch

StarSea Quartz Watch

If you are in the market for a traditional watch gift this year, consider giving your partner this StarSea Quartz watch by Stuhrling. The classic banding and shape create a look that pairs with all styles while the night sky clock face is as stunning and unique as your partner. You can get the clock face in a variety of colors, though we are partial to the black backing with its iridescent sheen! 

  • Best traditional watch gift choice. 
  • Choose from 5 different watch face colors. 
  • Water resistant up to 100 meters 
  • Bezeled case creates an interesting look.

9. Michael Kors Leather Tote Bag

Michael Kors Leather Tote Bag

We’ve discussed two traditional gift materials for 3rd anniversaries (glass and pearl), but there is another gift material that many consider the main choice – leather. If you are looking for a fantastic leather gift for your partner, consider this leather tote by Michael Kors. This is a small tote bag with huge potential. The tea rose coloring makes it a standout piece that compliments any outfit. 

  • Our top leather gift idea. 
  • Small enough to carry with sewn in handles but shoulder strap is included. 
  • Comes with the classic Michael Kors branding and tags. 
  • Bag can be zipped to keep your items completely secure.

10. CK One by Calvin Klein

CK One by Calvin Klein Perfume

Our favorite scent gifts for anniversaries are unisex scents that compliment any person regardless of gender. For your 3rd anniversary, we recommend CK One by Calvin Klein. The theme of the scent is the passionate blending of all genders, which is displayed through a bright and fruity, yet spicy, aroma. This cologne is great for both day and night wear, which makes it an ideal gift idea. 

  • Top scent gift for 3 year anniversaries. 
  • Comes in a large 6.7 oz bottle. 
  • Comes with a screw top and a spray cap that can be added. 
  • Additional bottle sizes and gift sets are available.

11. Custom Chocolate Gift Box

Ethel M Custom Chocolate Gift Box

Got yourself a sweetie with a sweet tooth? Give them a deluxe custom chocolate box from Ethel M chocolates! You can select up to 8 chocolate varieties, or fill the box with a bunch of a single, favorite flavor. The box will contain 40 total chocolates and come in an adorable cactus theme. You can purchase the box as a one time gift, or give your partner the gift of monthly chocolate deliveries!

  • Best gift option for candy lovers. 
  • Completely customizable gift option. 
  • Multiple shipping options available for your convenience. 
  • Over 30 chocolate flavors to choose from.

12. Corelle Raya Dinnerware Set

Corelle Raya Dinnerware Set

Does your partner enjoy entertaining guests? Then set them up with a stunning dinnerware set they can break out when guests arrive. This set has a hand-drawn silver and scarlet red design that pairs well with all Holiday and event decor. Your partner will love the chip resistant materials and ability to clean these plates, bowls, and cups in a dishwasher! 

  • Best gift idea for those who enjoy throwing parties. 
  • Comes with 16 pieces (4 place settings). 
  • Plates are lightweight (which means kids can handle them easily).
  • Dishes nestle into each other easily for storage ease.

13. Stainless Steel Smartwatch

Stainless Steel Smartwatch by Fossil

Smartwatches are a wildly popular gift for modern anniversaries, but many recipients say they don’t like the gaudy, sports style of these watches. The Gen 5E smartwatch from Fossil is the perfect solution to this problem! The watches look like traditional watches that could be dressed up for work or a night out while offering useful smartwatch amenities. Choose form a variety of band options to match your partner’s style and they will want to wear their smartwatch every day!

  • Best tech gift for 3 year anniversaries. 
  • Straps are interchangeable. 
  • Utliizes Google Wear OS.
  • Compatible matching with IOS and Android phones.

14. Godinger Vintage Highball Glasses

Godinger Vintage Highball Glasses

If you want to offer a traditional glass gift for your 3rd anniversary, but your partner isn’t much of a wine drinker, consider these vintage highball glasses by Godinger. These glasses are simply stunning and make a beautiful addition to your daily use glassware and also look great on a shelf. No matter how your partner uses them, these glasses are sure to impress. 

  • Best glass gift alternative. 
  • Available in green, blue, pink, and clear. 
  • Vintage embossed texture on each glass. 
  • Glasses are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

15. Staub Ceramic Baking Set

Staub Ceramic Baking Set

Does your partner love to cook or bake? Improve their supply of cooking wares with the ceramic baking set from Staub. Available in seven colors, you can get the perfect set to match your partner’s kitchen decor. The set includes two ceramic baking dishes – 6-inch x 7.5-inch and 7.5-inch x 10.5-inch. Perfect for cobblers, cakes, casseroles, and so much more! 

  • Best 3 year anniversary gift for bakers. 
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Enamel finish is nonporous and highly scratch resistant. 
  • Microwave, broiler, and oven safe up to 575°

16. Convertible Chair Bed

Convertible Chair Bed from Macys

If you are completely lost on what to get your partner, we recommend a gift that anyone would love – a convertible chair bed by Gold Sparrow. This super comfy seat can stretch out into a napping oasis. Put it in an office, den, living room, bedroom, or anywhere else your partner could use a little more comfort and peace. This seat is even perfect for sleeping overnight guests without wasting tons of space on an extra bed. 

  • Best anniversary gift that anyone would enjoy. 
  • A perfect, neutral toned addition to any furniture set. 
  • Great for midday naps or overnight stays. 
  • Readers and gamers will love this lounging space.

Tips for Picking Out the Best 3rd Anniversary Gift

We’re going out on a limb and guessing that you don’t already have a 3 year anniversary gift in mind. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t have landed on this particular page.

Take a breath, though. You’ve come to the right place. We’ve been bouncing ideas around for months to come up with gift recommendations that are excellent for the third but work for any year as well. You can use the links to make your purchase without having to shop around. Or use them for inspiration.

And to help with the process, here are a few tips for finding the ideal gift for him or for her:

  • Consider getting a joint gift! There’s nothing wrong with combining forces and getting something useful that you can use in your home or enjoy together.
  • Budget over romance. Yes, we are certainly advocates for getting the perfect 3rd wedding anniversary gift when you find it. However, that falls under the caveat of only when it fits into the budget. Don’t set your relationship back financially by purchasing something that doesn’t fit comfortable in the budget.
  • Never too late for traditions. You’re only on your 3rd of hopefully many, many more anniversary milestone celebrations! What that means is that it’s still early enough to start traditions. Maybe it’s a type of gift you get? Maybe it’s something you do together? Maybe it’s something unique you come up? There’s no time like now to get started!
  • Start taking notes early. A lot of people wait until right before their anniversary to start trying to figure out what their significant other wants. If it’s already last minute, there’s nothing you can do for this year. But if you have some time, start paying attention to what they talk about, what piques their interest, and if they mention there’s something they really like or want. You’d be surprised how often people give away clues without even realizing they’re doing it.

Traditional 3 Year Anniversary Gifts

Even though the themes are sometimes a little off the wall, it’s easier to come up with a traditional anniversary gift. That’s because you already have a starting point.

You might not carry around a pocket anniversary guide. But you don’t need to because we’ve got you covered for three years of marriage. And, you can bookmark Healthy Framework and return in 365 days, as we’ve got your 4th anniversary guide ready to go as well.

Our little anniversary handbook lists the standard symbols as well as modern twists.

Various symbols for the same event

For the 3rd anniversary, you’ve got a few ways to go when it comes to gifts. The traditional symbols are sunflowers, pearls, and leather. Those aren’t too bad, considering iron is the 6th year symbol, and the 10th revolves around tin.

Of course, gift ideas only work if they fit in with your spouse’s tastes. That’s probably why the modern symbol, in the U.S. anyway, replaces crystal for leather.

The meaning of leather

Leather is the official third anniversary theme in the U.S. and the U.K. It’s flexible, yet strong and lends itself to a wide variety of gift ideas. Now, we mentioned that crystal is the modern gift, and that’s probably because so many people steer clear of genuine leather these days. If you’re in that mindset, there are plenty of faux leather items that are equally as impressive.

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to take the traditional 3 year anniversary gift route, the next thing you’ll want to do is narrow the field based on budget.

Not only does leather provide natural or manufactured options, but it covers everything from a keychain to a jacket to a recliner. And, just because the official gemstone is the pearl doesn’t mean you have to buy a strand.

Elegant and timeless pearls

Pearl jewelry is beautiful and is about as conventional as it gets. But pearls can adorn pretty much anything.

You don’t even have to go with those strands of pearls that probably come to mind first. There are all kinds of jewelry, keepsakes, and even furniture with pearlized finishes. A jewelry box with a pearl finish can hold previous and future tokens of your affection. Or, a pearl adorned framed photo from your wedding will get you plenty of points in the romance realm.

The meaning is elegance and timelessness. So you can have fun playing with different ideas that stick to tradition but have a modern twist.

Modern Gifts for Third Anniversaries

Speaking of modern, we mentioned that leather is traditional, but crystal or glass is the official updated U.S. gift for three year celebrations.

We know that many couples default to knick-knacks for crystal gifts. But you’re only three years past your reception, and you probably have a few crystal vases standing by, don’t you?

Crystal replaces leather

If you’re taking the crystal route, you might want to get those creative juices flowing even more. Crystal symbolizes your beautiful relationship that in year three is still somewhat fragile. It’s something that needs loving care. So, keep that in mind when you choose your gift.

As the skies the limit with crystal inspiration, we’ve come up with a few impressive suggestions that we hope fit the bill for your partner. But, Etsy can be your best friend for other recommendations. Just search “crystal,” and you’ll find all kinds of jewelry and unusual pieces. Something is sure to say, “this is perfect,” and it might even be one-of-a-kind.

Third anniversary adventures

You could also crank up the heat on leather and pearls for a 21st-century twist. Maybe spend your big day on a leather saddle doing some horseback riding that leads to a picnic for two. Or, go on an underwater adventure and do a little pearl diving instead of pearl shopping.

Turn to Other 3 Year Anniversary Symbols

We’ve touched upon leather, pearls, and crystal. Keep in mind, though; you’ve also got sunflowers, the official third anniversary flower. Maybe instead of a bouquet, you opt for a crystal sunflower or one carved into your leather gift.

You can also forego pearls for jade. Both jade and crystal are alternative three-year gemstones, so crystal is a multi-tasker when you’re shopping for your 3rd anniversary!