25 Year Anniversary Gifts

You’re approaching a quarter of a century of marriage. So, it only fits that the big day is known as the silver anniversary – durable, valuable, and long-lasting.

The kids might be out of the house by now, and it’s time for a new chapter in your lives. So, do it up right with romantic gifts for each other and a celebration with your family and friends. Our 25 year anniversary guide will get the ball rolling with old and new traditions and ideas to commemorate you and your spouse. And most importantly, we’ll break down a list of the best 25 year anniversary gifts for him, for her, for your parents, or for that special couple in your life.

After all, how many times can you hit a 25-year milestone? 

In This Guide:

25 Year Anniversary Facts and Traditional Gifts

  • Anniversary Stone/Material: Silver; alternatives are tsavorite and green garnet
  • Anniversary Flower: Iris
  • Modern U.S. Gift: Silver
  • Traditional U.S. Gift: Silver
  • Traditional U.K. Gift: Silver
Man and woman in wedding dress holding hands outside

Best 25 Year Anniversary Gifts

1. White Gold and Green Garnet Necklace by Gabriel & Co

White Gold and Green Garnet Necklace by Gabriel & Co

A traditional 25th anniversary gift is the green garnet. Perhaps the significance of this stone is that it is surprisingly difficult to find at most jewelers, just like 25 years of companionship and love is hard to find in modern relationships. Still, Gabriel & Co have come through with this gorgeous pear shaped pendant of repent garnet, dropped from a flourish of shimmering diamonds and a white gold chain. 

You shouldn’t have to compromise the beauty of a gift trying to fit into the standards and traditions of your anniversary. This necklace is a rare find where you can stay true to tradition and knock your partner’s socks off with how stunningly beautiful your gift is.

2. 3.75 Quart Specialty Cocotte by Staub Cast Iron

3.75 Quart Specialty Cocotte by Staub Cast Iron

You and your partner have been together for a while and established a beautiful home. It is hard to imagine adding certain things to your home, but this cocotte by Staub Cast Iron is a gift your spouse will truly love. It is beautiful in design, sturdy in creation, and so useful that you will be able to pass it down to your kids and grandkids for decades. 

The French oven comes in a variety of colors, each with a gorgeous raised design on the lid and handles. The interior of the lid is adorned with self-basting spikes, which redirect flavorful liquid onto the meal as it cooks. When it comes to 25th anniversary gifts, this is one way to knock it out of the park!

3. In-Wall Surround Sound Speakers by Sonos

In-Wall Surround Sound Speakers by Sonos

The longer we’re in a relationship, the more we appreciate the beauty and romance of a night at home, watching your favorite movie or tv show. This gift is a perfect way to make those nights even more special. 

The In-Wall Surround Sound Speakers by Sonos are a perfect way to create a theater-like experience in your living room. The speakers offer bold and crystal clear sound while being discreetly inserted directly into your wall. No more bulky, dangling speakers, or sound bars that require a table or stand on which to be placed. Your partner will love this gift that keeps on giving.

4. Cozumel Getaway

Cozumel beach

Your 25th anniversary is a big one and deserves to be celebrated in a major way! One option is an all-inclusive getaway to Cosumel, Mexico. A land flush with warm beaches, delicious drinks, and enough sunshine to melt away your stress. 

You and your love will cherish forever the memories you make on the sandy, Cozumel beaches. The resorts in the area offer packages that work for most budgets and come with all the amenities you’ll need to truly enjoy yourself. Don’t give your partner the gift of a stressful vacation with nothing to do. A trip to Cozumel will lead to fun and relaxation every day, without even having to try.

5. Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

Chances are, you and your partner are getting closer to retirement and constantly looking for new hobbies to fill your time. This year, give your love the gift of one of the most popular hobbies of all time – metal detecting. 

This Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector is the perfect option for those already into metal detecting as well as newcomers. This detector is hardy and can be submerged up to 10 feet. That makes it great for discovering treasures in the water and also keeps it safe from clumsy hobbyists who might be at risk for dropping it in a puddle or two.

6. Silver Pots and Pans by Demeyer

Silver Pots and Pans by Demeyer

Silver is one of the most common gifts for 25th anniversary celebrations, but usually it is in the form of fancy silverware. Fine silverware is a nice gift, don’t get us wrong, but the practicality is lacking. 

Instead, why don’t you surprise your partner with this gorgeous set of silver pots and pans by Demeyer? Technically, the pans are stainless steel, but the shimmering silver exterior is close enough to count in our books. The multilayer construction distributes heat evenly among the pans’ cooking surfaces and provides a truly luxury experience. Your spouse will never want to use another pan again!

7. Flora Diamond Ring by Clean Origin

Flora Diamond Ring by Clean Origin

For your 25th anniversary, consider a gift that will remind your spouse of the day you wed – a stunning diamond ring. This Flora Diamond Ring is part of the anniversary collection by Clean Origin, meaning it will look beautiful as a backdrop to your partner’s wedding band. 

The ring has 8 glorious, lab grown diamonds that are set between two thin lines of milgrain. The detailed work will have your love staring at it for hours with a beaming smile on their face. You can choose from multiple colors of gold for the band and milgrain including rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. That means you can perfectly match the ring to your spouse’s style.

8. Yukon Solo Stove and Stand

Yukon Solo Stove and Stand

After 25 years together, you and your partner should spend some time just relaxing and taking in all you’ve created together. This Solo Stove by Yukon is the perfect way to create a space where you can do just that. 

This modern fire pit quickly and easily works up a strong flame while the design adjusts the flow of air to reduce smoke dispersal. It is a wood burning fire pit, which means you get all the perks of a true campfire, without the smoky smell sticking to your deck, clothes, and hair. That makes this gift one of kind, useful, and practical – all the ingredients for something your spouse will truly love.

9. Diamond SUT371 by Seiko

Diamond SUT371 by Seiko

For a truly show stopping 25th anniversary gift, consider the Diamond SUT371 watch by Seiko. The sleek silver band perfectly compliments the diamond inlaid watch face and pearlescent blue interior. Seiko is known for their stunningly beautiful designs, and the SUT371 is no exception. 

The watch is powered by light energy, meaning no pesky battery changes are needed. There is no need to get the watch into the sun every day, the battery can last 6 months on a full charge! It makes it the most beautiful and low maintenance watch your partner could ever desire.

10. Jin Deluxe L-Track Massage Chair 

Jin Deluxe L-Track Massage Chair

If you are looking for a 25th anniversary gift that you and your partner will both love, then check out the Jin Deluxe L-Track Massage Chair. It has all the bells and whistles from calf and ankle compression to multilevel back rollers. 

The chair plugs into a standard 110V power receptor and is easy to move from room to room thanks to the attached roller wheels. It is even set up for you upon delivery, so there is no worry that you won’t have it ready to use in time for your anniversary. Give your partner the gift of relaxation and see how much joy it brings.

11. Flower of The Month Club 

Flower of the Month Club

Does your partner get overjoyed when you present them with a bouquet of beautiful flowers? If so, the flower of the month club can bring them that joy every single month. No matter how busy you get, your love will still get their monthly gift that reminds them how much you care. 

This is a perfect 25th anniversary gift because it requires minimal legwork but makes a huge impact. Each bouquet is seasonal and filled with the freshest most stunning flowers available. Your partner will be tickled with excitement waiting for their new flowers to arrive. It is a gorgeous gift that gives again each and every month.

12. Silver wall Art by Jon Allen

Silver wall Art by Jon Allen

If you want a way to stick to the 25th anniversary gift tradition of silver without adding unnecessary cutlery to your home, try this gorgeous art piece by Jon Allen. The silver wall sculpture looks good with any decor and can be angled in any way that pleases you. 

The metal has been delicately shaped into a wave of shimmering silver with dimples and ripples throughout the surface. Try hanging it near a light source to see how it glistens and dances off the different surfaces of the sculpture. It is an unforgettable piece that anybody would be thrilled to receive.

13. Baroque Pearl Bracelet by The Pearl Source

Baroque Pearl Bracelet by The Pearl Source

25 years is a huge milestone and should be commemorated with a gift that is as beautiful and unique as your partner – a baroque pearl bracelet by The Pearl Source. This bracelet is filled with Tahitian pearls that have a gorgeous coloration ranging from true green to deep grey. 

The baroque style adds something special to this pearl bracelet and creates a shape that is unforgettable. The clasp can be silver or gold and there is even an easy-open, magnetic clasp option. Your partner will want to wear this bracelet everyday and with how beautiful this bracelet looks with any outfit, they definitely could get away with it!

14. Silver Couples Necklace by Things Remembered

Silver Couples Necklace by Things Remembered

If you are looking for an item that is traditional as a 25th anniversary gift, take a peak at this silver necklace by Things Remembered. 

The necklace boasts a uniquely shaped silver heart from which dangles two beautiful birthstones, customizable to your and your partners’. Or, choose two stones that your partner would love to see no matter what the significance. We love that this necklace makes a large impact on a modest budget. If you need a show-stopping gift that doesn’t break the bank, look no further.

15. Philips Pasta Maker Plus 

Philips Pasta Maker Plus 

After all the years you’ve spent with your partner, you may be looking for a new hobby to try. May we suggest some advanced cooking? This pasta maker by Philips is the perfect device to add to your partner’s kitchen supplies so they can try their hand at making new and delicious meals. 

The machine exudes automatically, so your love doesn’t need to exert themself trying to crank a handle. There are dozens of pasta shapes preset in the machine and cleaning up is a breeze. Your partner will be so pleased with their new toy that you might end up with delicious, homemade pasta for every future dinner!

16. African Leather by Memo Paris

Bottle of Perfume - African Leather Brand

Perfume and cologne are wonderful gift ideas for any anniversary, but your 25th anniversary deserves something extra special. Something like this bottle of African Leather by Memo Paris. A unisex scent, this eau de parfum is both spicy, earthy, and a little sweet. 

The sultry scent will leave you wanting to douse both you and your partner in it every chance you get. Whether your partner is a scent lover or likes to collect gorgeous glass bottles, you can’t go wrong with African Leather.

17. Pellet Grill by Traeger

Timerbline 1300 Grill from Traeger

Your partner has been grilling for you for 25 years, isn’t it time you upgrade their arsenal? This Pellet Grill by Traeger is the ultimate in outdoor cooking. The fully insulated construction keeps the heat consistent, the adjustable grating lets you fit anything inside you could possibly dream of, and the attached bamboo cutting board offers a full work station for the ultimate in grilling convenience. 

Your partner won’t know what to do with themselves when they see a big bow on this bad boy. The best part is, the gift is given back to you in the form of delicious meals!

History of 25 Year Anniversary Gifts

If you reviewed the 25 year anniversary facts at the top of this page, you might have noticed that they just scream silver.

There’s no way to get around it, as it’s the theme, the focus of the traditional gift, the modern U.S. gift, and it’s even the designated gemstone, even though it’s not a gem, jewel, or stone.

The 25th was the first celebrated

We take for granted that all wedding anniversaries have been celebrated throughout time, but that’s not the case. Yes, the concept of gift-giving to commemorate a successful union dates back to Ancient Rome and Medieval Germany, but only for the 25th and 50th anniversaries.

One of the earliest customs for the 25 year anniversary was for the wife’s friends and neighbors to present her with a silver wreath. Silver became a gold wreath for the 50th, and the silver and gold designations remain.

Silver and gold are the only two milestones with longevity, though.

Silver milestone

Our current go-to list of anniversaries didn’t come until the 19th century, commemorating every five years. A complete list of “every year celebrations” wasn’t adopted until the mid 20th century. So, you’ve had your share of milestones, but the silver 25th anniversary is deep-rooted.

Why silver?

  • Precious metal
  • Pure silver is pliable
  • Keep it polished (take care of it), and it sparkles and shines forever
  • Strength and endurance

As we mentioned, silver is both the traditional and modern theme in the United States and the United Kingdom. But if you like to veer off the beaten path, you have a few alternatives. They’re not as commonly used but still customary (if that’s important to you).

Savor tsavorite

Instead of heading right to sterling silver collections, you could peruse some tsavorite or green garnet gifts, as both are 25th anniversary alternatives.

Tsavorite is a green garnet, and they both are strikingly close to emeralds.

So, why tsavorite?

Experts make frequent comparisons of tsavorite to emeralds. They agree that emeralds may have a bit more of the sparkling factor. But tsavorite is an ideal 25th anniversary gift because it’s more durable and long-lasting. You don’t need us to explain that significance!

Flowers to commemorate 25 year anniversaries

Whether you’re buying an arrangement for your spouse or you want to do a little something for family or friends hitting the silver mark, your go-to is the iris. It comes in different colors, although purple is the most prevalent.

The iris symbolizes:

  • Faith and hope
  • Perfection
  • Light and life

Did you know?

Van Gogh created an entire collection of paintings focused on irises. The simply named “Irises” was the most expensive artwork in 1987, selling for $53.9 million at the time.

Whether you’re looking for a small token of your affection or want to go all out with a 25 year anniversary present, we’ve got a complete gift guide. The unique suggestions for silver celebrations are ready for purchase or will get your creative juices flowing at the very least.

How Many People Reach their 25 Year Anniversary?

Marriage statistics fluctuate slightly based on the source. After all, it’s a daunting task to keep up with marriages, re-marriages, divorces, and relationships that have endured without a piece of paper backing it up.

Enduring partnerships

But the U.S. Census Bureau does its best to stick to facts and figures. In a 2011 report, the bureau provided a detailed statistical analysis of the “Number, timing, and duration of marriages and divorces.” The findings revealed that 35% of couples celebrated their 25th anniversary. 

That number is looking bigger and better as time passes, though. Are you aware that the divorce rate is dropping and has been since 2011 when the Census released its data? In 2019, the number of annual divorce filings hit a 20-year low.

So, while you’re in the elite 35% group, membership in your club is slowly and surely increasing over time.

Who Plans the Big 25 Year Anniversary Celebration?

One of the most frequently asked questions about anniversaries is “who plans the party?”

While we stick to some customs in modern-day society, anniversary etiquette isn’t set in stone.

  • If the couple has adult children or older teens, they typically step up to the plate to do the party planning
  • Parents, family members, or friends could also throw a silver celebration
  • The couple plans their own party (we’ve got some suggestions below)
  • No party – but a destination commemoration

Loved ones throwing a 25 year anniversary party

Anniversary parties can be a grand extravaganza, similar to holding a wedding for the second time, complete with a vow renewal. Or, they can be more intimate gatherings, depending on the budget (and personality).

A few creative party ideas for a 25 year anniversary include:

  • A tribute to 25 years well spent – compiling photos and videos from invited guests
  • Setting up the next 25 – have all guests take lots of pictures at the party, write at least one wish for the future, and upload to a designated website
  • Go silver-crazy with all silver décor, and black and white attire
  • Re-do some of the wedding – bring back a similar band, recreate the cake, invitations, etc.

You plan your own party

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating you and your spouse. You deserve to do whatever you want on your 25 year anniversary. After all, it’s 25 years!

If you don’t want to take the standard party route, you could plan an event that not only commemorates your big day, but other couples in your circle or everyone invited.

  • Set up a vow renewal for all of the invited couples
  • Have a 25-year theme that includes everyone – what they were doing 25 years ago, photos, fashion – even teens would enjoy going retro!
  • Invite your original wedding party out to an elegant dinner (or a backyard barbeque)

Avoid a party, but celebrate anyway!

You don’t have to include anyone else if you don’t want to, as you and your partner did the heavy lifting to get to 25 years.

Plan a romantic getaway or, at the very least, lock yourself away for a staycation. Turn off the phones, wifi, and communication to the outside world, and make plans for the next 25!

Just a heads up, we sometimes get a few bucks if you purchase some of the items linked from this page. It’s how we keep the lights on. Thanks for your support!