14 Year Anniversary Gifts

It probably feels like just yesterday you were saying your I Do’s and now here you two are—14 beautiful years of marriage. Surely, it’s had its ups and down but you both persevered together and now it’s time to celebrate that hard work.

One of the most popular ways to celebrate a major wedding anniversary milestone is with a gift! And chance are high that you’ve already purchased quite a few of those over the years. But now, what’s the best 14 year anniversary gift? Is there something special that shows how much you care but also has a bit of history and tradition tossed in?

You bet there is. In our 14 year anniversary gift guide, we’re going to show you the top gift options and share the knowledge and resources you need to make the right purchase for your husband or wife.

What are the traditional 14 year anniversary gifts?

  • Anniversary Stone: Opal
  • Anniversary Flower: Dahlia
  • Modern U.S. Gift: Gold Jewelry
  • Traditional U.S. Gift: Ivory
  • Traditional U.K. Gift: N/A

Best 14 Year Anniversary Gift List

1. Special Art Map by GrafoMap

Grafo Map Image

A perfect addition to your spouse’s home decor and a sentimental display of your memories – a GrafoMap is a custom celebration of the places and events in your relationship. Choose a place that is meaningful to you and use the customizer to create a stunning art piece from that location’s map. 

  • The best sentimental 14 year anniversary gift. 
  • Remind your partners of memories from your history. 
  • Decorate the map with markers and customize the style and color. 
  • The customizer is incredibly simple to use and shows a proof of your design.

2. Home Theory Lamp

Neon Ring Home Theory Lamp

The Home Theory Lamp is a modern design piece that offers customizable led lighting to any room in the home. Your spouse will love creating a mood with this circular lamp, and it can even be used for unique effects in filming and photography. 

  • Most unique 14 year anniversary gift. 
  • Small enough to fit into practically any room. 
  • Remote controlled lighting makes the lamp a breeze to use. 
  • Led lighting emits minimal heat, so it is safe to touch.

3. Take a Trip to Zakynthos in the Ionian Sea


Go big for your anniversary with an all inclusive trip to Zakynthos. Your partner will spend their days enjoying the views of the Ionian Sea along with the Filoxenia Hotel’s great amenities. These include a restaurant, poolside bar, pool with loungers, standard bar, and much more. It is a stunning way to experience Greece. 

  • Best 14 year anniversary vacation package. 
  • A short drive from multiple beaches, shopping, and more. 
  • The hotel is pet friendly and provides free WIFI. 
  • The hotel views are breathtaking and unforgettable.

4. Indoor/Outdoor Speaker Set by Sonos

Indoor and Outdoor Speaker Set by Sonos

The indoor/outdoor speaker set by Sonos is the perfect addition to any home, but if your partner loves music, this is a top-tier gift! The included speakers offer well-rounded sound and can be voice controlled. One speaker is perfect for indoor listening while the Move speaker is weather resistant and great for use on a porch, deck, or patio. 

  • The top gift idea for music and podcast lovers. 
  • Great addition to homes where bbqs and outdoor events are held. 
  • Speakers are lightweight and easy to move around. 
  • You can stream via Bluetooth and from many major apps.

5. Logan RFID Bifold Wallet

Logan RFID Bifold Wallet

A practical 14 year anniversary gift is the Logan RFID wallet from Fossil. This wallet is made of leather and recycled polyester and protects credit and debit cards from external reading. It is available in 12 colors and can even have a name or initials embossed into the wallet. 

  • Best gift idea for those who love useful gifts. 
  • A highly affordable gift option with lots of customizations. 
  • Roomy enough to hold an ID, cash, and 5 cards.
  • Includes a small, zippered change pocket.  

6. Matching Watch Set by Stuhrling

Matching Watch Set by Stuhrling

A great gift that both you and your partner can enjoy, the opposites attract set by Stuhrling includes two beautiful watches, a signature pen, and diamond stud earrings. The watches are quartz classics from Stuhrling. The masculine watch has a sporty black facing with bold red elements. The feminine watch includes a peach and crystal watch face. Both utilize wine-colored bands for a nice match. 

  1. Best 14 year anniversary gift set. 
  2. Parse out the contents as you desire. 
  3. Both watches are water resistant up to 165 feet. 
  4. An affordable way to add a beautiful piece to both partner’s wardrobe.

7. Sapphire and Opal Bracelet

Sapphire and Opal Bracelet

Every anniversary has a traditional stone or crystal. For 14 year anniversaries, that stone is Opal. Opal is a gorgeous gem that isn’t utilized often enough in jewelry. However Gabriel & Co. is known for using many gems in their unique designs, including Opal. This Opal and sapphire bracelet is a jaw-dropping and modern way to get this tradition into your partner’s hands. 

  • Best traditional opal gift idea for 14 year anniversaries. 
  • The bracelet uses hammered stainless steel and sterling silver for a unique look. 
  • The opal stone is used as an accent, making it a great choice for those who prefer simple jewelry. 
  • Comes with complimentary cleaning twice a year.

8. Zwilling Crystal Decanter

Zwilling Crystal Decanter

This crystal decanter by Zwilling is a luxurious gift that speaks to those who enjoy wine, spirits, or even just a morning glass of orange juice. The piece is designed for optimina aeration of wine and helps foster a smoother and more enjoyable flavor in the wine of your choosing. It can fit a full 750 ML of wine and when not in use looks truly stunning upon a shelf. 

  • Our top gift idea for drinkers of wine and spirits. 
  • It is made of high-quality crystal that is resistant to scratches and chips.
  • The decanter is completely dishwasher safe. 
  • Comes in at a hefty 1.3 lbs of pure crystal.

9. Portable Picnic Table

Portable Picnic Table

If your partner loves to hike or camp, then don’t miss out on this useful, portable picnic table from Brookstone .The table comes in four colors and includes an eating space and two seats. It olds into a compact case with a handle for easy storage and transport. We love this table for use at the beach, park, or sporting events. 

  • A great gift idea for those who love sports and outdoors. 
  • Perfect to take to little league games with minimal seating. 
  • Take it to the park for a comfortable picnic experience. 
  • Easy to store and carry wherever you need it.

10. Yeti 24 oz. Rambler Mug

Yeti 24 oz Rambler Mug

If your partner is a hard worker, give them a 14 year anniversary gift that makes their life a little easier. The 24 oz rambler by Yeti is the perfect addition to their work routine. It can hold 24 oz of their favorite beverage and maintain its temperature for many hours. Choose from 8 colors for a perfectly selected gift. 

  • The best gift idea for busy professionals. 
  • A low-cost gift that still makes a great impact. 
  • Can be used as a beer mug or to hold any cold beverage. 
  • Keeps drinks cool and frosty for hours.

11. 8.5-9.0mm Hanadama Akoya White Pearl Necklace

Japanese Akoya White Pearl Necklace

If you want to give your partner a gift that leaves them speechless, look no further than the Hanadama Akoya pearl necklace by The Pearl Source. This pearl strand includes some of the largest and highest quality pearls available. You can choose from a variety of necklace lengths and clasp designs to ensure your partner is completely satisfied with their brilliant gift. 

  • Our favorite high-end necklace gift option. 
  • Is a stunning piece of jewelry to be passed down for generations. 
  • Three pearl overtones are available (white, ivory, rose). 
  • This is a gift your partner will never forget!

12. Oriental Rug in Opaline Colors by Amer Rugs

Oriental Rug in Opaline Colors by Amer Rugs

If you want a gift that is an homage to traditional opal without incorporating the actual stone, consider this stunning oriental rug by Amer rugs. This rug makes a gorgeous addition to any room and brings shimmering opaline colors of pink, coral, ivory, and dusty blue into the space. Your partner will love the soft feel of this masterfully crafted rug. 

  • Most unique way to incorporate Opal into a gift. 
  • The rug looks stunning in any room of the house. 
  • The rug is a large 5’3” by 7’3”. 
  • Is an easy way to add soft yet eye-catching colors into a room.

13. Costa Del Mar Polarized Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Polarized Sunglasses

Is your partner a hunter, fisher, or someone who spends a lot of time outdoors. Then give them a stylish gift they will love and use – Costa Del Mar Polarized Sunglasses. These beauties come in a variety of lens and frame colors, but no matter which you pick you know your spouse’s eyes are getting primo protection from the sun! These polarized glasses have top quality clarity, contrast, and definition while offering 100% UV protection. 

  • Our top gift choice for those who spend time outdoors. 
  • Great for construction workers and other outdoor professions. 
  • Super usefully for water sports where sun reflections can be blinding. 
  • Keeps eyes healthy and safe while in the glaring sun.

14. Versace Bright Crystal Fragrance

Versace Bright Crystal Fragrance

You can’t make a list of great gift ideas without including a stunning perfume or cologne. That’s because fragrances have been a traditional gift for centuries. If you want a scent that will stand the test of time, consider Bright Crystal by Versace. This scent features bright notes of pomegranate mingled with smooth peony and yuzu. The overall effect is a sensual fragrance that wears beautifully in the day and the night. 

  • Our favorite perfume option for 14 year anniversaries. 
  • The bottle is gorgeously designed to look great on the shelf. 
  • A classic Versace scent that has been loved for years. 
  • The bottle contains 3 fluid oz of the luxurious perfume.

15. Beaded Rose Gold Ring

Beaded Rose Gold Ring

If you are looking for a gold gift that doesn’t incorporate flash diamonds, consider this beaded rose gold band by Gabriel & Co. The unique band is gorgeous and available in a variety of gold shades. Still it is sleek and simple enough to easily pair with any outfit. That makes it a great option for day and night wear. 

  • A great, simple approach to a gold gift. 
  • Available in rose, yellow, and white gold. 
  • The ring comes in multiple sizes for the perfect fit. 
  • Looks stunning when paired with other rings.

How to Buy the Perfect 14th Anniversary Gift

  • Look back on gifts you got them in the past. Were there any that really stood out as winners or that they still use to this day?
  • Don’t get hung up on getting a traditional 14th anniversary gift if you don’t have to. Our next section is a must read where we break this down in quite a bit more detail.
  • Have they given you any hints over the past few weeks or months? It would be smart moving forward to start taking little notes when your husband or wife mentions something they really like. Even if they aren’t meaning for this to be a hint, it’s a great way to dial in on the perfect gift.

Should I get a traditional 14th anniversary wedding gift?

Honestly, this depends completely on your partner. Are they someone who loves the lovey-dovey sentimental stuff, or are they someone who is more into practical gifts with a purpose? If you’re unsure or you think it’s both, we did include several 14th year wedding gifts that are both functional and pay homage to the traditions of this relationship milestone.

The bottom line, though, is that as long as you’re getting something from the heart, you can’t go wrong either way.

How much should I spend on a 14th anniversary present?

There are a few things you should pay attention to when trying to determine your budget for purchasing a gift this year.

  1. Budget a number that you’re comfortable with and fits well into your current budget. There is no reason to start financial troubles or unnecessary debt just to get what you think is the ideal gift. If it’s not in the budget, it’s not the ideal gift.
  2. Remember that next year is a “big one.” The 15 year anniversary is always regarded as a major milestone, which usually means people like to do a little more in the way of celebrating for that one. If budget is tight, maybe consider going a little lighter this year and putting that extra cash away to save for next year.
  3. Don’t keep score. There is nothing wrong with talking to your spouse about setting a budget for anniversary gifts. However, after you do that, you should never worry about who spends more than the other person. If you find the perfect gift and it’s more expensive than the perfect gift they found, who cares? (The answer should be no one cares, and everyone is happy!)