10 Year Anniversary Gift

By: Jason Lee | Updated 2021

Making it to the decade mark in a relationship brings a lot of emotions at once—excitement, a feeling of accomplishment, and an entire truckload of love. And because you only celebrate your 10 year anniversary once, it’s important that you find the perfect gift to commemorate the milestone.

In this guide, our team of experts have done two things—they’ve curated a list of the best 10 year anniversary gifts and they’ve answered your biggest questions about how to find and buy the perfect gift.

Traditional 10 Year Anniversary Gifts

  • Modern U.S. 10 Year Gift: Diamond Jewelry
  • Old School 10 Year Anniversary Gift: Tin or Aluminum Gifts

When it comes to celebrating the decade milestone, the old school anniversary gift idea was something made of tin or aluminum. However, as is the case with many traditions, the world adapts and things change. If you’re married to someone who is very sentimental and really up to speed on the history of anniversaries, you might be able to pull off a tin or aluminum gift.

However, if your significant other falls into the realm of most people but you still want to follow tradition, you’ll probably want to gravitate towards the modern 10 year wedding anniversary gift—diamond jewelry.

Here are some of our favorite picks for traditional 10 year wedding anniversary gifts.

Diamond Jewelry from Clean Origins

If you haven’t caught up on the growing trend of lab-created diamonds, you’re in for a treat. And there’s no time like your 10 year anniversary to take advantage of the incredibly beautiful offerings from Clean Origin. Not only will you find the perfect gift that he or she is going to love, but it all comes with 100 day returns, free shipping, independent diamond certification, and completely free resizing. If you’re looking for the perfect traditional 10 year anniversary gift, go with a diamond necklace, pendant, or bracelet from Clean Origin.

Do I have to buy a traditional 10 year anniversary gift for my wife or husband?

Absolutely not! Just because someone tells you that something is a tradition doesn’t mean that you’re required to follow it. Sure, it can be a lot of fun to stick with the traditions and it makes for a great story when you give the gift.

10 year anniversary gifts just need to be thoughtful and significant enough to make your spouse happy! If that means a traditional gift, great. If that means something that they’ll like but it doesn’t follow tradition, also great!

Below, we’ve included some of our favorite 10 year anniversary gift ideas for him and her. P.S., just because something is on the “him” list doesn’t mean you can’t buy it for her. As someone who has made it to the decade milestone of a relationship, you know it’s all doing the right thing, not necessarily what the book says.

10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Looking for the perfect way to commemorate your anniversary with your husband or partner? Below, we’ve outlined a few of our favorite anniversary gifts for him. While these aren’t traditional diamond gifts, they’re things that any man is sure to love.

10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Men Under $100

Featured Gift: Engraved Fossil Watch – Best for the Man With Style

Additional Perfect Gift Ideas

10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Men Under $250

Featured Gift: BOSE SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II

Additional Perfect Gift Ideas

10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Men $250+

Featured Gift: Traeger Grill Pro Series 22 Pellet Grill

Additional Perfect Gift Ideas

10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

We know it’s important that the special woman in your life understands how much she means to you, especially on this momentous occasions. Below, we’ve curated a collection of our favorite 10 year anniversary gifts for her.

10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her Under $100

Featured Gift: Anne Klein Women’s Genuine Diamond Dial Bangle Watch

Additional Perfect Gift Ideas

10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her Under $250

Featured Gift: Wiley Saddle Bag from Fossil

Additional Perfect Gifts

10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her $250+

Featured Gift: 1 1/2ct White Gold Petite Diamond Bracelet

Additional Perfect Gift Options

Don’t Forget the Essentials!

Wrapping Paper

Gift Bags

Greeting Cards

10 Year Anniversary Ideas for Celebrating

  • Consider a staycation for a more affordable 10 year anniversary idea.
  • If it’s in the budget, consider taking a trip to somewhere new or somewhere special from your past.
  • If your significant other likes parties and celebrating with others, you could look into holding a get together with the people that are special to both of you.
  • Plan a romantic evening in. The best anniversary ideas for 10 year celebrations don’t always have to be grandiose. A simple and romantic evening in could be the perfect way to celebrate and get some alone time.

Tips for Buying the Perfect 10 Year Anniversary Gift

When it comes to selecting the perfect 10 year wedding anniversary gift, it can feel like a tall task. You only get one chance to get it right, and it’s the only time in your relationship where you move from single digit to double-digit anniversary milestones. We’re here to help, though 🙂 Below, we’ve included a few of our favorite tips for finding and buying the perfect gift.

Start With an Idea of Your Budget

No matter what, you should never spend more money than you are able to on an anniversary gift for him or for her. The worst thing you can do is buy a gift and put your family’s financial status in a bad spot. The knowledge of that can sour any perfect gift faster than anything. Figure out how much you can comfortably spend and start there. Yes, the 10 year anniversary is a bigger milestone that should warrant a bigger (and possibly pricier) gift if it’s in the budget.

Don’t Forget the Essentials

Yes, a big main gift is important when celebrating your anniversary. However, you can’t forget the little essentials that help to add to the experience. These are things like:

  • Anniversary Cards
  • Flowers
  • Chocolates
  • Traditions

Look at Past Anniversary Celebrations

Is there something special you got for them at an earlier anniversary? Is there a tradition with gifts that you have that you can continue? Expensive gifts are always nice, but something sentimental with meaning is always going to be the best option. Take some time and think through how things have gone in the past/ you might be able to find a unique idea that is more meaningful that you can purchase or even make.

Buying a 10 Year Anniversary Gift for Parents, Friends, or Family

Should you purchase a gift for your parents, friends, family, or even coworkers for their 10 year anniversary? The answer is that it depends. Are you obligated to? Not really. There’s not even anything in the tradition books that says you’re required to buy a gift for someone other than your significant other for anniversaries. If you’re on the fence about it, you could always just get them a card. That shows you remembered, took the time to think about them, and got them something to commemorate.