1 Year Anniversary Gifts

A year ago, you were juggling caterers, seating charts, and floral arrangements like a pro. Now, you’ve got one item on your to-do list, but it’s a big one. That’s why we’ve prepared the definitive 1 year anniversary gift guide.

We’ll touch on first anniversary traditions and tips and guide you to the best gifts and celebratory ideas. That all-important to-do will be a “to-done” in no time.

In This Guide:

1 Year Anniversary Facts and Traditional Gifts

  • Anniversary Stone: Gold (Yes, we know it’s not a stone, but it’s the go-to for 1 year anniversary jewelry); alternatives include Peridot and Pearl
  • Anniversary Flower: Carnation
  • Modern U.S. Gift: Clock
  • Traditional U.S. Gift: Paper
  • Traditional U.K. Gift: Paper
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Best 1 Year Anniversary Gifts

1. Russell Stover Love Assorted Chocolate Box 

Russell Stovers Love Box

A 1-year anniversary gift that is both delicious and cost effective, the pick and mix love box by Russel Stover is a great way to wow your partner without draining your savings account. 

The first year of a relationship can be one of the most trying and fulfilling. If you want to celebrate your love but are on a smaller budget, this golden box of mouth watering chocolates is a fantastic option. You can choose your love’s favorite flavors and maybe spice it up with a few they haven’t tried. Every Time they reach in for a treat they will remember how much you love them.

2. Versace Dylan Turquoise for Women

Versace Perfume

Lush with the scent of jasmine blended with the essence of manderin oranges and lemon primofiore, there is no better gift for a perfume lover than Dylan Turquoise by Versace. 

The stunning bottle is a gift in itself with its golden lid and emblem atop a striking, glass, turquoise jar. It is truly one of the most beautiful perfumes on the modern market. Your partner will be thrilled to adorn themselves with your gift before all the romantic nights in your future. If you want a first anniversary gift that exudes sex appeal, look no further!

3. Love Map by Grafo Map 

Grafo Map Image

1st anniversary gifts should show your lover the impact they’ve made on your life and a love map by Grafo Map is the perfect way to do it! 

Put any location into the Grafo Map editor and you can create a gorgeous piece of art based on the places in your relationship that matter. Choose some place meaningful like the place you met, the address of your first apartment, where you first kissed, or the place where you realized you were in love. No matter what place you choose, your significant other’s jaw will drop when they see how you’ve beautifully commemorated your love story.

4. Freshwater Double Pearl Bracelet by The Pearl Source

Pearl Source Double Pearl Bracelet

Pearls are a traditional stone to gift on the first anniversary; this bracelet celebrates that tradition with a twist. 

The Double Pearl Bracelet is lush with large, freshwater pearls and joined with a stunning, sterling silver clasp. The pearls come in a variety of shades (white, pink, and peach) so you can be certain the bracelet matches your partner’s style perfectly. The stacked strings create a modern look to a stone that can often look a little outdated. Your partner will never want to take this bracelet off and will adore how beautifully these pearls match with basically any outfit!

5. Buckingham Eternity Band by Clean Origin 

Buckingham Eternity Band by Clean Origin

Another traditional element for the 1 anniversary gift is gold. Gold jewelry is one of the most commonly recommended gifts for your partner when that 1st year mark rolls around, but a lot of people don’t care for traditional gold jewelry. Consider this gorgeous alternative instead. 

The Buckingham Eternity Band comes in many beautiful types of gold (white, rose, yellow) and in different karats. The band is filled with 18, stunning lab-created diamonds for a truly spectacular look. The ring is the perfect way to tell your lover, “we have only been together for a year, but I can see us together for eternity.”

6. Gen5 Carlyle Smartwatch by Fossil 

Gen5 Carlyle Smartwatch by Fossil 

Smartwatches are one of the most customizable and stylish advancements in modern technology, and the Carlyle Smartwatch is a testament to that. If your partner loves being connected at all times, then this smartwatch is the perfect choice for your first anniversary gift. 

The sleek, all black stylization is a real eye catcher for any wearer and the bold screen display makes for the simplest of usability.  The watch utilizes the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Wear 3100 processor and has 8GB or storage. When your partner is wearing this beautiful watch they will love looking down to see all the loving messages you send them throughout the day.

7. Rosetta Stone 1-Year Plan 

Rosetta Stone Logo

By the time you’ve reached your 1-year anniversary, you’ve likely discussed things like all the places in the world you’d love to visit. Now, 1 year might be a little soon to throw 10 grand down on a vacation across the globe, but you can say “I love you” with a gift that will help your partner prepare! 

A 1-year Rosetta Stone plan is the perfect way for you and your partner to start learning a language that will help you fully enjoy your future travels. You can choose from Spanish, German, Italian, French, and many other amazing languages!

8. Flower of The Month Club Subscription 

Flower of the Month Club

Flowers are always a safe bet for any notable event, especially as your first anniversary gift. However, the best gift givers always go above and beyond, and that’s exactly what the flower of the month club can help you to do! 

Each month your partner will receive a gorgeous, seasonal arrangement of flowers right to their door. That means that once every 4 weeks you know that your love will be reminded how perfect and special they are to you. This is an especially wonderful choice for those long-distance couples who need a way to feel a little bit closer.

9. Rachel Satchel Bag by Fossil  

Rachel Satchel Bag by Fossil

When it comes to buying your partner a purse, you want to choose something that is both stylish and functional. The Rachel Satchel Bag ticks all the boxes! 

The bag comes in two colors, a beautiful black and a sexy natural brown. They are crafted from eco-leather on the exterior and the interior is made from recycled polyurethane. Is your partner eco conscious? They can rock this bag totally guilt free!  The bag can be dressed up or down to match any outfit. No matter where your partner wants to wear the Rachel Satchel, they will look stellar.

10. Black Spinel Teardrop Pendant by Gabriel NY

Black Spinel Teardrop Pendant by Gabriel NY

If you are looking for a gift that makes a statement, then this Black Spinel Teardrop Pendant is the perfect choice. Your partner will never forget receiving this edgy, pear-shaped pendant, rimmed with black spinel. 

The hammered silver gives the necklace a look that is a little less delicate and a lot more rock and roll. This gift will leave your partner speechless. The only downside is trying to come up with a gift that is equally as impressive next year!

11. Mickey Mouse Icon Stone Bracelet by Disney 

Mickey Mouse Icon Stone Bracelet by Disney

Something from the Disney store might not strike you as 1st anniversary gift material, but if you have a Disney fan as a partner, this bracelet is sure to impress! The Disney branding is subtle, but clear enough to show that you had your love’s interests in mind. 

The real focal point of the bracelet is the huge Swarovski crystal framed by cubic zirconia diamonds. The crystal is blue with shifts of green and purple that dance in the light. Your partner will want to wear this bracelet everywhere to show off how considerate and adoring you are. This bracelet is so stunning that even non-Disney fans would love a chance to don it!

12. Chocolate Chest by Harry and David 

Chocolate Chest by Harry and David

Does your partner love chocolate? You could pick them up a nice box of assorted chocolates and I’m sure they’d be pleased. But, you will never make an impression with those the way you will with a full blown chest of gourmet chocolates! 

This decadent gift is set inside a truly beautiful wood and faux leather chest. The variety of chocolates include cakes, malt balls, dipped pretzels, truffles, and more. For an even finer luxury, you can order the chest with a bottle of wine or double chocolates! No matter how you order this chocolate chest, your partner is sure to be surprised. 

13. Blooming Wolf Puzzle by Filippo Cardu 

Blooming Wolf Puzzle by Filippo Cardu

This is a gift that fits into a more reasonable price-range but makes a huge impact on puzzle enthusiasts, animal lovers, and admirer’s of beautiful art. The Blooming Wolf Puzzle is based on the art of Filippo Cardu and is sure to bring a smile to your partner’s face. 

The abstract edges of this puzzle make it a bit more of a challenge than your average puzzle, which is perfect for turning into a date night activity! You and your significant other can have a relaxing night piecing together this beautiful piece of art. When you are finished, it can be displayed as a commemoration of your love. 

14. Alchemia Luminite Heart Necklace by Charles Albert 

Alchemia luminite heart necklace by Charles Albert

Gold may be the traditional gift for your first anniversary, but lab created precious stones and metals are a modern and eco-conscious alternative. This heart necklace by Charles Albert shows how breathtaking these materials can be. 

The alchemia wraps and secures a gorgeous luminite (labradorite and moonstone) heart. The heart has an almost frosted sheen and is icy blue. It is the type of stone that stands out without being too flashy for everyday wear. That means that when you gift your partner with this Charles Albert necklace, they will definitely want to wear it all the time!

15. 2013 Francis Boulard Rosé from The Wine Library 

2013 Francis Boulard Rosé from The Wine Library

If you have a partner with fine taste, then this Francis Boulard rosé is a top choice for a stand out anniversary gift. The 2013 Francis Boulard Rosé De Saignée Extra Brut has crisp red fruit notes with a floral essence that leaves you truly satisfied. 

This champagne is great for a first anniversary gift because it opens up doors for a truly romantic evening with the one you love. Share the bottle and reminiscence about your first year together and all the years yet to come.

16. Beam Sound Bar by Sonos

Beam Sound Bar by Sonos

For a first anniversary gift that keeps on giving, get your partner a Beam Sound Bar by Sonos. This compact soundbar pairs easily to any tv to turn your at-home date nights into a theater-grade experience. 

This truly modern sound bar can be controlled by remote or by voice command thanks to Google Assistant. The slim box is sleek and only uses two cords for set up, the rest of the setup process is done digitally. Your partner will be thrilled with their sound system upgrade and you’ll both love the crisp audio during your late night tv binges!

17. Presage SRPF50 by Seiko

Presage SRPF50 by Seiko

The Presage line of watches by Seiko are breathtaking. Designed around Japanese serenity gardens, the SRPF50 is one of the most beautiful watches in the collection. The soft pink and white inner face has a nearly herringbone pattern, adorned with rose gold accents and markings. 

The band is a summery champagne shade that beautifully completes the design. The watch has automatic and winding capabilities and is water resistant. In short – this is a really stellar timepiece! Your partner will drop their jaw when they unwrap theirs, so be prepared for stunned silence! Not only is this watch perfect as a first anniversary gift, it is a way to say, “I will love you forever,” without ever speaking a word.

18. Lavender 18K Bath Diamond 

Lavender 18K Bath Diamond 

Sometimes the best gifts are a gift that is for you and your partner both. This lavish 18K Bath Diamond is the perfect example. The diamond itself is a lavender scented bath bomb that you can use to turn a shared bath into a spa experience. 

The natural rose oils will fill the room with a beautiful floral scent and nourish you and your lover’s skin. But that isn’t even the best part. The diamond comes with a jar of marine luciferin crystals – a bioluminescent particle that is hydrating and provides a dazzling glow. You and your partner will be embraced by a fairy-like wonderland as you lower the lights and enjoy a night of pampering and romance.

History and Traditions of 1 Year Anniversary Gifts

Whether you opt to take the traditional or modern route, coming up with innovative gifts for first year anniversaries can be head-scratching.

If you go by the anniversary stone (which isn’t a stone), shopping for gold shouldn’t be too problematic. But what about paper – or a clock?

Most people agree that the first anniversary is one of the most important. The first year of wedded bliss can be more challenging than coming up with an idea to celebrate it. But that 1 year anniversary gift marks a significant milestone, so you want to get it right. It sets the stage for future years, as you’re establishing a tradition.

The Symbolism of Paper for 1 Year Anniversary Gifts

Many couples tend to ignore the tradition of the paper anniversary and move on to the clock, gold, or ignore symbolism entirely.

But, think about what paper represents.

  • A blank page indicating the beginning of a new story
  • Bendable and flexible
  • Full of potential

If you really give it some thought, paper lends itself to unlimited possibilities for first anniversary gifts. You can combine the two symbols – paper and clock – for something extraordinary or start a tradition with something as simple as a marriage diary.

We’ve got plenty of 1 year anniversary gift ideas to back you up and get those creative juices flowing.

Why a Clock for a First Anniversary?

The modern symbol for 1 year anniversary gifts is a clock. Like paper, you might wonder why anyone would come up with a clock, as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Again, though, ponder the significance of a clock.

  • Time passed, and the time to come
  • The preciousness of every moment
  • Love’s timelessness

When you look at paper and clocks through fresh eyes, it’s a different story. Plus, the beauty of the 1 year anniversary gift symbols (traditional and modern) is that they accommodate any budget from practically free to priceless.

Tips for Celebrating First Anniversaries

Are you well on your way to your 1 year anniversary celebration? If so, you know that it’s not always easy. After all, you’re changing your life after you say I do. But professionals have a few tips for riding out the rough patches, leading to smooth sailing toward your 1st anniversary.

Document all of your firsts

Stay focused on all of the positive things that pop up before your 1 year anniversary.

Some of those “firsts” could include:

  • Big purchase
  • Holiday
  • Dinner party
  • Vacation
  • Road trip
  • Pet

Take plenty of photos and video. But you might also want to keep a journal or a jar of notes with every first you encounter. You could read them on your 1 year anniversary as part of a new tradition.

Discuss everything

There’s no need to share all of your inner thoughts. However, open communication about finances, chores, privacy, and other day-to-day life decisions and expectations is key.

Practice kindness

It might sound cliché, but you’re probably spending more time together, and everyone has bad days (or bad moments). So, take a few breaths or walk away for a little while when your partner needs some space. A little kindness and understanding can go a long way.

Take things one day at a time       

And, you’re well on your way to a real 1 year anniversary celebration!

How Many People Reach the 1 Year Anniversary Milestone?

There are some good news and bad news regarding couples reaching the coveted 1 year anniversary mark.

The bad news is most of the divorces that occur within the first five years of marriage happen within the first two years. But the good news is that divorce rates are steadily declining and have been since 2011.

If you’re here looking for inspiration for your 1 year anniversary celebration, you’re one of the 90-percenters. An estimated one in ten couples calls it quits within the first two years in the United States. That means the overwhelming majority is on their way to five-year and beyond milestones.

Globally, 1 year anniversaries are even more prevalent. It’s a different situation because some countries, like the U.K. and Canada, won’t grant divorce decrees until the couples pass the one-year mark.

Interesting 1 Year Anniversary Facts – Did You Know?

Traditional 1 year anniversary gifts around the world

Paper is the traditional 1st anniversary gift in the United States, Spain, Germany, and Italy. In France, cotton is the symbol, and in the U.K., married Brits choose either cotton or paper.  Russia, on the other hand, refers to the first as the calico anniversary.

The clock starts at 100 in Korea

Anniversaries are a big deal in Korea. They start on the 100th day after a couple becomes “official,” From there, it’s 200, 300, 500, and the 1,000th celebration.

More first anniversaries (and beyond) in Illinois

If you’re looking for marriage longevity in the United States, you might want to call Illinois home. Illinois has the lowest divorce rate in the country, with 1.3 per 1,000 of its total population.

The 1st anniversaries were the 25th

There’s no definitive documented history on the origin of wedding anniversary celebrations. However, most historians agree that gift-giving dates back to Ancient Rome and Medieval Germany, with a silver wreath honoring 25 years of marriage.

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