The Complete Affiny Review from Top to Bottom

Affiny is a UK based dating app created by Meetic. The app boasts about being the best way to meet singles in the UK, but our experience (and the experience of other users) shows that the platform has a long way to go before it can compete with other big names in dating. 

If you have been considering downloading Affiny, we recommend holding off until you’ve had a chance to look through this review. 

Affiny – The Bottom Line Up Front

We have to be honest with you guys, this app was a major bust. The mobile app and the web-based site are completely broken. You can’t upgrade your account, you can’t find users in your area, and your login credentials will stop working for seemingly no reason. 

We thought it was possible our account was banned or there was a problem with how we signed up, so we tried again. In fact, we tried on an Android device, Apple Device, a computer, and a computer with a VPN running. None of these attempts seemed to make a difference.

After reporting the issue to customer support (we never received a reply), we waited a few days to try again. One out of our Five profiles started working. On this profile (based in Manchester) we were able to see some users, but all profiles were hidden behind a paywall. 

This means we would have to pay for an expensive account on a suspicious site before even learning about the users we might be able to meet. 


We decided to look through user reviews and found the vast majority of users rate the app with 1 star and have the same complaints we do. So overall, we believe Affiny is not worth your time, money, or patience.

If you’d like to find some better Affiny alternatives we would encourage you to look at our list of the best dating app free trials. This way you know exactly what you’ll be getting before you ever pay a cent.

Overall Affiny Rating

Quality Matches5.0/10.0
Ease of Use2.0/10.0


Pros and Cons of the Affiny Dating App


  • The platform has an app available to Android and IOS device users. 
  • The sign up process includes a fun, thorough personality questionnaire.
  • There are a ton of search filters to help narrow down users. 


  • The app and mobile site are incredibly broken. 
  • The platform shows no users nearby in largely populated areas.
  • All features are hidden behind a paywall.  
  • The Affiny compatibility score for users will change without explanation

Who Affiny Is Good For

  • Adventurous singles who are willing to try out a questionable site.
  • Those who are willing to wait for the site/app to be fixed by their developer.

Who Affiny Might Not Be Best For

  • Users who want an app that makes them feel secure when using it. 
  • Those who like to see other users in the results of their searches. 
  • Anyone who wants a dating app/site that actually works. 
  • People who want to see matches in their area before paying to talk to them.

Affiny Review – Table of Contents

Fast Facts About Affiny

  • Site Name:
  • Paid or Free: Free site with paid option
  • Average Sign-Up Time: > 20 minutes
  • Paid Membership Pricing: Plans starting as low as £14.99 a month
  • Unique Our TimeFacts and Figures
    • Affiny is under the umbrella of the Meetic online dating company. 
    • The app appears to have launched in 2018. 
    • The company claims there are over 100,000 users on the platform. 
    • The app has a 2 star rating on both Apple App Store and Google Play. 
    • The registration process is completely free.  
    • The platform is intended for UK singles but you can sign up in other locations. 

Affiny Features Overview

Affiny’s main, and most advertised, feature is its Affiny compatibility score. This is based on the personality profile you completed. The site claims that these scores are expertly created and that your scores will be available to you as a free member. 

However, we found that you can see the overall score as a free user, but the report that explains the score is hidden behind a paywall. 

In fact, we also found that the score seems to change depending on which screen you are on. 

For instance, we were shown this “compatible” profile on our main page:

Affiny Compatibility Score Screenshot

Upon clicking the profile to view more details about our compatibility, we were shown this page with a different score:

Affiny Shared Values Screenshot

We browsed through other areas of this page, but they didn’t show any other compatibility scores, or any other information at all. They all led to a page where you can pay to upgrade your account. 

All other features are hidden behind the Affiny paywall as well. 

The Quality of Singles at Affiny

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to comment on the quality of singles on Affiny. We tried searching for singles in large cities, like London, and were always given a notice that there were no matches nearby. 

After creating multiple accounts and using a VPN, we were able to finally find some users for an account based in Manchester. These users all had blurred profiles and were unavailable to view without paying for a premium membership. 

Affiny Blurred Users Screenshot

These profiles may or may not  be real, but based on our issues with accessing the site, the reviews of others, and the fact that the site is not transparent about which features are free and which are paid, we are inclined to believe most of these profiles aren’t real. 

How to Sign Up at Affiny

The signup process for Affiny is shockingly easy. When you first navigate to the Affiny website, the AI will navigate you through the signup process. They will ask questions about your name, location, age, and dating goals. 

After you add an email and password, you are directed to the personality/ preferences questionnaire.

This is the longest part of the sign up process and takes up to 20 minutes to complete. 

You will be asked dozens of questions about the personality of your dream partner, the hobbies you prefer, your personality, and more. 

Affiny Signup Question Screenshot

Afterward, you will be directed to fill in your profile with more information, pictures, and a bio. Then, you can begin navigating the site, though most areas are reserved for paid members. 

Price | How Much Does Affiny Cost?

Membership TypeMembership LengthMonthly CostTotal Cost
Premium1 Month£39.99 per month£39.99
Premium3 Months£24.99 per month£74.97
Premium6 Months£39.99 per month£89.94

Customer Support Options

Affiny offers customer support through an FAQ page, along with an email-based inquiry system. We tried the email system three times. We never received a response to any of our inquiries. We have seen a moderator respond to a couple reviews on Google Play. However, they responded to an English question in French, which isn’t incredibly helpful. 

We would love to see Affiny add more customer service options as well as hire more attentive representatives.

Try Affiny Now

If you’re dead set on trying this dating app we’re not here to stop you. However, we would like to caution you once more to consider your options. We strongly believe that there are many better dating apps available right now.

affiny-logo-fixed FAQ

Do I Have to Live in The UK to Access Affiny?

Affiny is a UK based site, but we were able to sign up for an account by using locations from all over the world. However, we were also told that there were zero singles in our area after signing up. So, if you are not based in the UK, Affiny probably isn’t the best choice for you. 

I Signed Out of Affiny and Now I Can’t Log Back In. What Do I Do?

We also had this issue on Affiny. You can try resetting your password, but 4 out of 5 of our accounts never received a reset email from Affiny. You can also try clearing your browser cookies and trying again. 

Why Am I Being Shown Two Different Prices for Affiny Premium?

Affiny has promotional prices that will pop up as you browse the site. If you do not accept the promotional price when it pops up, you will have to pay the higher prices listed in the subscription area. 

Does My Affiny Membership Fee Recur?

Yes. All Affiny memberships will continue to charge until you cancel your Affiny membership. 

Is Affiny Legit?

Affiny is run by a company that has other legit, well-liked dating apps. However, we have had nothing but issues with Affiny. While we don’t think the site is necessarily a scam, we can’t recommend anyone actually pay for the service. 

Why Are Profiles on Affiny Blurred Out?

Affiny won’t allow users to view a full profile until they have paid for a premium membership. 

Why Is Affiny Not Showing Singles in My Area?

Affiny is hit or miss with finding singles, even in large cities. It could be an issue with your preferences being too specific. Try changing your preferences in your profile settings. 

Where Can I Sign Up For Affiny?

You can try Affiny by downloading the app on Google Play or The Apple App Store. You can also head to the main site at

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